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The Fish Wives

#CatererMotivator: Who's behind The Fish Wives?

Having been friends for nigh on twenty years, Kerry, Katie and Collette decided it was high time to follow their collective dream and establish their very own mobile catering company. The women alike have spent many years travelling to all manner of destinations, where food has often been the focal point of their visits. The icing on the cake came when Collette visited the renowned Pike Place Market in Seattle; home to one of the oldest farmer's markets in the world, where food and theatre are both on offer and the atmosphere is akin to that of a bustling street food festival. Upon her return home, the decision was made that the business would specialise in fish and so followed the name; after successfully catering a few events, the trio decided to extend the menu and it now appeals to pescatarians, veggies and die hard carnivores alike. Our creative team recently caught up with The Fish Wives to discuss the logistics of running a business with friends and the mobile catering scene in Devon.

Hi, can you tell us what inspired you to get involved in the mobile catering industry? 

Over the years, we have spent a lot of time travelling with both family and work and have enjoyed sampling different cuisines around the world. We have six children between us and have raised them on traditional home cooked food and we've always loved experimenting with different foods and ingredients; we are also best friends and our celebrations together are very much centred around delicious food which has been prepped with love. The street food revolution made it all feel possible and helped us to have belief in our concept and our brand, and we feel that we have the passion to bring great street food to the Teignbridge area.

What has been the most difficult thing about setting up your own catering business? 

As newcomers to the industry it has all been difficult, but as three reasonably intelligent women, I like to think we can tackle anything. We've also had great support from NCASS and our local councils and over time we have navigated our way through everything to a point where we are operating in a way that's legal and compliant; we also received a 5 star hygiene rating just last week.

Congratulations! How did you go about sourcing your lovely Citroen van? 

Fannie, our beloved Citroen HY Van was born in 1974 and had been recently renovated and turned in to a burger van, but on her second outing, the owners decided that sadly it wasn't the job for them. In the summer of 2016, Collette and Kerry drove to Caerphilly to pick her up and take her back to Devon with them but the lack of power steering and seat belts soon dawned on them and it became clear that Fannie needed quite a bit of work. She's since had quite a bit of TLC and a respray so that she matches our branding but throughout the renovation period, it was hard to negotiate events around the renovation, though we've now come out the other side with a van that everyone loves.

What would you say to nascent caterers who are looking to ditch the 9-5 in favour of starting their own mobile catering business?

Do it! It's hard work and we are certainly lucky to have each other but the fun you will have meeting people and testing out new things makes it all worth it - we're so glad we followed our dreams and we genuinely can't wait to get stuck into all the events this year.

Tell us a little bit more about your plans for 2017 which is of course, your first full year of trading...

We are booked out already this year for Glasdenbury, Bovey Crafts Festival and the infamous Dartmoor Classic; we also have some parties and weddings booked up and are looking for more of these as this is where we really feel at home and love having the opportunity to contribute to a really special day.
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