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South East Circular

A newsletter from South East Local Land Services
Edition 9, June 2015
South Coast producers taste success
Community advisory groups
Annual and and Stock Returns 
El Nino. What does it mean?
Strong support for Feral Fighters
Local disease watch
Attack of the earth mites
Ground up learning
Bega bikeway completed
Prohibited pig feed


South Coast producers taste success

Jason Carson, Senior Land Services Officer (Nowra)

The annual South Coast Primary Industries Dinner is a great example of how South East Local Land Services brings industry, innovation and the community together.
In early May, more than 100 local producers and community members attended this year’s dinner at Silos Estate, Berry. The sold-out event, which is now in its second year, attracted over 80 new participants. It is proving to be a popular format and an excellent networking forum for South Coast producers.

Read the full article: South Coast producers taste success

Top photo: Jason Carson, Senior Land Services Officer; Kel Grey, The Pines; Fiona Walmsley, Buena Vista Farm; Pia Winberg, Venus Shell Systems; Tom Shannon, Argyle Prestige Meats; Amanda Britton, Senior Land Services Officer and David Mitchell, Chair South East Local Land Services.

Community advisory groups

If you would like to be more involved in how South East Local Land Services can deliver better services to land managers and producers, and if you share our passion for improving land management practices, then you might be interested in joining one of our Community Advisory Groups (CAGs). 

CAG members will work closely with communities and key stakeholders and advise the South East Local Board on key issues across the full range of Local Land Services functions:  productive agriculture, plant and animal biosecurity, emergency management and natural resource management.

South East Local Land Services will establish four CAGs across eight local areas within the region. Each CAG will be made up of eight to nine representatives. The four CAGs are: South Coast; Southern Tablelands, Far South Coast and Monaro Palerang 

Further information is available on our website: Community Advisory Groups

Annual Land and Stock Returns

If you have a land holding of 10 hectares or more you will shortly receive an Annual Land and Stock Return to complete. It is very important that you lodge your return even if you do not have stock on your property. The information in the return helps Local Land Services to build a state-wide biosecurity picture about agricultural use and livestock numbers. This data is vital to us, particularly in the event of an emergency disease outbreak. Local Land Services works to strengthen and maintain animal biosecurity to enable producers to be more productive and profitable.

A newsletter will be included with your Annual Land and Stock return. It contains some frequently asked questions and lodgement information. If you have any further questions about your return, please contact your nearest South East Local Land Services office and a customer services officer will be able to assist you.

Please lodge your Annual Land and Stock Return by 31 August 2015.

El Nino – what does it mean?

Phil Graham
NSW Department of Primary Industries
Matthew Lieschke
Senior Land Services Officer (Goulburn)
By now you will have heard or read about the increased likelihood of an El Nino event for later this year. Recently a producer made the comment “we have heard these comments for the last three years and look at what happened”.

That is right, there were comments about the chance of an event, but it had a lot of qualifiers. Now the factors have all lined up in the same direction hence the increased odds of an event occurring. 

Read the full article: El Nino - what does it mean?

Strong support for Feral Fighters

Chris Harris, Senior Biosecurity Officer (Yass)

There's been strong support for the Feral Fighters program being run by South East Local Land Services.

More than 700 landholders have signed up to take part in the program, which provides a regional approach to 
targeting feral animals.

Read the full article: Strong support for Feral Fighters

Is your 1080/Pindone qualification current?

A 1080/Pindone training course was implemented five years ago to provide landholders with a qualification and information on the correct use of 1080 and Pindone.

In the first year alone in excess of 500 landholders benefited from this training in the south east region.

Those landholders whom attended in 2010 please contact your local office to ensure your qualification remains current.

Local disease watch - June

Bill Johnson, District Veterinarian (Goulburn)

A variety of diseases have been seen by South East Local Land Services district veterinarians this month. In cattle we have seen weaners affected by pink eye, pestivirus causing ill thrift and death, and others requiring a drench for fluke and general internal parasites as we enter the cooler autumn months. 

