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Percy Plings

#CatererMotivator: Who's behind Percy Plings?

Just two years ago, Rocky was at home snacking on West Indian fried dumplings when he had a food epiphany – dumplings with chocolate and ice cream. Delighted by the outcome of his creation, Rocky set about making the dish for his family and friends, all of whom were aghast at its yumminess! Soon after, the now renowned ‘Plingdae’ was born. Having closely followed Percy Pling’s success via social media over the last couple of years, our creative team reached out to Rocky to hear all about the highs and lows of running his own business these past two years, as well as his plans for the future.

Hi Rocky! Tell us, since you began trading back in November 2015, how has the response to Percy Plings been?

It's been brilliant! We opened up a pop up shop in Hackney in May 2016, where the feedback was truly phenomenal.The locals loved the desserts and this led to us being able to trade at two Hackney festivals. Following this, we've been afforded the opportunity to trade at various other festivals, where the reception has been just as good.

How did you decide on the aesthetic / branding for Percy Plings?

Well, Percy was my nickname growing up and plings is short for dumplings. After trialling lots of different names, I decided that Percy Plings was most relevant to the business. I aimed to make the branding really colourful and bright in order to attract both children and adults.

Mission accomplished (: I know that you cater for allergens and intolerances. Do you find this difficult to do?

As the main ingredient for the dumplings is just flour and most of our toppings and sauces have no allergens, we've found that catering for allergies isn't difficult. We have added dairy free chocolate and ice cream to accommodate our customers with a dairy intolerance.

We love your website and you're really active on social media too, which is great. Do you feel as though social media is pertinent to success in this industry?

Oh yes, definitely. Social media is now the biggest form of advertising and gives you the opportunity to constantly update new products and keep followers informed.

Do you have any sustainability practices? If so, what are they?

We always source from local suppliers which works to both reduce our carbon footprint and keep costs down.

How do you feel about the recent 'street food revolution?' What do you think the perception of it is amongst Londoners in general?

I'm really happy that street food has grown in London as it has given me the opportunity to take my business further. I think back in the day people may have been sceptical about eating from street food vendors as there was a perception that perhaps these places weren't the most reputable. I'm glad to see that London seems to have changed its mind set in this regard, with some of the tastiest foods now coming from street food vendors.

What would be your advice to someone looking to leave their 9-5 in favour of setting up their own mobile catering business?

I would say that it's not a walk in the park and that it's advisable to have a small following of people who like what you're doing before you take the plunge and leave your current role. Also, be prepared to work hard!
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