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Hari Om!

As I wirte I am doing the final plans for my Yoga Holiday to France and as much organising as I can for the Holistic Day for Nepal.  August has flown past - but it ihas been fun and I have been hugely encouraged by everyone coming to class, despite it being summer holiday season. 

I cannot believe the energy behind the support we have for the Holistic Day for Nepal, 12th September.  People are still offering their services and prizes for the auction and raffle.  I really am overwhelmed by it all and worry that I can't thank you enough.  I am still happy to receive prizes as the more we raise the better.  If you are able to help on the day, do let me know.   Even an hour is great as it means someone on one of the tables can be given a break.

Classes are all back to normal from Thursday 3rd September (Belper and Oakwood). Am really looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible.  If you haven't been for a while please don't be shy, come along and kickstart your practice again! 

The next masterclass is on October 24th...all about OM.  It will be a morning class but in the afternoon those that wish to, can stay and learn and share some crafting ideas.  It doesn't matter if you don't come in the morning...well it does actually, but I will forgive you!!!  Do let me know if you are coming in the afternoon.

The biggest change for me in August was resigning from a company I have given 24years of my working life to.  It is definitely the right decision, but it was hard and it felt very strange walking in for the last time.  So, I have lots of yoga plans in mind and am looking forward to the next 24years of working in a role I am absolutely passionate about, and that really will make a positive difference to others, as well as me.

A HUGE thank you for all your support recently in so many different ways.

Sending you love, joy and peace. 

Phillipa  xx
Holistic Day for Nepal
12th September 2015
10.00 to 16.00

Clinical Suite, Derby University, Kedleston Road, Derby

To date a whooping £4182 has been raised.

(free parking - entrance via Atrium)

Admission is £5 - you get a cuppa and cake or samosa.
The programme of classes is now available here.
The therapist list is available here.
For details of the auction items and all updates about the day, please join our Facebook page Derbyshire Unites for Nepal. 
This is a day where you can come along and try something new and different and give to a great cause.  A great day to be with like minded people.
Classes Schedule

Block booking price rises in September to £40 - this is for 6 consecutive weeks.
Drop in price is £8.

Classes start again on September 3rd in Belper and Oakwood.
All other classes start again on September 7th.
You can see the full class schedule

Please note there are NO CLASSES during the weeks of 28th September and 5th October.
Master Classes
All master classes will be held in Allestree Memorial Hall, 1 Cornhill, Allestree. Derby. DE22 2GG
Unless stated otherwise they are £15.
October 24th - 10am to 12.30pm - Discovering with the Mantra OM
"The word OM is the Universe. Everything that exists in the past, present and future is OM. And that which exists beyond the threefold division of time is OM" ~ Mandukyo Upanishad
We use OM in every class, but this moring I will explain a little more about it and the actual symbol.  You will also use asana with OM and we will incorporate OM into our pranayama practice.  No session on OM would be complete without chanting OM, so we will have some fun around that.
~13.00 to 16.00~
For those that wish to stay we are having a 'crafting' session during the afternoon.  The idea is that we eat our own packed lunches and then share crafting skills.  Do let me know if you are coming...just some fun time to share skills.  Think we have knitters, crochet, beadwork, sewing, painting....
November 28th - 10am to 12.30pm - Stillness and Dynamism
Autumn is the season of great change, harvests are coming in and the excess of summer has gone. We start to welcome the opportunity to look inward. Just as the trees release their leaves before tucking in for winter, this is a time for us to create space.
The lungs transform oxygen into energy, and the large intestine releases waste. Energetically, the lungs relate to our ability to accept and move on, while the large intestine helps us cope with separation -- easing us gracefully into the quieter pace of autumn. 
So we will work with a practice that is based around Yin yoga to deepen and release.  It will be a steady, perhaps slow practice, holding postures a little longer than we normally would...but great to notice how we transform physically and mentally.

December 28th - 7.00pm to 9.00pm - Reflections
The call for peace is a powerful means of restoring order and purpose. It calms agitation, strengthens our inner resolve, and nurtures the sense of ease that allows us to perform our actions skillfully, and with full heart.
Come and join me for a class where we will share OM Shanti in a relaxed and nurtured way.  Remembering ourselves and honouring those with us and without us.  The intention is this will be a deeply relaxing session.

For fun, why not book a party with me during the summer...we could have Pimms on the lawn too!
Or you can order directly from

I love Neals Yard products.
The products are divine, great for the environment, animal friendly and organic. 
No nasty chemicals or GMO here!
Yoga Mats

With it being the start of a new term I get loads of enquiries about classes which is wonderful.  I often get asked for yoga mats...well, I have bought some!  They are Warrior mats, 4mm thick with good grip and washable in the machine.
They are £13 each (normally £19), colours as below.
Warrior Mat II4 - Mixed Box of 12
As some of you know I love walking.  So practicing a walking meditaiton is an indulgence for me.  It seems to really heighten your senses for one thing; and you become much more aware of you, but also of everything around you.

So try  a walking meditation.  Try it bare footed as well!
Here's an idea of how...READ MORE
Everytime I mention the word balance I get lots of 'groans' around the ro!  But it is so essential that we keep practicing.  However you practice does not matter...lifting one foot off the floor for a few seconds with complete awareness is where we all start.
Have a go at this when you get a moment...READ MORE
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