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Neals Yard
Hari Om!

Hellooooo!  Really hope this finds you all well.  The joy I am displaying in the photo is still with me today as I write and hopefully a little of that enthusiasm is spilling over into this newsletter!  I am sharing this photo of Nick and I on our recent holiday as he got lots of positive remarks when I put it on facebook!!
It has taken me longer than normal to get back into a routine since our visit to Turkey so apologies....I haven't done everything I promised to do.  However, there is still plenty to keep us busy.

Fund raising is on going for Nepal and the total has topped £9600.  My lovely friend Debbie Leafe gave me £300 this week following a Ladies Day event she organised so that has been a super boost.  So close to reaching £10000 by Christmas! There is a lot happening in the background as to where we continue to send money in Nepal and I will keep you posted.  Ann and Simon have been approached concerning the future of two little girls who have been orphaned and we are working out if we can sponsor them both long term.  Personally I think it would be a wonderful thing to do but I will keep you all informed.  Education above the age of 8 (I think) has to be paid for, so we could help significantly.

All my classes are running now until 22nd December.  It is that time of year where we need to ward off bugs...although they seem to have already started.  I am also very happy to share the Jala Neti kriya practice of nasal cleansing.  It is simple and easy to do...let me know if you are interested.  It is essential at this time of year to help keep away colds.

The next masterclass is on 28th November and will be based around the principles of Yin Yoga (holding the posture a little longer than we normally would but with compassion for oursleves), but my interpretation!  It will also include guided meditation and Yoga Nidra.  The masterclass on 24th October was a wonderful session...loads of energy from all that glorious chanting and we had a little fun.  It was great to share lunch and crochet techniques afterwards with a few of you.  Thank you...I am well on my way to making my first crocheted scarf!

Yoga Retreats and hoping you are all thinking about time away for yourselves and your families next year.  We are busy planning things and there is just so much choice nowadays.  A couple of you have already booked onto the Nepal trip...if you are interested there are more details here.  What fun we are going to have!  And I even have a couple of bookings for the weekend retreats next year...details on these are here.  I am still planning either a French or Spanish, or it could be Italian, week away...hopefully sorted by the next newsletter!!!

I have recently learnt how to make recordings on my phone!  A great way of sharing practices if you struggle to remember them.  The quality is a little rough but let me know what you think...I have shared a breathing practice below which is really relaxing.

As you know I love sharing so in this newsletter I wanted to share a couple of other lovely things that are happening in our community.  These are being run by students or friends so hopefully you can support them too.

I am just putting this one out there!  If anyone knows of a property which is reasonably priced and available that I can turn into a yoga studio...please let me know.  Maybe a combined positive vibe will bring it to life!

Take care and have a wonderful November.

Sending you love, joy and peace. 

Phillipa  xx

My lovely yogi friend Janice recently put this on her facebook page and it reminded me of an article I read about the Dalai Lamas visit last month to the UK,  I would have loved to have gone along but it wasn't to be this time.  Here is the article though. 
Fundraising for Nepal

To date the total raised has reached £9625.85!!
I have just emptied our silver tin from class and another £70 was in it.  A massive thank you to everyone...which includes Debbie Leafe and her lovely ladies who gave £300 this week!

 Please join our Facebook page Derbyshire Unites for Nepal. 
There is a lot happening in the back ground but Ann and Simon are on trips at the moment so things will be a little quiet during November.  But, am very conficent we will have topped that magic £10K by Christmas...what a generous country of yogis you are.

The picture has nothing to do with the subject...I just needed the colour!

