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What do you know about QE2 Lifeboats/Tenders?

You may know a lot about the history of QE2, but what do you know about her tenders? Those little work-horses that transported you from ship to shore, setting off in the morning with the crew to set up the secure zone and working endlessly throughout the day, transporting passengers. It was only when the last passenger and crew were back onboard and the tenders safely lifted back onto their cradles that the ship sailed away to the next port. 

There is lots of information on the QE2 Story discussion forum!
Did you know that in 1968, a firm in East Molesey in Surrey, constructed 20 of QE2’s lifeboat?.

Have a look at this British Pathe video showing the work in progress and a finished lifeboat. 

What happened to these original tenders? 

Chris started a discussion topic on what happened to the original tenders  where he asked if the information he had was correct, why the tenders were replaced and what happened to them.
There are many interesting responses including Michael’s response that - in 1975 four new cruise launches and davits were installed replacing four of the six 80-seater cruise launches (this set included boats 7 and 8). One of the boats removed eventually ended up offering trips on Lough Derg in Ireland, was renamed KU-EE-TU and was still in service in 2009.

Photo: Captain Martini on Flickr

You can find out more about the Alpha and Beta tenders on - QE2's Large Tenders fitted from 1983 until 1994

.... and what happened to the Alpha Beta tenders when they were removed from QE2 in 1994?

Photo: Isabelle  Prondzynski

Isabelle has posted this wonderful photo of the red lifeboat getting some maintenance.  Read discussions on the red lifeboat topic.


Recent information posted by forum member Louis (Queen Elizabeth 2) is that QE2 lifeboats have been taken off the ship and left at the dockside (see photo from Louis' contact in Dubai ).  This has given us some cause for concern and left QE2 fans wondering what is the reason for this action.  Keep watching and contributing to this discussion in the QE2 Conversion August 2015 to …?  topic

Photo:  Isabelle Prondzynski

Cruise Critic Memory Book

In April 2008 placed a Memory Book in the Ocean Bookshop so that passengers could record their memories or write a farewell message to the ship. In this topic Greg Fitzgerald tells us about the memory book and many forum members have shared a photo of their entry.  Did you write in the memory book?   If you did please add to the topic and let us know what you wrote. 

John Little (Cunarder Man) had the honor of writing the last entry.  “Good Night QE2 Sleep Well”  We did not know then that it would be a long sleep until the Sleeping Beauty awakes!
Photo: Gavin Stewart

TS Queen Mary

Good News for TS Queen Mary who returned to Greenock, on the River Clyde for restoration. Built in 1933 at Denny’s of Dumbarton she was used to take passengers from Glasgow down the Clyde for 40 years, until her retirement when she was moved to Tilbury in Essex.  A Glasgow charity, Friends of TS Queen Mary is working to restore the ship and have her berthed in Glasgow. Keep posting in the topic any news about this lovely little ship.

Poll for the April Photo Competition 

Voting for the April Photo Competition closes on 1 June so why not take a few minutes to view "QE2 and Concord(e)" pictures and vote for your three favourite photos.

Stowaway 2K was the winner of the March competition with his excellent photo "That horn - the sweetest music on the seven seas"

Your runner up was Lahrdeco's photo "Queen Mary music inside" a photo of the Queen Mary piano on QE2. 

Keep watching the competition results  to see the winning photos and to add your comments and congratulations.

Thank-you for participating and well done everyone!

May 2016 Photo of the Month Competition

QE2 Maintenance Work

QE2 crew were always kept busy maintaining the ship, but did you capture a winning photo that you can submit to the Photo Competition? 

The album will be open until 1 June.  
Have a look at the instructions to enter the competition for this  Photo Competition topic but if you need any help just email: and we will be only too willing to assist.  

The prize this month is the book "A Photographic History of P&O", donated by the authors, Chris Frame and Rachelle Cross.  This is currently selling at GBP 16.58 on

Photo: June Ingram
QE2 Jigsaws
Have you put your name on the list for a jigsaw refit? They are all currently undergoing refits and their progress can be seen on the Jigsaw topics.  Help us achieve our aim to send the jigsaws to as many places as possible by getting your crew together and completing a jigsaw refit challenge.  

Keep visiting the QE2 story forum and share your QE2 stories

Thank-you for your continued support for the QE2 Story Forum.  We know how special the ship is to everyone onboard the forum and we appreciate the contributions that are made to keep her memory alive.

Best Wishes

Lynda Bradford 
and the QE2 Story Team
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