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Sydney Visits: Searching the forum Gallery for photos of QE2's visits to Sydney, uncovered 55 photos, of the ships' visits from 1981 onward, including many Photo Competition entries. QE2's maiden call to Sydney was 24 February 1978 and her final call exactly 30 years later on 24 February 2008.

 You can Follow this link to have a look at the photos the search result uncovered, or just enjoy the selection below.  If you have photos of QE2's visits to Sydney or other ports of call, please think about uploading them to the gallery to keep the memory alive.  

John Grace's photo of QE2's Sydney visit 16 and 17 February 1981 shows a fantastic view of the steam ship
Photo: John Grace

Jeremy Oliver captured this view from a porthole in 1989
Photo: Jeremy Oliver

Fabulous picture of QE2's 1994 visit by Glengavin

Photo: Glengavin

Harev entered this iconic picture to a Photo Competition of QE2 and the Sydney Harbour Bridge that he took when QE2 visited in 2001

Photo: Harev

Marty 552 uploaded this photo taken in 2007 of QE2's afternoon arrival, accompanied by a flotilla of small boats. A photo that captures the atmosphere of QE2 arriving in port.

Photo: Marty 552

Topics with memories of QE2 in Sydney 
Farewell World Cruise - Jennie's Diary
Jayne - Hi from Australia
Malcolm's 2008 World Cruise Diary - visit to Sydney 24 February

QE2's Final Call to Sydney 24 February 2008 (30 years after her maiden visit)
Chris Frame remembers
The QE2 Timeline - maiden calls, final calls

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QE2's Visits to Sydney

1978 February 24, Great Pacific and Orient Cruise (maiden call)
1981 Six Continent Odyssey February 16 and 17
1983 Great Pacific and Oriential Odyssey 
1985 The Golden Route
1988 Voyage to the Southern Crown
1989 Round South America and Circle Pacific
1991 Five Continents World Cruise
1992 Grand Exhibition
1993 Pacific and Orient Odyssey
1994 Six Continent Circumnavigation
1995 Golden Route World Cruise
1996 Voyage to Distant Empires
1997 A Bridge Across the Oceans
1998 Grand Passage to Distant Lands
1999 Great Tides of Civilisation
2000 Millennium World Cruise
2001 Voyages of Great Discoveries
2002 Voyages of Exploration
2003 Voyage of Six Continents
2004 Voyage to the Explorers
2005 Voyage of Discovery
2006 Voyage of the Seven Wonders
2007 Silver Jubilee World Cruise ( February 2007, QE2 and QM2 met in Sydney)
2008 South America Pacific and Orient Odyssey (final call)



Crew News

February Posts from QE2 Crew:

Glenn Copus and Tony posted some photo memories on the QE2 Photography Department topic

Josh Harris asked: Did anyone work with Mick Allison ,waiter in the Mauretania Restaurant 1988/89?
John D Hobley FinstR  looking to find: Who was the youngest ever crew member? Post if you think it is you!

QE2 returning from the Falklands. Claire Bailey asks:  Was anyone onboard QE2 that took photos of the Pilot Boat?

Welcome to new forum members

Welcome to new members who joined in January or February this year. We look forward to you sharing your memories and photos of QE2, which are helping to keep the memory of QE2 alive.  If you need any help starting topics or posting in existing topics, have a look at the Guidance and Instructions.  If you need more help contact a Moderator  or

Crew Members:

Peter Evans
David Windle
Perhenric Lönnberg
Anne Honour
Mark Biggs
Glenn Copus
David Cosgrove
Peter Boita
Fred Doherty

QE2 Passengers and enthusiasts:

Steve Boston
John Blant
Geoff Smith
Susan Brouham
George Ramsburg
Fiona Johnson
Claire Bailey
Josh Harris
Amy Crank

Commercially available models of QE2

What's not to like about these pictures Anubhav Mitra posted of commercially available models of QE2 that can be bought online.  As the World is slipping in and out of lockdown measures, it could be a good time to take up model building or just keep watching the forum topics on QE2 Models and Paintings.


SD Model Makers
The QE2 Story 2021 Calendar

There is still time to order your 2021 Calendar

The winning photos of the monthly Photo Competition are included in the forum's annual calendars. This year there are two options, "The Ready for Sale QE2 Story Calendars for 2021" topic gives full details of how you can order your choice of these fabulous Calendars. 
Standard Size Calendar that you can order direct from the Lulu website 

Vistaprint Calendars offer a choice of three sizes that the Admin Team can order for you (see topic for more details)

You can see more Calendar pictures in the QE2 Story Gallery

Photo Competition Fast Links

Enjoy taking a little time to choose and vote for your three favourite pictures 

Photo: Lynda Bradford
There is a fabulous prize for the winner of the February competition that has been donated by the author, Paul Lobo. 

Have a look at the instructions, and enter your three best photos that meet the theme. 

Photos entered must be your own, or if not, please mention the name of the photographer for copyright reasons, and so that the owner can win the prize!

RMS St Helena

Following on from the news in May 2020, on "how the electric racing championship is retrofitting former RMS St Helena to make it as ‘green and clean’ as possible..... Electric racing championship Extreme E has acquired former Royal Mail cargo-passenger vessel RMS St Helena to minimise its environmental footprint as it transports drivers and the series’ equipment to its remote locations." Source: Riviera News

See also RMS St Helena with  forum members' recent updates


Members Chat Topics

Do you know that by logging into the forum you can access the Members Chat Topics where members chat about anything that is of interest to them.  You can ask questions on How the forum works tell members What's going on the your part of the World, you can even join our Virtual World Cruise dining experience.

Have a look and enjoy being part of The QE2 Story Community
Photo: Claire Quigley for Clydebank Post article 
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