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Hari Om!
Where on earth has April gone...cannot believe how quickly the Spring is springing forward.  It has been so lovely though watching all the colours develop and the blossom has been especially beautiful.  Really hope you have time to enjoy.

This newsletter comes at a very bad time for Nepal and to be honest my heart and efforts are being directed to Nepal at this challenging time.  As many of you know I have visited many times and know many people.  I feel so powerless but all I can do is raise money and send to those on the ground who really need it. 

There has been HUGE support from family and friends, all my yoga classes and heaps of other people on Facebook I have never met before.  It is so heart warming to feel the love and desire you have to help Nepal get back on its feet.  I am a very practical person so every penny being sent will be used to help people in rural villages which have suffered so badly.  Kathmandu will be rebuilt, but the villages need our on going support. 

As I write I have sent £800 already but I know that much much more has gone via my contacts, as they have done it directly.  Thank you so so means more than you will ever know.  If you wish to donate please let me know.

I will continue to help support rural communities out there.  There will always be a collection tin in class...all loose change gratefully accepted.  I will also aim to hold fundraisers...already know who the bakers are!  If you have any ideas please let me know or if you want to run something and want help please tell me.

I am hoping my proposed trip will still run next year but the village has been affected quite badly.  Also one of my other contacts has lost his house...some of the money being collected will go to him.  I will keep you posted...the important thing at the moment is to help the villagers.

Nepal is a beautiful country and its people are hugely resourceful.  They are genuine and kind hearted.  They will get through this, but knowing we are supporting will be a benefit I am sure. stuff!

NO Shipley class 7th May due to election....make sure you use your vote!
NO CLASSES 8th to 19th June, early warning so you can book your holidays!!
We will have classes until the end of July.

Exploration of Meditation...9th May, details below.  All proceeds to go to Nepal.  Plenty of space if you wish to join me.

Yoga Holiday to France...there is only one double room with shared bathroom left.  More details below.

Nepal Yoga and Adventure...ON HOLD March 2016, dates to be confirmed. 

Sending you love, joy and peace. 

Phillipa  xx
Nepal Needs YOU!
If you wish to help raise money or run an event let me know.
All money I send will go to Devika who is originally from the Jomsom area to the west of Annapurna but she knows the area so well.  She and her husband are making sure they sustainably help villagers who have lost everything.  Hamilton is a film maker so I am hoping he will eventually share with us some footage of how we have all made a difference.
I have been collecting tents and sleeping bags...these sorts of things will always be needed.

I am also very happy to give talks on Nepal...looking at how life is in the high mountains, what the challenges are to living there, but also sharing how wonderful and caring and honest the people are.  I have 1000s of pictures!
Yoga in France
25th August to 1st September 2015
1 Double Room left

 For more details please click HERE. 
Do email me if you are interested in coming along.
Master Class Dates

May 9th - 09.45 to 12.15 - Exploring Meditation
“You must hear the birds' song without attempting to render it into nouns and verbs.” – Ralph Waldo Emmerson
"Dhyana is the unbroken flow of thought toward the object of concentration." - Patanjali


We all lead such busy lives but through our yoga asana practice we learn to understand our physical body and we begin to feel the change in the mind. This helps us then to be able to sit and meditate. So, this class will be an opportunity to work physically, noticing the changes as we find quiet time to sit to meditate. If meditation is new for you that is fine as it will be fully guided. If you practice regularly, you may notice a wonderful change in the energy around you as you meditate with a group.
Bring a couple of cushions or meditation stool or extra blocks as we will spend some time on learning to sit properly.
   (Venue: Eventide Community Hall, Hayeswood Road, Stanley Common DE7 6GE))
   All proceeds to Nepal.

July 11th - 09.45 to 12.15 - Vibration of Yoga
'Nada is found within.  It is a music without strings which plays in the body.  It penertrates the inner and outer and leads you away from illusion.' ~ Kabir

The word mantra means sacred sound, and nada yoga means the yoga of sound.  Mantras help us to focus, to dissolve physical tension and to encourage peaceful sleep!  They help us to become calmer and more peaceful.  This morning we will work with mantra in our physical asana practice but we will also spend time learning some very popular powerful mantras.  It is all about the vibration, the energy  of the sound.  There will be crystal singing bowls, rain drum and other musical items to have a play with.  (Venue: Allestree Memorial Hall, 1 Cornhill, Allestree, Derby DE22 2GG)

August 1st - 09.45 to 12.15 - Exploring Colour through Yoga and Crystal Therapy
"When you work with the energy of colour, fear, suspicion, and anxiety give way to clarity, peace, and a deeper knowing of what is forthcoming in your life!. - Laura Alden Kamm

This will be a joint class with myself and my lovely friend and crystal therapist and yoga teacher, Jeanette Bunyan.  We will explore the subtle energy system of the body through yoga, which includes the chakras, which relate to various physical organs, psychological attributes, sounds and colours.
Colourtherapy or chromotherapy uses different colours to change or maintain vibrational frequencies in the body to promote well being and harmony.
 Colour rays can be applied physically through light or mentally through visualisation, suggestion and meditation.
 Whilst having physical attributes, colour also has psychological associations. 
 Colour permeates every aspect of our lives and our environment.  By using colour to balance ourselves physically and emotionally we can promote well-being.
 Crystals also work on a vibrational level to harmonise the aspects of the human being.  Whether used as a meditation tool or directly placed on the body, crystals have great potential for aiding self-discovery and healing.
 Join us for a morning of discovery through yoga and colour.

(Venue: Allestree Memorial Hall, 1 Cornhill, Allestree, Derby DE22 2GG)

Investment for each session is £15
Book all three for £40

Handmade Bags
I have no yoga mat bags left but I do have 'handbags' left.
If you would be interested in buying so I can send the money to Nepal let me know - can bring to class.  There are lots of colours and shapes and sized.  You can never have too many bags.
All are handmade in Nepal by a women's co-operative.
I am an NYR Organic Independant Consultant. 
  You can order directly from my NYR website
Or, you can have a gathering and I will order for you.  Or if you know there is something you regularly use and want to save postage let me know and I can add to my orders.

The products are divine, great for the environment, animal friendly and organic. 
No nasty chemicals or GMO here!

To save postage let me have your order...I send a monthly order around 20th of each month.
 Corporate Yoga

The practice of yoga at work enhances the health and well being of staff members and it improves the harmony and productivity of the organisation as a whole.
Everyone is involved and all will gain something from each class, whether it is increased fitness, a calmer, sharper mind or just simply a chance to take time out.
Each class is tailored to those present with all levels of fitness and experience catered for.
  Every class includes some physical practice and mindfulness meditation.

If you would like me to come along to a team meeting, or be part of a team building day please let me know. 
Every Wednesday we have a meditation class in Stanley Common - no experience necessary.
It is always fully guided.  There is no expectation and the energy of the room is calming and settling.
In the meantime have a go at mantra meditation...repeating the mantra over and over.  You can obviously use OM but here is another to try.
Tibetan Five Rites
It has been fun  the last couple of weeks sharing the Tibetan Five Rites with you.  Some of you asked for a sheet showing what to do - so here it is!
Do take care and build up to the 21 rotations of each asana...over a year or so probably!  Listen to your body always.
They say they are the 'fountain of youth' guarantees though.
Super way of starting your day.
Click here for the link.
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