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Change is in the Air...

And we have some exciting announcements for our valued clients!

It’s been a little while since our last newsletter but rest assured we have been busy making fabulous changes in the business for our landlords and our tenants. For 2017 we will get back to quarterly emails to keep you informed of what is happening in the industry.
So what has been happening over the year for All About Property Management? Well the most recent and exciting update is that from 1st November we will no longer be All About Property Management.  We are very excited to introduce Your Property Manager Ltd. We decided it was time to give the company a revamp and take the opportunity to really define the direction of the business. Maintaining the essence of a bespoke property management company is our focus and ensuring that we keep our portfolio smaller and client focused is our number one priority. So we have a new look which we are very excited about! 
Two other exciting things that have happened over the year is that we have on board a fabulous administrator, Romilly Ashkettle. Romilly comes to us with a Real Estate and book keeping background so her experience and positive attitude has been invaluable.

You may have already had a chat or emailed her over the last few months, she has been a huge asset to the business and has even stepped in to look after things while I had a holiday.
The other exciting news is that we have moved into an office space in Albany which has meant we are more available for people to come in to see us and it's given us a permanent location to base ourselves from.

Legislation changes for 2016

It’s been a busy year for the rental industry and we have embraced some much needed changes to the Residential Tenancies Act. 
  • Firstly and probably the most commonly known change is that from the 1st July 2016 all rental properties must have working smoke alarms. The new law requires there is a smoke alarm on each level of a rental property and there must be a working smoke alarm within 3 meters of each bedroom. If new smoke alarms are installed after this date then landlords are required to install long-life photoelectric smoke alarms.  We have taken steps to ensure all of our managed properties comply with the new law and moving forward we have the opportunity to have our properties annually checked by an independent company to ensure we are compliant and that the smoke alarms are functioning correctly. 
For a small fee this is fantastic peace of mind and we expect that in the future this will become the normal expectation of all properties in our portfolio. Please have a look at Smoke Alarm Professionals to see more about their services.
  • The second change to the Residential Tenancies Act is that from 1st July 2016 all new tenancy agreements must state whether the property is insulated and also specify what type of insulation there is. As many owners don’t have that information at hand we are working hard to try and assist with obtaining the information and moving forward we are also taking steps to upgrade insulation in properties. From 1st July 2019 all rental properties will be required to have insulation in the ceilings and under the floors, where practical. The grade of insulation varies depending on where your property is located in NZ.
For more information on this please click HERE... 
  • The last legislation change is the Health and Safety Act 2015. Many of you may not be aware that the HSWA directly affects you as a landlord as you are now a PCBU or a Person Conducting Business or Undertaking. We have been well informed of our duties as property managers and have taken steps to ensure that ourselves and our landlords are compliant. We have engaged the services of a specialised company to provide a system to help identify hazards at our rental properties and put policies in place as to how we deal with any hazards. We are also contacting all of our tradespeople to ensure that they are complaint under the new HSWA and requesting information from them which details how they comply under the act and what procedures they have in place when dealing with hazards.  

What is your investment worth?

We find reviewing rents on a regular basis ensures a good return for our landlords and keeps our properties up to date with the current market values. We base our prices on historic information such as the statistics provided by Tenancy Services so we can see the trend happening in each suburb. We also look at what is currently available for rent to see where each property fits in the current market. With Spring coming to an end, we have certainly noticed an increase in tenant interest which has given us the opportunity to review rents and increase them in many cases. Heading into Christmas we know there will always be a slight lull in the market however this is seasonal and the market always bounces back in the New Year.

Take a look at the recent statistics from Tenancy Services to see if your investment is within current market range.

Recent Market Statistics

Average prices from 1/4/2016 to 30/9/2016
For more detailed statistics please go to the Tenancy Services page.

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