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Hari Om!
Welcome to June... What can I say?  I got writers block over the weekend when I really needed to send this out to you all.  Apologies.  It seems to take me an age to write these days as my mind flits from one idea to another!  Really hope you are all well and bathed in sunshine.  I love this time of year  - birds are busy, the mornigs are light from 3am almost, the evenings are light to at least 10pm....and the sun is out!

May brought some sadness though in its last few days.  On the day I attended a funeral of one of my most inspirational students, Tot Stephens, I also learnt that Caroline had died.  Caroline was on the same BWY course with me.  She was a quiet lady.  Very thoughtful, caring and insightful.  We will all remember her fondly.  A real salt of the earth type of lady.  SHe had a great sene of humour too!  May she rest in peace and maybe she and Tot will be doing some yoga somewhere!

In May we had the Yoga and Willow day.  Despite the weathers best attempts to wet us that weekend, we had sunshine and only a couple of rain drops.  It was a high energy day with loads of laughter, nettle soup and beautiful nests woven.  A massive thank you to everyone....£335 raised for Nepal.  I am sure Carole and I will repeat it.

Little Reminders:
25th June - Summer Solstice - a whole day honouring the sun.  Morning will be a regular yoga practice and the afternoon we will use meditation to be creative; also mantra chanting; and the day will end with yoga nidra.  It's £30 and is being held in Ilkeston.

23rd July - Sanctuary Retreat Day - a whole day of self care and all profit will go to the Nepal fund.  The morning will be restorative yoga; after lunch there will be some different therapies to try; we will join together at the end with yoga nidra.  Total charge £30 and is being held in Ilkeston.

Yoga & Astrology weekend Willersley Castle, July 2016...FULLY BOOKED.  Thank you everyone. I am really excited about this weekend.  For those coming do make sure I have your favourite postures.

Yoga and Ayurveda holiday to Kerala, India April 2017,  read more>>
A space on the first week has become available - 1st to 9th April 2017.  Please let me know if you are interested.  There are some spaces on the second week.  Flights can now be booked and I have those details.

This months practice is a recording of Surya Namaskar.  I shared the paper version a couple of issues ago but was asked to do a recording.  This was tougher to produce than I anticipated so apologies for the quality, but hopefully it works for you.  You will not believe how many times I have done it.  My rights and lefts kept getting muddled!!  Especially in the first two rounds...when you do the second half of the round start with the LEFT LEG BACK (I've siad right and that is wrong!!!).  The aim with all of these is to just help you develop a personal practice and give you ideas.  Ask me in class!

Classes will now run to the end of July.  In August there will be no Thursday classes.  There is more information below.

Sending you love, joy and peace. 

Phillipa  xx
June and July - classes as normal.

August: NO Thursday classes; NO classes at all weeks beginning 15th and 29th.  NO classes Tuesday 23rd.
Really sorry for any inconveniece this causes but you are welcome to join one of the classes that will be running.
Normal service resumed from 5th September!
Yoga Bags

These beautiful bags are £35, including a little purse too. 
All the colours are available here.  I have nearly sold out but if you would like a different colour take at look at Yogichi.

1st to 9th April 2017 and
8th to 16th April 2017

A place for the first week trip has become available...if you are interested do let me know. 
The second week only has 4 places left .
All the flights can be booked now too!

This luxury retreat, to Northern Kerala, India, includes 7 days hermitage stay and is ideal for those that want to dip into the sea or infinity pool; to practice varied yoga and meditation either in the Patanjali Hall or on the beach; to experience 5 ayurveda treatments; be surrounded by unspoilt nature.
To discuss or book your place please contact me.  Full details on the whole trip can be found here.
And if you are wondering why I have chosen this venue, above all others, have a look at Slow Life.
I have set the following dates for our master classes for the rest of the year.  Do book in early to avoid any disappointment.  More detail will be available on my website soon.
25th June - 1000 to 1600, Ilkeston.  Summer Solstice.
23rd July - 1000 to 1600, Ilkeston.  Sanctuary Retreat Day
10th September - 1000 to 1230 - What is the diaphragm?
29th October - 1000 to 1230 - Meditation
26th November - 1000 to 1230 - Restore and Review
Fundraising for Nepal

The money for Nepal keeps coming in!  I opened the class tin yesterday and it gave another £160 - fantastic.  Thank you so much. 
Along with what we raised on the Yoga and Willow day (£335) and what was raised prior to us going to Nepal in April, I have now been able to send £800 to the Bhimkori Diasaster Fund (house building), £800 to LED (solar lighting and schools) and £860 will go to Mountain People (various projects helping women).  I really hope you all feel this is a good use of your funds.

In class you will notice that I am selling woolley hats. Carole and her team already have Christmas decorations made - not for sale yet thankfully!

We have another mini event in July - Sanctuary Retreat Day - restorative yoga and mini therapies.  The places are limited so do sign up with your £30 in hand!!

Val Pitkethly of LED sent her latest newsletter out the other week.  You can find it here.

I had intended to give you a brief overview of our trip, but to be honest time has not allowed that to happen.  In the autumn I will aim to organise a gathering of those interested...along with food!
Join our Facebook page for regular updates.   Derbyshire Unites for Nepal.
  I love my tops from Yogichi.  Take a look and if you use the code 'Oakwood' you will get a discount.  I am really happy with the items I have bought. 
Levi is also selling the yoga bags I sell in class.  I only have a few left and he may still have a colour you prefer.  Go take a look.
A long time ago I asked some of you to let me know why you come to yoga.  What is it that motivates you?  I never used the information, but found the following from Gill S. in my email box.  I know she won't mind me sharing with you.  If you want to let others know what yoga means to you please share with me.

What Yoga means for me:
 It helped me gain my confidence after having a serious illness / major surgery
It certainly helps reduce stress levels
It helps me both mentally and physically to relax
It is nice to socialise and meet like-minded people
It made me feel that I wasn't isolated following my illness
The exercise is also very good and can be done at home
For 90 minutes a week it is ME time

Health Kinesiology

This was new to me until recently when Suzanne contacted me.  I cannot explain it to you, but she can!  Give her a call 07973 305093, or email .
I felt great afterwards.
This is one of my favourite practices.  When done slowly it is hugely releasing and energising.  It helps to keep the whole body and mind in check.  When I first came to yoga, it took me such a long time to learn as my teacher never gave us the full routine on paper.  And I could never remember it!
Someone asked me if I would record it so they could do at home without looking at the bit of paper I shared with you a couple of months ago.  So here it is in all its rawness!  Classic hatha yoga version with breath awareness.  But please excuse me....the second half, of the first two rounds, should be the LEFT LEG BACK...not right.  It has taken me so long to record I could not face doing it again!!!!  The third round is fine!  Surya Namaskar Recording.
For the last couple of weeks we have been learning this wonderful mantra.
This is the information sheet to help.  And here is a recording of Deva Premal singing it. 
Can I just say that it is all about the vibration you feel from repeating it over and over again.  If you can, do 12 every morning and evening.  Best before meditation...but in the shower with awareness is good too!
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