March 2020
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To all forum members and newsletter subscribers, wherever in the World you live, we want you to know that we are thinking about you in these unprecedented times.  This is a time when restriction have been put on people's working and home lives, so as to control the spread of the virus.  It is a time when the health and well-being of our QE2 Story community is in our thoughts. 

If you are self isolating at home, we hope you will take time to visit The QE2 Story to enjoy readying some of the many topics and also take time to post even if only to say hello to everyone in the members Chat section (but you need to log in) 

It is a time to be thinking of the crew onboard ships, whose lives and livelihood has been affected by this Worldwide pandemic and if you want to post your support then go to the forum's Sea Shanties topic area.

Follow Advice and Stay Safe!

From everyone at The QE2 Story

Coronavirus and the cruise industry

We invite you to join the discussions in the topic, "Coronavirus: passengers locked down on cruise ship" where the evolving situation was reported and has been commented on by members.  

Information about coronavirus on ships was first posted on the forum on 30 January, which started discussion about the implications for passengers and crew, if the virus was diagnosed on a cruise ship…..and it was not long before reports emerged of two cruise ships affected with the virus: Diamond Princess,  quarantined in Yokohama, Japan and World Dream in Hong Kong, then the Grand Princess, cruising from California.  

Forum members questioned whether air conditioning could spread the virus, when it appeared that quarantined ship passengers on Diamond Princess, were infecting each other.  Maybe you could enlightens us by posting  if you have experience of air conditioning systems on ships!

News of Corovirus on ships resulted in countries banning cruise ships from ports, such as Holland America’s MS Westerdam, which  was turned away from ports in Philippines and Japan, because the ship had docked in Hong Kong.  There was concern when we learned that Reunion Islanders had threatened cruise passengers when the Sun Princess visited the island.  

Changes were made to Queen Mary 2's  World Cruise. Initially not calling at Hong Kong then avoiding Asian's ports and sailing for 14 days at sea to Fremantle for a 25 night cruise, circumnavigating Australia..  

By the end of February cruise company shares were affected and by mid March there were reports of cruise companies pausing cruise operations, Princess Cruises, Viking and by 15 March even Cunard, announced that because of the virus World Cruise passengers would disembark in Fremantle and the ship would return to Southampton.  Queen Victoria would also return to Southampton and Queen Elizabeth would disembark passengers and remain in Australian waters.

Day by day we hear of more ships returning to their home port or at anchor while ship companies consider options.  

Read the account of events that have been posted in the "Coronavirus: passengers locked down on cruise ships" topic, which is being regularly updated as the situation evolves.

Can the cruise industry survive these unprecedented times?  Only time will tell!

QE2 Dubai
to close until September 2020

The QE2 Dubai, Senior Leadership Team posted on Facebook  "In light of recent global events and taking into account the QE2’s position as an ongoing restoration project, the QE2 has announced plans to temporarily close the vessel and all of the on board facilities from 12pm on 19th March 2020 until 12pm 1st September 2020"
Photo: Thomas Hypher

Click on the link to the topic to read more and follow the discussion!

Crew News

The forum has dedicated topic board areas for QE2 crew and workers, where there is a fantastic collection of stories, photos and memories.  But we would love to read more of your memories! Please have a look at the crew topics on the forum and add your memories.

Specific crew topic boards include:

Each month I will post Crew News with links to topics where you have posted your memories.  Here are some of the posts for February/March:
If you are a QE2 Crew member and would like to write a short article for the newsletter Crew News section, please send me a Personal Message or contact me at 

Cabin Cavalcade

The Cabin Cavalcade gave passengers the opportunity view the range of QE2 cabins from the basic inside cabins to the luxury of the suites, such as the Aquitania, Caledonia and Carinthia Suites.  These suites were added in 1999 to create a new grade of stateroom - QS a grade that would fit between the luxurious Grand Suites and the Penthouse Suites.

This luxurious accommodation featured living area, separate dining area, bedroom, bar, separate master and guest bathrooms and walk-in wardrobes. Six large feature windows were cut to provide daylight. Luxury fittings and artwork were provided throughout.

 So let's have a look:

The Aquitania Suite Two Deck (Cabin 2149)

The existing Hotel Managers and Cruise Directors cabins on the starboard side of Two Deck forward of the Midships Lobby were gutted and combined to provide space for the construction of the 777-square foot (73-square metres) Aquitania Suite, which was the suite used by Mrs. Thatcher, when she attended the Falkland's 20th Anniversary Event,  

Caledonia Suite Boat Deck (Cabin 8200) 

The Radio Room was completely removed on the port side of Boat deck so as to create the New Caledonia 575-square foot suite (54-square metres)

Carinthia Suite Two Deck (Cabin 2151):

The existing 463-square foot Midships Suite located on the starboard side of Two Deck aft of the Midships Lobby was totally gutted and enlarged by incorporating the small Conference Room and locker facility off the Midships Lobby to become the location of the third new suite: the 700- square foot Carinthia Suite. 

Photos and information from Michael Gallagher collection.  Read more in the topic where Michael gives an insight into the luxury of these suites 

Weathering the Storm

Photo: Alan Snelson/Tony Secker

Trivia: Did you know that in April 1972 the QE2 was nearly lost during a huge Atlantic storm.  At a special service afterwards, Captain Hehir was given a standing ovation and he thanked the men of the Clyde, and John Brown's shipyard for their brilliant construction work that allowed them to survive such a gruelling test of her strength.  Read Pete Dennett's first hand account of the 1972 Storm. 

