March 2019
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Ahoy from the QE2 Story Team, welcome to our March newsletter.

Lynda's away this month sailing the seven seas, so she's left me the task of finishing the newsletter for her, apologies if its not up to the usual high standard!

This month we launch our event in Glasgow in May for the 50th anniversary of QE2's maiden voyage, and we start to reveal the contents of the amazing box of slides that we acquired just last week - they show QE2 under construction, on trials and on her first voyages.

We also look back at the announcement 52 years ago about QE2's impressive powerplant - amazing to think it took her 2.6 million miles.  Of course you'll find the latest results from the photo competition that goes towards creating our popular calendar - please support us by voting, and you can enter this month's competition and win a prize - all supported by our generous donations.

Hope you find something of interest - please email us any other suggestions, or better still, post a topic on the forum about it.

- Rob Lightbody
QE2 50 Years Maiden Voyage Event - May 4th 2019

We couldn't let the 50th anniversary of the maiden transatlantic voyage go by without doing something, so we've booked not one but two venues in Glasgow on May 4th.
Firstly, PS Waverley is opening to us for a tour - quite a privilege because she's normally closed to the public at this time.  This will be in one or two small groups, so you'll get to ask the crew any questions you have about this magnificent vessel.

Then we move to the offices of the historic Fairfield shipyard - the boardroom no less - for a light lunch, with presentation of two slideshows - and a special viewing of the wonderful "Magic Ride" film in between.  The second slideshow is of the "unseen" QE2 slides - more on that below...

For more information and to book (opening in the next few days) see the following web page or visit the related forum topicDue to space restrictions, numbers will be strictly limited, so book early.


Unseen QE2 - Slide Collection

We received a tip-off from one of our members that a collection of early QE2 slides was for sale on eBay and of course, we had to have them!

We have all seen lots of photos of QE2 in her later years, but not so many of her construction and very early years.  This is a shame, especially because her original design was so unique and significant, and was altered so quickly.  The best of these slides will be presented at the upcoming event (above) and a small selection is being placed on the forum topic while we consider what else to do with them for the best.

QE2 Boilers and Steam Turbines

Information on the April 1967 Cunard Q4 Press Release gave an insight into the power plant for the Q4, the new Cunard ship:

  • The Q4 will be the most powerful twin-screw merchant ship afloat. 
  • Her three boilers will be the largest power units of any passenger ship. They will each produce 310,000 lbs of steam per hour at maximum power. 
  • Her main turbines are the most powerful ever built for a passenger liner.
  • She will have the largest six-bladed propellers to be fitted to a passenger ship. 
  • Each of her two main engines will develop 55,000 horse power. 
  • Fuel consumption of about 520 tons a day at normal service speed will be about half that of the Queen liners. 
  • Three turbo-alternators, each producing five-and-a-half megowatts of electricity at a voltage of 3,300 would provide light, heat and power for a city of the size of Durham, England or Flagstaff, Arizona. 
  • Three evaporators will turn sea water into fresh water at a rate of 1,200 tons per day

Discover more by visiting the QE2's Boilers and Steam Turbines topic

At the time they were built, the ESD 2's were the largest boilers built for marine use. Rod, who was an engineer onboard QE2 said “They reached 15 decks when all is said and done..... As a boiler room Engineer I walked it many times” Rod, who joined QE2 as an indentured Engineer Apprentice in 1971 and retired from QE2 in 1988 gives an insight into his work on QE2 in the Ask the Engineer topic. Do you have a question for him about the QE2's steam plant?

QE2's Steam Turbine Cast

QE2 fans visiting the V&A Ocean Liners Speed and Style exhibition would have been delighted to see the original Turbine pattern cast -  on loan from the Scottish Maritime Museum.  Read the Scottish Maritime Museum article for more information.

Photo : Lynda Bradford

Photo : Lynda Bradford

Photo Competition and Calendar

Thanks to everyone who supports the Photo Competitions and especially those who let us see fabulous QE2 photos that we would not otherwise have seen.  Every month you have the opportunity to upload three photos of your choice that fit the monthly theme and you can vote for your favourite photos for the previous months competition.

It's so easy!  

For more information visit the Photo Competition and QE2 Calendar topics  where you will find easy to follow instructions.  
The QE2 Story Calendar: See details of The QE2 Story 2019 Calendar and details of how to purchase.

Photo: Isabelle Prondzynski
VOTE : The poll for February's competition "QE2 with a tug" closes on April 1st.  If you have not yet voted, please log in and take a few minutes to enjoy the photos and choose your 3 favourites.  

ENTER : The theme "QE2 with Snow or Ice" was chosen by "Cunarder Man" for the March competition, and has already resulted in some fabulous photos being uploaded. 
The prize this month is a QE2 photo frame in walnut, bought on board QE2 in 2008 and still in its original wrapping, donated by Isabelle Prondzynski.  Alternatively, June Ingram is offering a jigsaw of the prizewinning picture. The choice is yours -- which will it be?

In other forum news :-

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Best Wishes

Rob Lightbody and the QE2 Story Team
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