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MONTHLY | Newsletter | April 22, 2015

Case Studies

Past results are not indicative of the future, but they provide a great way to learn.  Here are 3 case studies explaining how we can help.

Case Study 1

A 75 year old male had a $1,000,000 universal life policy with Genworth. The annual premiums were $32,000. The cash surrender value was only $0
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Case Study 2

A 70 year old male had a $1,000,000 term policy from Prudential. The annual premiums were $26,000. The cash surrender value was only $0
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Case Study 3

An 83 year old female had a $2,000,000 life insurance policy with New York Life. The annual premiums were $90,000. The cash surrender value was only $68,000
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Help Educate Others

Calling out all: CPAs, bankers, attorneys, financial planners, investment and insurance professionals, sons & daughters - 40+ million seniors over 65 have $750 billion in life insurance. Let them know that options exist to cash out their policy for more than surrender value.

How We Can Help

We’re affiliated with a 16-year old company experienced in the life & structured settlement business, with 20+ private equity firms competitively bidding for your policy, thereby increasing your value received. We know of no others that use this unique process. Working with Crump Life Insurance Services, the largest life insurance agency in the nation, we can provide you the best products and world-class service.

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Life Insurance Facts

Did you Know? that 90% of life insurance policies lapse? Don’t stop paying because your situation has changed.

Why do people sell their life insurance policies?

1. The policy owner no longer needs coverage  
2. The beneficiaries of the insurance policy die before the person covered by the policy
3. A change in business ownership makes the policy unnecessary
4. The policy has not performed as expected or premium payments have become burdensome
5.  A change in policy type or coverage amount is necessary to address current objectives
6. Obtain cash now to achieve other objectives

Life Insurance Facts

Did you Know? Just like a home, a life insurance policy is an asset that can be sold. The legal basis for the secondary market in life insurance started in 1911 with the U.S. Supreme Court case of Grigsby v. Russell. With this case it was shown that life insurance had all the legal qualities of property which meant that life insurance could also be transferred in similar manner. Grigsby v. Russell set the rights that a policy owner could name the beneficiary, borrow against it, sell the policy and change the beneficiary 

"There are clear financial benefits to a life settlement. Life settlements offer policy owners an immediate and significant lump sum payment and relieve them from the burden of paying future premiums".

Why do people sell their life insurance policies?

1. Funding long term care  
2. Maintaining lifestyle
3. Making gifts to heirs or charities
4. Purchasing investments or other insurance products
5. A change in policy type or coverage amount is necessary to address current objectives
6. Achieving other financial objectives

About Robin Roberts

From the mailroom to the Board Room, Robin has been in banking for 40+ years. Now he’s established a new business helping people improve their financial future. Educating strategic partners and seniors on how they can turn the death benefit of their life insurance to a living benefit. Leverage the experience of Robin & BrightPath to learn about how we can improve your financial future together.
  • University of Minnesota - BSB-Accounting
  • CME, CSE and SCPS - certifications from Sales & Marketing Executives International
  • Minnesota License #40385211 Resident Insurance Producer, Accident & Health, Life
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