Artem Sapegin’s Photography Newsletter — issue #8
Fog in Boston

Long time no see, yeah ;-) I’m still alive, and I’ve made couple of changes to the newsletter:
  • I’ve merged Russian and English lists, and all future issues will be in English only (feel free to reply me in Russian though!)
  • I’ll send you my blog posts a week before I publish them on the blog.
  • I may occasionally send something else useful, but I haven’t been very good at that recently.
— Artem

Aaron Reed has posted six of this recent photos before and after editing. I thought that I can do the same thing here. So here are my recent photos.

On most of them changes are also, like on Aaron examples, minimal.

71 sec, f/16, 37mm, ISO 100

91 sec, f/16, 25mm, ISO 100

180 sec, f/16, 70mm, ISO 100

1/4 sec, f/11, 91mm, ISO 100

1/125 sec, f/8, 40mm, ISO 100

25 sec, f/16, 27mm, ISO 100

Show me your six (or five or four or three or two or one) photos!

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