7 great reasons to use the QE2 Story's Forum as well as Facebook!

The QE2 Story Forum in the Facebook era.


Dear QE2 Story members,

Keeping the Legend Alive

As Facebook continues to dominate social media, and as the number of QE2, ship and maritime related Facebook groups continues to grow, we thought it was important to remind you of the reasons why our Forum is  relevant, and important in preserving QE2's story.

Here's some very positive reasons to use the forum, even in the Facebook age :-
  • Searchable via any search engine - Every post that's ever been put on the forum, is findable via Google, Bing, Yahoo or whatever search engine you use.  Hundreds of people find our site each month in this way.  Here's an example of a search for 'QE2 Funnel' on Google :-

  • No adverts at all - Facebook bombards you with adverts, and promotes pages and posts that companies have paid it to promote to you.  Our site is entirely funded by donations, so we have no need for adverts.  How many other free sites do you use that have no adverts?
  • We don't use your data - Facebook uses your information to profit from you, and advertise to you.  We don't do anything with your data, except to preserve what you have written in the Forum.
  • Experts and former crew - Over the years, and to this day, lots of Cunard and QE2 experts have posted crucial information on the Forum - and it's all still there.  Lots of information and facts about QE2's long history is only surfaced on our forum.
  • Moderated and catalogued - It may look daunting at first sight due to the amount of content we have already gathered, but like a library, our members and moderators try to keep things organised with a place for every fact, story or memory.
  • QE2 Content on Facebook gets "lost" - we agree that all the interesting memories and photos that get posted onto Facebook, provide a moment of pleasure to the reader.  But how do you find them 2 years later?  Are those memories preserved and findable for the future and available to future researchers?
  • A dedicated QE2 photo Gallery -- have you visited it?

We have some exciting plans in the works, and we'll have another fabulous QE2 calendar next year.  We continue to closely follow QE2's story in Dubai, but we stay focussed on her legendary service with Cunard.

So, please make use of the Forum.  Enjoy reading and writing memories, and viewing and posting pictures. 

To login, just go to this link.  If you can't remember your password, just click 'forgot your password' and a new one will be sent to you instantly.  Any problems or questions, email us at

Thanks for your support,

Rob Lightbody

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