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Don't get caught in the fear-frenzy and powerlessness! Lady Portia and Count St. Germain give us the invincible secret to stay out of the clutches of Fear and to protect us against the Coronoa Virus. The secret has always been with us, yet many people are still unaware of it. Click the image above to read the invincible secret!
(Video & Text) How to Kill Corona Virus or any cold or flu virus with a Sauna Bath and/or Blow Dryer by Dr. Dan Lee Dimke, PhD. - This remedy might seem crazy, but he's got the science to back up the claim! Send this to your friends and loved ones. Post it on social media. Make it viral. Help soothe the fear of the fearful.
New 5D Light Codes compared to Staying in the 3D Separation Matrix - Lisa Transendance Brown.

(Video) Lorie Ladd - Techniques in Hearing Your Higher Self and Guides.

Moving from Survival Mode to 5D by the 9D Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton.

You are getting bombarded by high frequency energies at this time. You have an opportunity to do so much receiving, and to be a part of the solution. By the 9D Arcturian Council.

Engage with Love and Allow it to Dissolve Your Fear and Anxieties: Jesus through John Smallman.

Compassion is needed on Earth now in order to support the areas where chaos and pain are alive: By Quan Yin via Natalie Glasson.

Random Acts of Kindness and Corona Virus: Kind Canadians start "Care-mongering" trend - by BBS. More than 35 Facebook groups have been set up in 72 hours to serve communities in Canada with more than 30,000 members between them.

$1,000 into the hands of every American taxpayer. As the Corona Virus threatens to push the global economy into recession, the Trump administration is rolling out an unusual idea: handing out free money - by Reuters News 03-17-20.
Spirit Guide Matthew Ward talks about the impact of Corona Virus in the March issue of his Ascension Report. Click image below.

March Equinox Global Meditation
April 19th @ 8:49 pm Los Angeles, 10:49 pm Chicago, 11:49 pm NYC. April 20 @ 3:49 am London, 4:49 am Berlin, 6:49 am Moscow, 12:49 pm Tokyo, 2:49 pm Sydney

"In joy and gratitude, please use this upcoming March Equinox to give respect to Gaia (our Mother Earth), to the Sun, the Moon and Stars, our Higher Selves and Guardians, Angels and Archangels, the Galactic Central Sun, our Star Families, the Ascended Masters and the Agartha Network within the Earth, to celebrate this entrance into the planting or harvest seasons, as well as to heal the fear and spread of the Corona Virus." - We Love Mass Meditation. Click image above for more info!
Now is the time to pray. Now in this time of great need, we lightworkers need to renew and strengthen our focus on the Oneness of our Divinity and shine our light into the world of fear surrounding this virus. When I worked with Master Kirael in Hawaii in the mid-90's, we asked him how many global meditations should we attend? He said, "All of them."
Plan now to attend this most important global meditation. You don't have to leave home to change the world. Please share this with your friends. YouTube videos for the event are available in 34 languages at
Zorra of Hollow Earth requests your participation in the "World Healing Project"
The intention is to send out a Love Healing Boost globally everyday. Until our world is FREE of the Corona Virus and all is well and stabilized. It only takes a few second to send our Divine Love Energy as a large Unified Healing Community to affect and heal everyone on Earth, and all living creatures too! You can say this prayer out loud wherever you are!
At any time of day!

"54321 Receive! From the God or Goddess of my being, Humanity and Gaia is in perfect health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We are calm, prosperous and in joy always, and we know it. So be it. And, it is done!"

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