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Neals Yard
Hari Om!'s been a scorcher and am loving it.  Thought this picture from the Kumbu region of Nepal would help cool you down...along with the sitali breath explained below.

The thing on my mind is Nepal! No change there I hear you say!  A small team of us are organising a Holistic Day for Nepal and we would love you to support us in any way you can.  There is more detail below but the date for your diary is 12th September.

A couple of people have unfortunately had to cancel their trip to France with me.  I now have rooms available.  Please contact me for more details.

Our next masterclass is July 11th - Vibration of Yoga - no dancing, but a look at how we can use sound in our yoga practice!  Singling bowls and your voices are all we need!  Places available.

So you can plan your summer the class schedule for the next two months is also below. 
Enjoy the light and the sun and may you and your families remain safe, healthy and grounded.

Sending you love, joy and peace. 

Phillipa  xx
Holistic Day for Nepal

To date a whooping £3800 has gone to Nepal!!!!
Thank you...but we are doing more.
12th September
10.00 to 16.00
Clinical Suite, Derby University, Kedleston Road, Derby

(free parking in car park 3)
Admission is £5 - you get a cuppa and cake or samosa.
We are still developing the full programme but once available I will share with you all.  For those on facebook please do 'like' Oakwood Yoga (there is a link at the top of this newsletter) as I will post there too.
This is a day where you can come along and:
  • eat lots of cake and drink teas or coffee and chat to friends in the meeting area
  • try a range of therapies and treatments at hugely reduced rates, so you can get a true experience  - indian head massage, Quantum Touch, Reiki, Shamanism, ayurvedic facial massage, reflexology, angel card readings.
  • try laughter yoga, yoga with a teacher other than me
  • meditation and mindfulness sessions
  • yoga nidra
  • try shamanic drumming
  • listen to the talk & film show from Ann Brooks and Simon Watkinson - learn and see where some of our money has already been spent.
We will be relying on you spending lots of money on:
  • the raffle (I am collecting prizes if you have anything to give)
  • the auction ( I am hoping to have things to auction, ideas or help please!)
  • donating to the tea and cake stall
  • spending on all the stalls  - silver jewellery from Carolyn Clare; handmade goods from Nepal; handmade goods from Mermaids Purse; Neals Yard Organics; upcycled jewellery from name a few.
Please come and support the day.  If you fancy being a helper or offering a treatment or class or wish to have a table then please let me know.

We do need the following:
  • wonderful auction prizes that will attract huge bids!!!!
  • raffles prizes that everyone wishes they owned!!!
  • paper cups, teas, coffee, etc
  • helpers to distribute leaflets
  • advertising over the whole of Derby and nearby areas...any town cryers or media experts?!
Yoga in France
25th August to 1st September 2015

Fully Inclusive.
A relaxing and rejeuvenating week.

Do you deserve some quality chill-out time?  Can you see yourself lazing by the pool, dipping in the hot tub, sipping wine in the local village, strolling through beautiful countryside?  If so, treat yourself to a week of yoga and deep relaxation in the beautiful French countryside.
For more details please click HERE. 
Do email me if you are interested in coming along.
Classes over the Summer

July...all classes as normal.
August -
weeks commencing 3rd and 10th:
  • Monday - 09.30 to 11.00 Darley Abbey and 19.30 to 21.00 Allestree
  • Tuesday - Little Eaton classes as normal
  • Wednesday - Allestree and Stanley Common classes as normal
  • Thursday - no classes.
August - weeks commencing 17th and 24th - no classes
1st, 2nd & 3rd - no classes.

Classes all return to normal September 7th.

You are very welcome to come to any of the classes in August but please do let me know, especially if it is the Allestree one on a Monday as the places are limited.  Payment in advance please so I am sure to cover all costs.
Master Classes
July 11th - 09.45 to 12.15 - Vibration of Yoga
'Nada is found within.  It is a music without strings which plays in the body.  It penertrates the inner and outer and leads you away from illusion.' ~ Kabir

The word mantra means sacred sound, and nada yoga means the yoga of sound.  Mantras help us to focus, to dissolve physical tension and to encourage peaceful sleep!  They help us to become calmer and more peaceful.  This morning we will work with mantra in our physical asana practice but we will also spend time learning some very popular powerful mantras.  It is all about the vibration, the energy  of the sound.  There will be crystal singing bowls, rain drum and other musical items to have a play with.  (Venue: Allestree Memorial Hall, 1 Cornhill, Allestree, Derby DE22 2GG)  EMAIL TO BOOK

August 1st - 09.45 to 12.15 - Exploring Colour through Yoga and Crystal Therapy
"When you work with the energy of colour, fear, suspicion, and anxiety give way to clarity, peace, and a deeper knowing of what is forthcoming in your life!. - Laura Alden Kamm

This will be a joint class with myself and my lovely friend and crystal therapist and yoga teacher, Jeanette Bunyan.  We will explore the subtle energy system of the body through yoga, which includes the chakras, which relate to various physical organs, psychological attributes, sounds and colours.
Colourtherapy or chromotherapy uses different colours to change or maintain vibrational frequencies in the body to promote well being and harmony.
 Colour rays can be applied physically through light or mentally through visualisation, suggestion and meditation.
 Whilst having physical attributes, colour also has psychological associations. 
 Colour permeates every aspect of our lives and our environment.  By using colour to balance ourselves physically and emotionally we can promote well-being.
 Crystals also work on a vibrational level to harmonise the aspects of the human being.  Whether used as a meditation tool or directly placed on the body, crystals have great potential for aiding self-discovery and healing.
 Join us for a morning of discovery through yoga and colour.

(Venue: Allestree Memorial Hall, 1 Cornhill, Allestree, Derby DE22 2GG)  EMAIL TO BOOK

Investment for each session is £15

Be the reason someone smiles today.

For all your Neals Yard Organic Remedy products, please order via my website

I am happy to run a party for you, come along to an event or even place an order along with my monthly one.
The products are divine, great for the environment, animal friendly and organic. 
No nasty chemicals or GMO here!
Cooling Breath
The yoga took box is full of things we can use on a daily basis.
Sheetali breath...cooling a practice you must have under your belt to help deal with hot weather.
Click on this link for an information sheet.
Please only practice if you do not have low blood pressure or any serious respiratory conditions.
Surya Namaskar
Surya = sun and namaskar = salutation.  So every time your practice it you are honouring not only the sun above, but also the sun within.  For those in class this week I reminded you too that the sun is represented by pingala nadi, and regulation of this nadi leads us to balanced energy - both physically and mentally.
If you click this link it will remind you of what to do.  Remember that it is a 12 posture balance...6 full breaths.
This sheet is one complete round...only do as many rounds as feels best for you...I would recommend 3 once you are familiar with it and then work up to 6. 
When you complete lie down in shavasana until the body and breath feel steady again. 
Please practice with complete awareness...and only if you are able, and let it be a flow with the breath...taking your time to feel your way with it.
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