In coastal mobs, deaths from blackleg (a highly fatal infection of cattle under about two years of age) and pulpy kidney have been diagnosed; both these conditions can be prevented with routine vaccination. More cases of Theileria infection, infertility associated with vibriosis and abortions caused by Neospora, and liver fluke were also seen in coastal herds. 

Read the full article: Local disease watch - June

Attack of the earth mites!

Luke Pope, Senior Land Services Officer (Cooma)

Red legged earth mites (Halotydeus destructor) and Blue oat mites (Penthaleus spp.) are major pests of pastures and crops in the South East Local Land Services region. Whilst they may be small insects (less than 1mm long and 0.8mm wide) they cause significant issues due to their sheer numbers.

Red legged earth mites and Blue oat mites appear very similar. They both have black bodies with eight red legs. Blue oat mites are slightly larger, have blue-black bodies and have a distinctive red mark on their backs. While the two insects both cause the same damage to the pasture plants there are some differences in the control methods required. 

Read the full article: Attack of the Earth Mites

Ground-up learning at soils skills field days

Alice Taylor, Land Services Officer (Queanbeyan)

South East Local Land Services staff with funding from 'Caring for our Country' have been working with 160 local landholders to improve the management of their soils. Over the past two years there have been 50 events held in the communities of Hawkesbury, Cobbitty, Moss Vale, Goulburn and Braidwood.

The uptake of sustainable land-use practices is of significant importance for the protection of rural lands for a healthy balance of human and environmental needs. 

Read the full article: Ground-up learning at soils skills field days

Big turnout for Bega bike path opening

The newly-completed Bega River bike path has received an early thumbs from the community, with hundreds of local riders and walkers trying out the full five kilometre shared pathway at the inaugural Bega River Day last month.

South East Local Land Services along with Bega Valley Shire Council, Bega Cheese, NSW Environmental Trust and adjacent landholders provided funding and support for the project.

Read the full story:
Bega District News

Photo: Photo: Dave Maynard and Erin Moon with Tanami Maynard, Carly van Bracht and Deua Maynard at the Bega River Day (courtesy Bega District News)

Prohibited pig feed

Amanda Lee, Department of Primary Industries

Swill feeding is the traditional name for the feeding of food scraps to pigs. This practice has caused foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) outbreaks overseas, including the catastrophic epidemic in the United Kingdom in 2001.

FMD has been identified as the single greatest threat of any disease to Australian livestock industries. An outbreak of FMD in Australia would have devastating socio-economic impacts. 

Further information: Swill Feeding Fact Sheet

Photo: "Pig transport" by C Goodwin (via Wikimedia Commons)


PROGRAZE courses - Winter 2015

PROGRAZE® is designed to help producers develop skills in pasture and animal assessment, and use these skills to improve the productivity and sustainability of grazing systems. PROGRAZE® is presented to individual groups via a series of eight half-day workshops. Workshops are generally held 4 - 6 weeks apart. 

Full details on our website: Prograze courses - Winter 2015
Sustainable Soil Management with Bruce Davison
Sunday 26 June, Moruya

This workshop is ideal for anyone serious about learning how to create ideal soil conditions to support growing highly nutritious food – produce to eat and pastures for animals. There will be a revision of the basics as a refresher to those who attended last year and perfect for those who are attending for the first time.
Full details for this event: Sustainable Soil Management with Bruce Davison

National Soil Skills Competition

Starts July 2015

South East Local Land Services is supporting the National Soil Skills Competition, a community-based soils project that is open to all landholders right across Australia. 

Anyone can get involved and the competition can be run by a Landcare Network or Regional Body in your local area.  The competition is based on a fundamental set of soil skills common to all land managers. The aim is to help you gain more skills in understanding and managing your soil. At the same time it provides a chance to share soils knowledge with other land managers across your district. 

Register your interest at:

Grassland Society of NSW - 29th Annual Conference

Goulburn, 14-16 July

South East Local Land Services is sponsoring the 29th Annual Conference of the Grassland Society of NSW, to be held in Goulburn (14-16 July). 

Further information and registration:


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