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QE2 final voyage sailing to Dubai

November 2008 was a difficult time for many QE2 enthusiasts, when the time came to say goodbye.  

Many said their goodbyes on the Final Season cruises, but felt it would be too painful to be on the last voyage.  Some would have like to have cruised but could not get booked.  Then there was those, who just could not imagine letting her go without sailing with her for the last time, before she was decommissioned. 

No one could help being emotional, when reading Cruise Princess's account of the final days on QE2 and in particular on the last day, when the time had come to say goodbye.  

Her description of being on the bus driving away from the QE2 for the last time says it all!  Here is an extract but you can read more on the topic post.

"......Everyone is alone with their thoughts....I am thinking too. Am I being selfish...are these tears for ME?   Do I want to keep the QE2 just so that I can sail on her for ever more, whenever I feel like it, or am I sad because this incredible ship is being left in a foreign land  and I can't bear the thought of what will happen to her.... just what is it about a SHIP that can make me feel like this...'s quite simple 3 words.....its because...  SHE WAS LOVED."

Do you know what was auctioned on The final voyage on board auction?

Fabulous memories of QE2's final voyage such as those in the Final Voyage topic:
Links to Oll's Trolls pictures or Mickey G's pictures 

QE2's Librarian, Carmel, poem that she read on QE2's final voyage

Read more in the Final Departures and Final Season Memories topics
Photo : Single Malt
QE2 final voyage details - source: Michael Gallagher
11 November       SOUTHAMPTON
13 November 915 33.5 27.3 Lisbon
14 November 329 12.5 26.3 Gibraltar
16 November 893 37.2 24 Civitavecchia
17 November 179 11.5 15.6 Naples
18 November 336 13.3 25.3 Valletta
20 November 811 32.1 25.3 Alexandria
21 November 154 5.8 26.6 Suez Transit
26 November 2902 117.7 24.7 DUBAI
Would you like to help sponsor the conference?  Look out for details on how you can offer your support.

Conference Flyers and Posters:  We have sent printed copies of the conference flyers and posters to the Glasgow School of Art, Riverside Museum, Glasgow Clydebank Museum, Scottish Maritime Museum, Royal Yacht Britannia, Edinburgh Oceans, Southampton and the Liverpool Maritime Museum. 

We will soon be adding the flyer file to the forum website, if you would like to print and distribute to people with an interest in QE2.
Booking: We are planning to open priority booking for forum members in January 2017, so as to give our members the opportunity to buy tickets before we make them available to the general public on 14 January. A special newsletter will be sent in December with full booking details.  
Keep watching the event website and the forum for more news.

Any questions?
Contact Gavin, John or Lynda The QE2 Story Events Team at
Photo:  John Little

Conference A2 posters.  The A5 flyers are the same design.  

Photo:  Cunardqueen
QE2 Story 2017 Calendars

Earlier this month, Alan Snelson was delighted to announce on the 2017 Calendar topic that premium and standard Calendars are now available for you to order.  As they are available to anyone, not just forum members, we hope you will share information of how to order with friends and family.
Alan has added the QE2 50 year logo, as a reminder that 2017 will be 50 years since the launch of the ship and the year when The QE2 Story conference will celebrate the occasion on 22 September in Clydebank, Scotland.  
All images used in each calendar are the same, apart from the cover image, which is different due to the differing formats of the layout. Alan has simply swapped images, so that the cover image of one, will be found on the inside pages of the other and vice-versa. 

We would not have a Calendar without the input from our members who support the Photo Competition.  Thank-you!

Poll for the October Photo Competition 

Voting for the October Photo Competition "Legend" closes on 1 December so why not take a few minutes to view pictures and vote for your three favourite photos.

September photo competition winner was Louis Phillippe Capelle's brilliant picture  "Bow at 25 Knots"  The runner up was Stowaway 2k's picture "Tenderly"  Congratulations to both winner and runner up.  

Keep watching the competition results  to see the winning photos and to add your comments and congratulations.

Thank-you all for participating and well done everyone!

November Photo Competition - QE2 at Sunrise or Sunset

Photo: Stowaway 2K

This month's Photo Competition theme "QE2 at Sunrise or Sunset" was chosen by Hugh Ritchie the winner of the August competition.  But how many of you had your cameras to the ready to capture the scene at the start or end of the day? 
Have a look at the Photo Competition instructions and upload three of your best photos that fit this theme.  

Looking forward to seeing some amazing pictures!
Queen Elizabeth 2: 1967-2008 (Haynes Manuals) (Owners' Workshop Manual) by Stephen Payne will be available from 8 December, but can be pre-ordered on Amazon. I am sure this is a book that will be on many Christmas lists this year!  I have already added it to my Santa list.  

The QE2 Story - the place to share your memories of QE2

Keep visiting the QE2 story forum and share your QE2 stories
Thank-you for your continued support for the QE2 Story Forum.  We know how special the ship is to everyone onboard the forum and we appreciate the contributions that are made to keep her memory alive.

Best Wishes

Lynda Bradford
and the QE2 Story Team
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