Q1: How far could QE2 tilt before she would capsize?
Q2: On 2 December 1976 QE2 when encountered storm conditions. What  came adrift and damaged the bulbous bow?  
Trivia: 11 September was the date QE2 encountered the 1978 storm, Hurricane Luis 1995 and an Atlantic Storm in 2008.  
Q3: Hurricane Luis - what was the estimated height of the highest wave that slammed QE2?

Books and topics to read while self isolating

"Out of adversity comes opportunity" Benjamin Franklin

We are going through unprecedented times at the moment when we are being asked to remain at home to save lives.  Should you be looking to improve your knowledge about QE2, look no further than the QE2 Story, where you will find an amazing range of topics (5221) to quench your thirst for knowledge.

The QE2 Story Topic Boards waiting for you to delve into their topics:

QE2's Design Concept and Build posts on concept and design, build and build photos, QE2 Build Publication and Memorabilia
The QE2 herself  Passenger Areas, Crew Areas, Technical Matters, Features of the ship
Artwork and Heritage on QE2
Service Life 1969 to 2008 - Ask questions, get answers. Focussing on events or periods in the ship's life
Captains  or Chief Engineers of QE2
Officer Crew and workers introductions and/or Memories
Passengers Introduction and/or Memories
In the Community section, visit the Chat section (log in), sign up for a Jigsaw refit or take part in the Photo Competition
Miscellaneous QE2 where post do not fit into any other topics and the Non English Language topics for French and German speaking members.
QE2 in Dubai (2008 - 2018) and QE2 Hotel (2018 onwards)
Visit the non QE2 area for information on QE2's predecessors (e.g. RMS Queen Mary or Queen Elizabeth) QE2's successors (QM2, Queen Victoria or Queen Elizabeth), Cunard news, Sea Shanties, or the Other Ships' topics  for those of us with an interest in other ships

Books, Videos and DVD's 

The QE2 Story Shop has a range of books that can be ordered on Amazon, however, you would need to check if any delivery restrictions are in place while countries are in lockdown.  

Check out the topics on Books, Videos and DVD's about QE2  where you can discuss the books and videos you have in your collection.  You can also keep us updated on any new books that you think would be of interest to forum members

QE2 Photo Topics

This month Brian Price has sent us early photos of the Main Control Room where all technical functions were controlled and monitored.  Can you name any of the officers in the picture?
Photo: Brian Price collection
Visit the topic "QE2 slides preserved and research by Brian Price" to see more photos, including information and a picture of the main electrical power station, plus a rare photo of the Argus 400 computer printer, where you see an officer checking the print out.  See also topic on Argus 400 computer.
We also continue to enjoy the "Unseen" slides of QE2 being built and fitted out, on trials and early years" that Rob Lightbody had saved last year.  Isabelle posted these three latest instalment in the topic this month, but a favourite has to be QE2's beautiful bulbous bow.  
Photo: The QE2 Story collection

Photo Competition

The competition album is open and ready for your three entries to the March photo competition "Famous faces on the most famous ship afloat".  The prize for this month's winner is a QE2 Photo frame in walnut (perfect for your QE2 pictures) or a jigsaw of the winning photo.  There are not a lot of entries so far, so if you could have a look at your QE2 photos and add your three best pictures that fit the theme, we would appreciate your support.  Deadline for entries is 31 March 2020. 
Photo Frame donated by Isabelle Prondzynski

VOTE: Have you voted for your three favourite photos for the January competition "Works of Art on Board QE2" ?  Some excellent photos, so take time to view and enjoy before selecting the best photos you think fits the theme,  but hurry you only have until 1 April to vote.

Photo: Pete Cain

Congratulations to Hamburger, the winner of the January competition "Ropes, cables and chains"  with his photo "Complete chain" and to the runner up Cunarder Man with his picture "Tied up in Malaga"

Have a look at the winning photos in Photo Competition results: 2021 Calendar topic.   

A big thank-you to everyone who supports the photo competition, and for keeping the memory of QE2 alive. 

QE2's March Timeline

selection of events, listed in the timeline that happened to QE2 in the month of March See the timeline for full list.  

5 March 1970: Princess Margaret, accompanied by husband Lord Snowdon, visit QE2 in Barbados, having lunch in The Grill Room and cocktails with the captain in his quarters and in the Midships Bar
 5 March 1971: Suffers power failure for four hours off Trinidad as a result of jellyfish being sucked into intakes.
 7 March 1980: First transit of Suez Canal
12 March 2006: A freak wave lifted the stern of QE2 making her roll severely and then a second wave struck the ship.
14 March 2002: Captain Ronald Warwick leaves QE2 as master for last time.
18 March 2008: QE2 reaches 32.8 knots for a time, proving again that she is still the world's fastest ship in service, and on engines over twenty years old. 
22 March 1997: Maiden call at Dubai
22 March 2008: Final crossing of the International Dateline (eastbound)
23 March 1970: Welcomes her 75,000th passenger!
25 March 1975: First transit of the Panama Canal, making her the biggest ship ever to transit the canal!
27 March 1989:  Chartered for 72 days by a consortium of Japanese companies
29 March 1998: President Nelson Mandela embarks, Durban, South Africa

Forum News

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