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Dreams do come true!

In September 1967, four small boys look in awe at the newly launched QE2, sitting in the John Brown’s fitting out basin. They could not have imagined how famous this ship would become, but one of those boys was so impressed with the ship that when he went home he said to his mother “when I grow up I want to sail on the QE2 to New York.” Forty-one years later he booked for QE2’s final Westbound crossing in October 2008.  Christopher Wallace shared his photos and memories for you to enjoy in this QE2 launch topic.    

Photo : Christopher Wallace

This a wonderful photo of Christopher Wallace with his 3 brothers looking in awe at the QE2 sitting in the John Brown’s fitting out basin. 

Photo: John Little

We were delighted to see John's photo taken in Dubai in April 2016 and even more delighted to see he is wearing his QE2 Story Badge. John and his wife had sailed on the Queen Elizabeth from Hong Kong into Dubai where he took these photos of QE2

But he really wanted to see the ship at Port Rashid. When he asked a taxi driver to take him to the QE2 the man did not understand. However when he showed the taxi driver a QE2 photo, he immediately understood and took the couple to the ship.  See more of John's photos on the QE2 Photos from Dubai 2016 topic and keep watching for Louis's regular postings from his friends in Dubai.

Photo:  Hamburger

What do you know about QE2’s repairs, refits and overhauls?
Did you know that it was during the 1972 refit, the Penthouse Accommodation on Signal and Sports Decks were added?

Or that it was during the December 1977 refit that the new “Tables of the World” restaurant was introduced. 

Lynda Bradford is working on individual topics on every QE2 refit or repair (like the two topics linked to above)  This is a big task that will be done over a period of time.  However you can see brief information listed on this topic   Repair and Refits dates – the Prime Contractor details from 1969 to 2008

CAP added to this subject by working on the service availability and calculating the percentage of time the ship was available for generating revenue in any of the years she was in service. Have a look at QE2 Refits and Repairs - Service Availability  

Lots of fascinating information so keep watching for more refit topics being added.

Rob's QE2 After Dinner Talk 

In April, Rob was invited to do an after dinner talk, at the Northbank Hotel, on the Isle of Wight. This was a small affair, mainly attended by local people who had an interest in QE2.  The theme for his talk was his visit to QE2 in Dubai in 2011, when he was invited to stay on the ship for two days to take photos and video footage of the condition of the ship at that time. Enjoy reading Rob's account of the event on Northbank Hotel, Isle of Wight, the ultimate ship-watchers accommodation.

Poll for the March Photo Competition 

Voting for the March Photo Competition closes on 1 May so why not take a few minutes to view  "Music aboard QE2" and vote for your three favourite photos.

Keep watching the competition results  to see the winning photos and to add your comments and congratulations.

Peter Hamill was the winner of the February competition with his excellent photo "The race is on!" a picture that truly captured the flotilla, as Balmoral followed QE2 upriver on her last visit to the River Clyde.  

Your runners up were Bob C's photo "Pass in Review" an early photo of QE2 with her white funnel.  The picture shows QE2's dress rehearsal for the Queen's Silver Jubilee Fleet Review with HMAS Melbourne in the foreground. The second runner up was Cunarder Man's photo "Last Visit Home to The Clyde October 2008"  

Thank-you and well done everyone!

April 2016 Photo of the Month Competition

QE2 and Concord(e)

The theme for this month's photo competition gave you a bit of a challenge, as not many members have photos of QE2 and the aircraft Concorde.  But Isabelle anticipated this, and is asking you to also enter photos illustrating the concord or harmony that existed, in and around QE2.

In order to give all time zones a chance to enter pictures up to the end of the month, we shall keep the album open until 1 May (incl.)
Have a look at the instructions to enter the competition for this  Photo Competition topic but if you need any help just email: and we will be only too willing to assist.  

Logo image : Marc-Antoine Bombail

 QE2 50 year event 22 September 2017

As it is over 6 months since Rob announced our plans to hold the 
QE2 50 year event at Clydebank in 2017, we thought you would like an update on progress so far.  

A committee has been set up to work on the planning process for the event, with Gavin Stewart (Clydebuilt 1971) as chairperson, John Little (Cunarder Man) treasurer and Lynda Bradford, Secretary.  

The Clydebank Town Hall is booked for 22 September, which is not the actual date of the launch (20 September) but we wanted to hold the event on a Friday, so that we can plan other activities over the week-end for forum members.

We have drafted a business plan that is currently with a designer, who is using the logo and our text to produce a professional looking plan that can be sent to sponsors and speakers.  

We have identified potential sponsors and speakers, who we will be contacting soon.

A constitution has been written and a bank account set up.  

A stunning logo has been designed by QE2 Forever.  This will be used on our business plan, delegates' pack, event banner, and merchandise.

We are pleased with progress to date but there is lots more to do to ensure we have a successful event.   

We will be giving you details soon on how to register interest for the event and we will also give you regular updates on the forum and through our newsletter.

If you have any ideas we would love to hear from you at


Forum Member's Stories:

How many of you would be brave enough to climb the rigging of a ship?  

George C. Griffith told us his story of sailing on Star Clipper and shared pictures and a YouTube video of climbing the rigging -  it's a long way down!

We have also enjoyed following Ron Baxter's topic Cunard before QE2. Ron was a Junior Engineer on Queen Elizabeth in the 1960's. We hope you enjoy reading Ron's memories of working on the ship and his recollection of some of the people he worked with onboard the ship.

Please contact us at if there is a story you would like us to feature on the newsletter.  

Keep visiting the QE2 story forum and share your QE2 stories

Thank-you for your continued support for the QE2 Story Forum.  We know how special the ship is to everyone onboard the forum and we appreciate the contributions that are made to keep her memory alive.

Best Wishes

Lynda Bradford 
and the QE2 Story Team
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