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130 abstacts recieved for Forum Carpaticum 2016

The abstracts submitted invovle almost 500 researchers from 90 institutions and 16 countries. In parallel with three main conference sessions: Inclusive, Smart and Sustainable, five conference workshops will be organised.

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Recent publications

Grilli, G., Jonkisz, J., Ciolli, M. and Lesinski, J., 2016. Mixed forests and ecosystem services: Investigating stakeholders' perceptions in a case study in the Polish Carpathians. Forest Policy and Economics, 66, pp.11-17.
Hlásny, T., Trombik, J., Dobor, L., Barcza, Z. and Barka, I., 2016. Future climate of the Carpathians: Climate change hot-spots and implications for ecosystems. Regional Environmental Change, 16(5), pp.1495-1506.

Kynal, O. and Kholiavchuk, D., 2016. Climate variability in the mountain river valleys of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Quaternary International.

Onaca, A., Ardelean, F., Urdea, P. and Magori, B., 2016. Southern Carpathian rock glaciers: Inventory, distribution and environmental controlling factors. Geomorphology.

Zyśk-Gorczyńska, E., Jakubiec, Z., Wertz, B. and Wuczyński, A., 2016. Long-term study of damage to trees by brown bears Ursus arctos in Poland: Increasing trends with insignificant effects on forest management. Forest Ecology and Management, 366, pp.53-64.

Bernatek-Jakiel, A., Kacprzak, A. and Stolarczyk, M., 2016. Impact of soil characteristics on piping activity in a mountainous area under a temperate climate (Bieszczady Mts., Eastern Carpathians). Catena, 141, pp.117-129.

Peringer, A., Gillet, F., Rosenthal, G., Stoicescu, I., Pătru-Stupariu, I., Stupariu, M.S. and Buttler, A., 2016. Landscape-scale simulation experiments test Romanian and Swiss management guidelines for mountain pasture-woodland habitat diversity. Ecological Modelling, 330, pp.41-49.


IPROMO Summer School - Managing mountain resources and diversities: the role of protected areas
8-18 July, Ormea, Romania

EcoSummit 2016 Ecological Sustainability: Engineering Change
29 August-1 September 2016, Montpellier, FRANCE

Student Conference on Conservation Science SCCS Hungary - Connecting Eastern and Western Europe in conservation biology
30 August-2 September 2016, Tihany, HUNGARY

PECSRL 2016 – Mountains, uplands, lowlands. European landscapes from an altitudinal perspective
5-7 September 2016, Innsbruck, AUSTRIA

International Conference 2016 Towards the Best Practice of River Restoration and Maintenance
21-23 September 2016, Krakow, POLAND

Forum Carpaticum 2016 “Future of the Carpathians: Smart, Sustainable, Inclusive”
28-30 September 2016, Bucharest, ROMANIA

Mountains 2016 – X European Mountain Convention
3-7 October 2016, Bragança, PORTUGAL

The Mountains: a territory for innovation
12-14 Januray 2017, Grenoble, FRANCE

Wooded rural landscapes of Central and Eastern Europe: biodiversity, cultural legacy and conservation
20-22 September 2017, Rzeszów, POLAND
Response of rare high-mountain plant species of the Ukrainian Carpathians to climate change - new research project

The research project “Response of rare high-mountain plant species of the Ukrainian Carpathians to climate change” was initiated in 2016 at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.
The Project is aimed at revealing the response of rare high-mountain plant species in the Ukrainian Carpathians to climatic change in the region. Consequences of these changes are most evident particularly in the high-mountain zone, where 104 species of vascular plants listed in the Red Data Book of Ukraine (2009) occur, though that area accounts for only 1,7% of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Project (№ 16U001546) is financed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
Contact: Dr. Andriy Prokopiv, e-mail:

Ten more European bison released in Romianin Carpathians

In mid-June ten more European bison from Belgium and Germany were released in the Țarcu Mountains in the southern Romania. This was the third attempt taking place there, aimed at reestabilishing a bison herd in the area after an of absence of 200 years.

Will Iwo stay in Ukraine?

 Iwo, the bear who last spring became famous for an extraordinary journey from the Tatra to Hungary and then through the Polish Bieszczady Mountains further into the Ukrainian Eastern Carpathians, happily survived the winter in the Gorgany range. Upon completion of its two-year mission of on-the-ground monitoring, his telemetry collar automatically opened and disengaged.
We can not predict where his circuitous route will lead him
or mountains he may visit. Will he reach Romania, from where he was just 48 km shy from his location - or will he return to the Tatra Mountains one day, which is at 300-km distance from his last location in a straight line?
More on Iwo's journey and the Globe Project

source: Nuria Selva,

Understanding the Forest-Water Nexus: a global survey

The FAO Forest and Water Programme has released a global survey to take stock of the many variables, indicators and methods being implemented to measure forest-water interactions. It has been especially designed to engage researchers, technicians and practitioners who are engaged in measuring and monitoring forest-water relationships related to water quantity, quality, as well as socio-economic and management considerations.
The survey can be accessed here and will be open until 30 July 2016.

Carpathian science (or not) related

Call for mountain photographs for International Mountain Day

Photos showing different examples of mountain life and local mountain culture, are needed to promote celebration of International Mountain Day (IMD) - 11 December 2016. Photos of everyday life, celebrations or any other mountain activities can be sent to the organisers. High resolution files (at least 300 dpi) in jpg or tiff format should be sent to with 'photos for IMD and the name of the country where they were taken by 31 July 2016. 

More info can be found at Mountain Partnership website.

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