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August 2016 Newsletter

CWF Backyard Habitat Certification

On July 15, we were notified that we had received Backyard Habitat Certification from The Canadian Wildlife Federation! As you can imagine, we are absolutely thrilled.

When we receive the plaque (pictured here), we will be installing it in the garden in a highly visible place.  

What's Growing in the Garden Now

Cosmos - These multi-coloured flowers are a draw for all the bees. 
Butterfly Tree (buddleia) - this beautiful bush is at the corner of the back pathway.  Andrea took this picture of a Western Tiger Swallowtail butterfly on the flower.

Before and After

When Gerry first started creating the memorial garden, luckily for us, he took pictures.  These pictures have been digitized and the Facebook page has been updated to show the evolution of a garden.  Check out some of the before and after photos out at:

Banning Neonicotinoids

A hotly-debated class of pesticides, which are toxic to bees, will no longer be allowed to be used in the City of Vancouver to improve the look of lawns ravaged by chafer beetles.

City council voted unanimously early Tuesday to ban neonicotinoids, which includes imidacloprid, an insecticide marketed and sold to kill the grubs.

Further information on this can be found in this link:

Donation to the Garden

A number of weeks ago, we had a call from a gentleman who wanted to donate some tubes of mason bee eggs.  We met him at the garden and were amazed to receive a gift of a few hundred tubes with the ends capped off, like in the picture above.  We were extremely grateful to receive this gift from a stranger and look forward to stashing the tubes all around the garden next spring.

July 16 Volunteer Event

Eight people attended our volunteer day and were able to annihilate some blackberries bushes, clean up the lower embankment and remove the pesky morning glory. This work helped to now showcase a beautiful pine tree that had been previously unloved. Thanks a lot to everyone who came.

A Taste of Park Royal

Whole Foods West Van invited BeeFriendly to be a participant at A Taste of Park Royal on Saturday July 9th   which we happily accepted. Their focus was to bring attention to pollinators. During the mixed weather day, we spoke with many people about the bees and how important they were to the production of fruit.  The marketing department had made many amazing Bee Friendly themed signs all around the store!  They surrounded us with boxes of fruit, which allowed us to reiterate the fact that, without bees, none of the fruit would be available.
The sign at the front door says it all!
The signs says:  BeeFriendly is dedicated to making Vancouver's North Shore the first BeeFriendly region in North America. Funds donated to the Society will enable them to expand their community outreach, education and public information programs and to get more and more of the community involved in becoming "BeeFriendly".
Ric talking to a man who kept coming back for more information!
Joseph MacLean (BeeFriendly Board member) at the booth talking with some ladies who were very interested.
Here's our friend, Justin Malialis, Store Concierge/Missions and Community Outreach.  Justin is an amazing advocate for BeeFriendly and we always love working with him.

A Poem for Bees

A number of years ago, a member of CapChurch wrote the following poem for us.


Blossoms to fruit.
Nectar to honey.
Invite the spirit to the flower,
And engage in transformation.
Gather the lessons of nature;
Portray them as lessons of love.
From the filtered rays upon a dark forest floor
To the glory of a fruit that evolves from a flower.
Life linkages – each to all,
Revealed as global buzz falls silent.
Bee populations now mysteriously blink,
And the pollination of life goes dark.
Listen, these whispers from nature.
Learn to care for the gifts all around:
For flowers and bees; For hope and for love.
Life linkages – each to all.
Fear not the sting of the bee:
Welcome it to your garden
As a messenger of hope,
And trust His work will unfold.
Inspired by the CapChurch community.
Written by Margo Dennis.
August 28, 2011

The Great Canadian Bumble Bee Count

Friends of the Earth, in collaboration with the scientists from Bumble Bee Watch, are delivering the first Great Canadian Bumble Bee Count from June 1- August 15, 2016.

Just like governments need a census to know what’s happening with its citizens, their homes, families and jobs, we think bumble bees need their own census.  Not enough is known about wild, native bees in Canada.  And what scientists do know is worrying.

To find out more information about this volunteer effort, please go to the following link:

Native Bee Boxes

A number of years ago, Ric and Sharon met Shain Jackson of Spirit Works.  Spirit Works is an Aboriginal owned, operated, and staffed company focused on the creation and distribution of authentic Aboriginal products. Shain created these two native bee boxes specifically for BeeFriendly.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these boxes, you will find Spirit Works:
Unit 4 – 1500 Railway Street
North Vancouver, British Columbia, V7T 1A7
t: 604 982 0024
f: 778 340 0615

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