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Hari Om!
Where has January gone!  Really hope you are all well and not suffering too much from all the colds and bugs going around. 

Fingers crossed my links in this newsletter work.  Please let me know if you have any trouble with them.

There will be no class on Monday 9th Feb 5.30pm in Darley many are on holiday!

The  Belper class starts on 5th Feb  - 10am to 11.30am.  Places still available.

The next block for classes commences on Feb 16th, but if you can bring your payments next week that would really help.  (£39 for 16th Feb to 23rd March).
The Monday Allestree class now has a waiting list, so if you intend coming to that one please let me know so your place is booked.  Many thanks.

Is anyone interested in an afternoon class at Shipley, near Ilkeston?  I did a talk at the WI out that way and a number of ladies approached me about it...but am a little hesitant if no-one signs up!  If you can put some feelers out and let me know that would be super.

I have just become a Neals Yard Remedies (NYR) Organic Independant Consultant.  I have used NYR products of over 25 years and can highly recommend them.  If you would like more information about the products or want to order any goodies then please let me know.  I feel that these compliment my yoga on helping to keep the body healthy from the inside out as well as the outside in!

Sending you love, joy and peace.

Phillipa  xx
 Yoga Nidra is a deeply relaxing practice, working on the conscious as  well as the subconscious mind.
 My new CD is available now...!

" nights sleep for over a year".  Carole
"I feel a lot more relaxed since starting to listen to your CD. I even go through the routine in my head when going to sleep at night. I had been waking in the night but not so much now. After having a knee operation in October I ... was suffering back pains, again since I've been listening to you the pain is far less as I feel more comfortable. So thank you." Mick
"Your voice is so natural and relaxing." Caroline

Master Class Dates

February 7th - 09.45 to 12.15

“Practice love until you remember you are love” ~ Swami Sai Premananda

The heart chakra allows us to radiate out the joy, love and unity into our physical life.  It works through the sense of touch and stimulates our joy of life.  This will be an uplifting, lighthearted asana practice to open the heart; we will use mudras to look after the heart and do a heart meditation.  (Venue: Quarndon Church Hall, Church Road, Quarndon DE22 5JB)

March 14th - 09.45 to 12.15

“The soul makes the body.” – Ralph Waldo Emmerson
“You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body, temporarily.” – Walter M. Miller Jr

Yoga works on many different levels, layers if you like.  Often it is likened to the peeling of an onion, you get through one layer only to find another.  In yoga the layers of our being, our consciousness, are known as the Koshas.  We will work this morning will all five koshas and have time for discussion.  (Venue: Quarndon Church Hall, Church Road, Quarndon DE22 5JB)

Investment for each session is £15
Yoga Retreat Weekend
17th to 19th April 2014
  There are a couple of places available...come and immerse yourself in all things yoga!
We will be based at Wortley Hall in South Yorkshire, beautidul grounds to wnader in, lovely yoga room, gret company and super tasty food!  The theme of the weekend will be on the Elements.  If you would like more information please email or give me a call.  There is more informatioin on my website too.

I cannot believe I have taken the plunge to become a NYR Organic Independant Consultant.  It feels like the right thing to do since I have used the products for years...and buy presents for people every year!  If you fancy having a 'gathering' or you just want to place an order...or you want more information please let me know.  You can order directly from my NYR website

The lymphatic system is our drainage system...its the way the body releases all the toxins and rubbish.  If it becomes sluggish we could feel a little tired or lethargic or even unwell.  There are some very simple practices I share in class at times.  If you want to know more click here to take you to a sheet full of little tips.
Spring is nearly here and the first signs of it have arrived...snowdrops, catkins on hazel and lighter nights and mornings.  So, a light uplifting practice is what is called for! Here is the link, fingers crossed!
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