February 2020
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Cabin Cavalcade
Crew News
QE2 in Guam
Trivia & Quiz
Filming on QE2
QE2 Build Photos
QE2 Calendar Reminder
Glasgow Event - 2nd March
Photo Competition
February Timeline
Forum News

Welcome to the Cabin Cavalcade

......where you have the opportunity to see the ship’s range of cabins, from the smallest cabin to the most luxurious.  There will even be the opportunity to view the Captain’s cabin!

There are two amazing videos posted by members that capture the excitement of the event, as passengers move around the ship viewing the cabins.   One video is from January 2008 and the other the final Westbound crossing.  

Photo: Cunardqueen

Forum member, Cunardqueen  was one of the cabin cavalcade organisers for both the final Transatlantic Crossings and the Round Britain cruise.  He said: “To some it might appear the most plain of subjects, such things as interconnecting doors, baths, doors, closets, sinks, berths, portholes and even carpets but to others these were a great source of conversation, somehow l can't imagine that being the case on the new ships... “

You can view Cunardqueen's photos of the cabin cavalcades on the final Round Britain cruise, the final Westbound crossing and the final Eastbound crossing 

Fantastic to see that some passengers took time to display their QE2 memorabilia:

Cunardqueen even had a unique opportunity, on Intransit Day, for a personal viewing of cabins when it was a dream come true to enter the world of the penthouse suites.


Photos: Cunardqueen

You can also view the range of photos in the Gallery album and add your own memories in the Cavalcade of Cabins topic. 


Cabin cavalcade continues next month when you will have the opportunity to view more cabins.  

Crew News

The forum has dedicated topic board areas for QE2 crew and workers, where there is a fantastic collection of stories, photos and memories.  But we would love to read more of your memories! Please have a look at the crew topics on the forum and add your memories.  

Specific crew topic boards include:
Each month I will post Crew News with links to topics where you have posted your memories.  Here are some of the posts for January/February:
If you are a QE2 Crew member and would like to write a short article for the newsletter Crew News section, please send me a Personal Message or contact me at 


Lynda Bradford

QE2 in Guam

Do you have any memories of QE2's visit to Guam?

Forum member David Rhenow wrote that in the mid 1990's he was living on the island of Guam, when he heard the news that the QE2 would be coming to the island as a result of an itinerary change, because of a volcanic eruption in Papua New Guinea  He posted on the forum to ask if any members had memories or photos of the ship's visit, which he thought was around 1994 -1995.  
Photo: David Rhenow
QE2 coming into Apra Harbour

Read David's story on his introduction topic and please post if you have any information or photos of the ship's visit.  
Trivia and Quiz

Captains of QE2:
Image: Cunardqueen
Trivia: QE2 had 25 Cunard Captains during her service years from 1969 to 2008

Q1: Who was the Captain in charge when QE2 was requisitioned to take troops to the  Falklands 
Q2: Can you name the Captain who made history by sailing in command of the same ship as his father?

Trivia: RD RNR
The Decoration for Officers of the Royal Naval Reserve known as the Reserve Decoration (RD) was a medal awarded in the Royal Naval Reserve of the United Kingdom to officers with at least fifteen years of active duty. The medal was instituted in 1908.   Source:  Wikipedia

Q3: Who was the author of the book "Captain of the Queen"?
Q4: Can you name the QE2 Captain who was appointed as Deputy Master of Trinity House in 2011?
Q5:  Who was the Captain at the time of the Bomb scare in 1972?

Have a look at the list of QE2 Masters/Captains  where you can follow the links to their profiles.  There is a separate topic for forum members to post their comments

Filming on QE2

QE2 used for Film and TV Work
The QE2 was such an iconic ship that she was used many times for film and TV work.  So much so that forum members have posted memories, photos and videos.

Post your memories in the Filming on QE2 topic to remind us of some of the films and TV work on QE2,  such as:

Fabulous aerial view of QE2 from the Red Bull Air Race, Rotterdam 2008. 
Keeping up Appearances - so funny

and you could not fail to laugh at the Coronation Street special filmed in 1995.  Have a look at the video and read some of the memories on the topic, including Brian Price, Cruise Director's memory of the filming and how he managed to get a speaking part in the film and fantastic to read about Cunarder Man's cameo role  


QE2 Build Photos

We are very fortunate to have not one, but two collections of QE2 build/or early photos that are being posted on a regular basis.  