I have known the benefits of tumeric for sometime but only recently have I introduced it into my daily diet.  It is lovely and I love Golden Latte...warm some soya milk with grated tumeric and ginger, add some cinammon...sit and enjoy.  Yummy!  I thought you may be interested in hearing about.
Master Classes
All master classes will be held in Allestree Memorial Hall, 1 Cornhill, Allestree. Derby. DE22 2GG
£15 per session.
November 28th - 10am to 12.30pm - Stillness and Dynamism
Autumn is the season of great change, harvests are coming in and the excess of summer has gone. We start to welcome the opportunity to look inward. Just as the trees release their leaves before tucking in for winter, this is a time for us to create space.
The lungs transform oxygen into energy, and the large intestine releases waste. Energetically, the lungs relate to our ability to accept and move on, while the large intestine helps us cope with separation -- easing us gracefully into the quieter pace of autumn. 
So we will work with a practice that is based around Yin yoga to deepen and release.  It will be a steady, perhaps slow practice, holding postures a little longer than we normally would...but great to notice how we transform physically and mentally.
The class will include guided meditation and Yoga Nidra.

December 28th - 7.00pm to 9.00pm - Reflections
The call for peace is a powerful means of restoring order and purpose. It calms agitation, strengthens our inner resolve, and nurtures the sense of ease that allows us to perform our actions skillfully, and with full heart.
Come and join me for a class where we will share OM Shanti in a relaxed and nurtured way.  Remembering ourselves and honouring those with us and without us.  The intention is this will be a deeply relaxing session.

January 16th - 10am to 12.30pm - Meditation for Change
We arrive in 2016, there isn't really any space between 2015 and 2016 but we seem to need to make promises we rarely keep!  I get asked a lot about the difference between mindfulness and meditation and even concentration.  So lets look at it...what are they all about.  We will have time for a discussion on it and how you feel.  Then we will take it simply to look at them, with practice and see if we can move towards a simple meditation.  For those that already meditate this is a reminder, but itme to practice in a group, which does make your meditation deeper on some levels.  So we don't get too caught up in the head I will also use a little sound.  There will be a short asana practice.

Nepal Holiday
6th - 21st April 2016

If you would like to join please book your flight as soon as possible to get a good price.  I have to still finalise the itinerary but the details I have so far can be found here.
Yoga Mats & Blocks

Warrior mats, 4mm thick with good grip and machine washable.
£13 each (normally £19)
Blocks are 305mm x 205mm x 50mm, made from EVA foam
£5 each.  Blocks are really helpful in our practice in so many ways.  They make life easier, especially sitting.

Warrior Mat II4 - Mixed Box of 1220 Purple Yoga Blocks (Boxed)
Neals Yard Organics
Virtual Party November 27th
Not sure how this will work but I would like to run a virtual party on November 27th.
You can collect your catalogue and wish list sheet from me in class.  Then on the 27th sit back with a cuppa and cake, and do your Christmas shopping (leave the catalogue lying around with big circles marking the items you would like so the other half gets the message and give them a wish list and my number!!!). 
You can do your ordering from the comfort of home, you don''t have to go off shopping and I will deliver everthing to you.  Effortless shopping - there is nothing better!
You will be able to call me that evening, facebook me or even email me your desires.  If you invite friends round they can order too!
And anyone ordering, in a single order, more than £80 worth of beautiful delights, will get a free gift from me.
I will be bringing some catalogues and Wish List sheets to class, so please do take advantage. 
Take a look at the shop here.

Ideas for Christmas!
Due to time contraints I have copied in a couple of leaflets you may find interesting as to what is happening locally - just in time for Christmas.  The other person to look out for is Jane of Mermaid's Purse - she was at the Nepal day and is at lots of local markets over the next two months. 

Flowing your Practice!
If you were in class this week we enjoyed a little flow work.  It varied from class to class but the full version is here.  Make it your own and play with is a wonderful practice, and we used the image of the moon in some postures.  If the full version isn't for you please don't do it!

The other thing I did in some classes was a breath movement flow.  This is wonderful to do outside, helps to feel grounded.  Excuse the drawings...not my strong point!  Click here for the link.
Body Awareness
It never ceases to amaze me how little we know our bodies and how much we take them for granted.  This short breathing practice helps you to not only release any tension and tightness but envourages you to bring Prana into the different areas of the body.
I hope you enjoy it....putting an audio in here has been a challenge but here is the link.
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