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It's Spring so we want to celebrate!

Now that the weather is becoming a little warmer and the days are getting longer, people’s motivation to move house increases. With tenants on the move landlords will want to take this opportunity to smarten up the interior and exterior of their investments. If your property is looking good then a house wash, garden tidy up and some water blasting may be all that is needed to prepare for the rush of tenants considering your property as their new home.
As part of our service to our landlords we will guide you through any work that is needed to prepare your home. We have a fantastic list of tradespeople who can get the work done quickly for you so you don’t have to worry. And best of all is that by having your property managed, we take care of everything from liaising with tradespeople and vacating tenants, organising access, overseeing the project and dealing with any issues that may arise. And when it’s all done we set a new rent level and quickly get the property marketed for new tenants.

Call us today to discuss your property management options, we may be the solution you are looking for.

And if you bring your business to us anytime during Spring or refer a new management to us, you will receive a $50 Voucher *
*Conditions apply

Daylight Savings and Smoke Alarms

Now I know I cover this topic a lot but it’s so important. With another Daylight Savings upon us we are reminded to check our smoke alarms.  But what you may not be aware of is that in 2016 all landlords will be legally required to provide working smoke alarms in their rental properties. So let’s get in front of this now and give yourselves and your tenants some peace of mind. 

We have been fortunate enough to be contacted by NSAS - National Smoke Alarm Services, who provide and service smoke alarms. They are a simple solution to not only the issue of providing alarms but ensuring that the alarms are maintained and working throughout the year. And the best part is that the batteries can't be tampered with.

In the past we have found tenants do remove the batteries (rather than replacing them) or take the whole alarm and it’s not always easy to keep track of. If you decide that NSAS isn’t for you then we will be happy to provide assistance to you in arranging cheaper smoke alarms and having them installed for a small cost. We will also be including checking the batteries at each 6 monthly inspection and making the tenants accountable if they remove the batteries or the alarms themselves.

Please take a look at the information sheet provided by NSAS and contact either myself or them if you have any questions. Otherwise feel free to call me if you would like us to arrange standard smoke alarms to be installed instead.

Why you will have to insulate your investment within the next 4 years

This is a subject that has come up time and time again but now the government have ruled that all rental properties in New Zealand must be insulated by 2019, provided insulation is possible.  What this means for you as a landlord is that you have to really look at what steps you need to take to ensure your property complies with this new law.  It may be that your home is already insulated and if so then you don't need to do anything.  However if you haven’t had the property insulated in the past or know that the insulation that is there is in very poor condition, it’s time to start thinking about this. To avoid a last minute rush closer to 2019 it’s a wise idea to start planning now.  What if the costs for this service increase in a few years when the demand increases? 

Here’s what we are doing to help our landlords. We are in the process of going through our portfolio and addressing any properties that we know are not insulated or have very old or poor insulation.  We are also confirming which tenants have community services cards to try and benefit from the governments free and subsidised insulation schemes.  If you have your property managed by us already then you’ll expect to receive correspondence from us soon about this.

Take a look here for more information as to whether your home qualifies for funded insulation.

Otherwise we can arrange competitive quotes for you and you can select the option that is right for you and your investment.

Spring Equals Growth

We mentioned in our last newsletter that 2015 was our year for growth. Many of our clients have been wonderful in spreading the word and referring us to friends and family which has provided some fantastic business opportunities already. At the start of this newsletter you will have seen our Spring Offer and we’d love to give you a $50 voucher for any new management. So please keep us in mind, we strive to provide great service to all of our clients and your referrals mean a lot to us. Wouldn’t it be great to help a friend or family member by referring them to us and knowing their investment is in great hands!

Another way to help spread the word is to Like us on Facebook and share with your friends. Better yet, if you’ve had a great experience with us then please feel free to write us a review on our Facebook page.

How is the Rental Market Looking?

Winter can be a little quiet in terms of enquiry but the prices have still increased.  We’ve seen great improvements in tenant enquiry lately and as a result we have been able to achieve some great prices for our landlords.

Average prices from 1/3/15 to 31/08/15
Take a look at the new Tenancy Services page for market rents and other helpful information 

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