Keep watching the posts on the "Unseen slides of QE2 being built, fitted out, on trials and early years" topic.  Rob has been posting on the topic as and when he has added the pictures to the gallery album. You may remember that Rob had purchased these slides last year, so as to preserve important pictorial QE2 history, like this brilliant photo of the launching gear in front of the ship.

Photo: QE2 Story collection

Brian Price has been sharing on the forum his collection of QE2 slides that he had rescued and researched. We hope you are enjoying reading his monthly updates in the "QE2 slides preserved and researched by Brian Price" topic.  

Brian mentions that "Having seen the construction of the boilers turbines and double reduction gears in the last few pictures....... here’s a unique photograph of the port side engine of QE2. It is pictured here in John Brown’s workshop, and all of the components of the engine have been assembled so that it can be ‘bench tested’ prior to it’s placement into the ship.
The size of this engine becomes even more apparent if you make a comparison with the four men pictured around the engine."

Does anyone know the answer to the Big question....... what happened to them after they were taken out of the ship in Germany and replaced with diesel electric engines?

Photo: Brian Price collection

You can also see more of Brian's photos in the Exteriors, before during and just after the launch gallery album

The QE2 Story Calendar

Still available to order!

Glasgow Event - RMS Queen Elizabeth

The forgotten Queen
Photo: Michael Gallagher collection

Alan Blackwood, former RMS Queen Elizabeth Officer,  will be giving a subject illustrated talk to commemorate the 80th anniversary of RMS Queen Elizabeth's secret dash from the Clyde to the safety of New York during early March 1940.  Winston Churchill's had instructed that the ship should vacate her fitting out berth at the John Brown Shipyard at Clydebank, so that the workforce could concentrate their efforts on building Royal Navy vessels.  

The event will take place at 1:30pm for 2:00 - 4:00pm on Monday 2nd March 2020 in the Education Suite, located on the Ground Floor of the Riverside Transport Museum, Glasgow.  

Tickets can be obtained through eventbrite - see topic for further information 

Photo Competition

The competition album is open and ready for your three entries to the February photo competition "Art Works on board QE2" and with a prize for the winner, not only are you helping to keep the memory of QE2 alive but you have a chance of winning a prize: the book QE2 a Photographic Journey, by Chris Frame and Rachelle Cross or a jigsaw of the winning photo.  

Twynkle, the winner of the October 2019 competition, who choose the theme, says: "This could be Fantastic....Can hardly wait, and looking forward the best collection of the most interesting Art imaginable.  From the bookmarks and cards in the Library to those amazingly quirky statues, sculptures and live musicians...
The leather picture, the John Piper tapestries, the Chartroom poetry...
Carpets, Lighting in the ceiling off the Queens Room, the Queen herself and more...
We can make QE2 really happy to know these and so much more are very much still alive! "

We appreciate you taking time to search your pictures albums, to enter photos and we look forward to seeing your entries. Deadline for entries is 29 February 2020. 

VOTE: Have you voted for your three favourite photos for the January competition "Ropes, Cables and Chains"  If not you will be pleased to learn that you have until 1 March to vote and support the competition.

Photo: Isabelle Prondzynski

Congratulations to George C Griffiths, the winner of the December competition with his photo, "In Malta"   and to the runner up Cunardqueen with his picture "QE2 all tied up"

Have a look at the winning photos in Photo Competition results: 2021 Calendar topic.   

A big thank-you to everyone who supports the photo competition, and for keeping the memory of QE2 alive. 

QE2's February Timeline

selection of events, listed in the timeline that happened to QE2 in the month of February  See the timeline for full list.  

16 February 2005: While alongside in Freemantle four local Australians stole a fork-lift truck and rammed their way on board QE2. All four were found to be drunk.
16 February 2008: Final westbound crossing of the international dateline
20 February 1968: Princess Margaret opens the QE2 Exhibition at the Design Centre in London - British Pathé News Reel
20 February 2007: QE2 & QM2 meet in Sydney, Australia
24 February 1978: Maiden call at Sydney, Australia
24 February 2008: Final call, Sydney, Australia

Forum News

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Lynda Bradford and the QE2 Story Team
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