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The May 31, 2014
Ride to Montauk
Is NOT Canceled!
Howdy boys and girls,

Glen here, your tour director and humble servant since 1997.

We've been deluged with emails today, asking if the Ride to Montauk is cancelled.  

I believe the correct answer there would be NO!

(OK, now how many people do you think are going to hit the reply button and write, "I know you said 'NO!' but is the ride cancelled?"  Why thank you for asking!  But the answer is still no...)

This all started when we had an interview with the press and mentioned that we were in difficult negotiations with one of the towns we pedal through.  Somehow that got translated into "cancelled".  Go figure.

I talked to a very nice lawyer today who said that at this point I'm supposed to say that "we are working it out together" and "everything is FINE", so that's exactly what I'm going to say, just to show that I really CAN be well behaved. (You can ask my mom!)  I think I'm also supposed to day, "It's not you... it's me!" but I can't remember.

I would not be surprised if we saw a formal announcement next week, which will ALSO state that everything is FINE.

SO... if you have already registered for the ride, you are still registered, and NOTHING has changed.

If you haven't registered yet, why, you're still not registered, but you can sign up right here.

Clear as mud?  You bet! 

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