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Take five, and safeguard your business by keeping
up-to-date on current pest control measures...


1.   Nuisance birds can cause damage to buildings and offices, and pose a serious health risk to employees and the public.  If you’re responsible for employee or public safety and ignore bird problems, or deal with bird control in the wrong way, you could be prosecuted.

2. Netting: One of the most successful and cost effective methods of proofing buildings is physically sealing off problem areas to deny access to birds. Netting is often used to protect individual building features, eaves, or to cover entire roofs or frontage elevations.

3. Spiking: The simplest and least expensive way of deterring birds from alighting on specific areas like ledges, parapets, beams, signage, gutters and roof edges.

4. Limit available food and water: This will discourage birds from nesting or roosting in or around your premises.

5. Electric bird deterrent 
Discreet and only 6mm high. Deters birds with an uncomfortable, but harmless electrical pulse. Used on surfaces such as ledges, parapets, beams and signage.

6. Flying birds of prey: A natural deterrent - regular flying of birds of prey discourages birds from roosting, nesting and egg laying. Useful for flock dispersion on large open sites when combined with other preventative methods.


7. Egg oiling and replacement:  Prevents eggs from hatching and therefore restricts flock breeding numbers. Effective as part of a bird control program, but should only be undertaken by a trained bird control professional.

8. Electronic scaring methodsDistress calls, or laser systems can be used to repel birds. Installed and mobile systems are available. These can be effective in certain circumstances.  

9. Bird droppings and guano clearing: A clear disease risk and slip hazard which requires a professional approach. Clear, clean and treat your walkways and contact surfaces with biocide to remove contamination risks.

10. Call a professional:  We can recommend the most appropriate bird control methods to use to safeguard your business, people and property. You may be liable if you allow any bird control work to take place at your building which does not comply with legislation and licencing.


There are 13 different kinds of harmful bacteria in bird droppings

Office and Industrial

Offices and industrial facilities present a number of opportunities for pests, both internally and externally. Birds and their droppings pose a serious health risk and can cause a particular problem in outdoor areas, especially if there is food available.

Monitor Pest Control offers a specialist pest control and prevention service to protect your business or organisation from a wide range of birds. Our cost-effective, efficient and long term solutions will prevent birds - such as gulls and pigeons - from damaging your building, nesting in your facility and causing unappealing sights and smells for your staff and visitors.

With highly skilled technicians and cutting edge bird infestation treatments, we will deal with your bird pest problems quickly, effectively and with minimum disruption to you and your premises.


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