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South East Circular

Edition 20, June 2016

Farmers encouraged to report storm damage

Local Land Services will be assessing agricultural damage following the significant rainfall, storms and flood activity across the NSW coastline at the weekend.

South East Local Land Services staff are available to receive individual damage reports and meet with farmers to assess damage as a result of this storm activity.

Farmers are encouraged to call 1300 795 299 or contact their nearest Local Land Services office to report storm damage.

Further information: Farmers encouraged to report storm damage

Future services for the Monaro

South East Local Land Services is inviting land managers to attend a discussion forum on the future of services for the Monaro region and the organisation’s change management plan. The forum will be held on Thursday, 16 June at the Heritage Guesthouse, 121 Maybe Street, Bombala from 3 to 5 pm.

Further information: Future services for the Monaro

Local disease watch 

Bill Johnson
District Veterinarian
Livestock export opportunities for South East producers have expanded greatly. Cattle, sheep, goats and alpacas have headed for destinations such as China, Israel, Turkey, Middle East, Japan, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Uruguay and New Zealand.

Freedom from diseases such as Foot and Mouth Disease, Bovine Tuberculosis and Brucellosis, BSE (“Mad Cow” disease) and Scrapie make Australia a preferred source of livestock for world markets. Certification and testing regimes are set by the importing country, and vary greatly.

One disease on the radar of some importing countries is Bluetongue. Bluetongue is a viral disease of ruminants which causes serious disease in sheep. Up to 100% of the mob becomes ill and 30% may die. Symptoms include fever, drooling, breathing difficulty, mouth ulcers, and red/blue muzzle and feet. Cattle show few signs of infection, and deaths are rare.

Also in this disease watch: Three-Day Sickness in cattle, worms in sheep, Operation Mary, liver fluke and nitrate poisoning.

Full the full article: Local disease watch - June 2016

New regional weed committee

Aaron Smith
Manager, Land Services (Tablelands)
The new South East Regional Weed Committee set up by South East Local Land Services to tackle weed management across the region met for the first time on 2 March and more recently on the 1 June in Jerrabomberra on the outskirts of Queanbeyan.

The committee is made up of land managers and stakeholder representatives, including: local government local control authorities, community and landcare representatives, NSW Farmers, Forestry Corporation NSW, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, NSW DPI, Water NSW, NSW Aboriginal Land Council, ACT Parks and Conservation Service and John Holland Rail.

Read the full article: New regional weed committee

Board recruitment

The Minister for Primary Industries and Lands and Water, The Hon Niall Blair is seeking applications to appoint Chairs and local board members to strategically lead and provide good governance to Local Land Services.

Local Land Services has engaged Watermark Search International Pty Ltd to undertake the recruitment process.

The closing date for applications is 20 June 2016.

More information: Board recruitment

Customer satisfaction survey

In late 2015, a survey was undertaken of 2,300 randomly-selected NSW land managers to measure Local Land Services customer satisfaction. Questions covered our overall performance, service satisfaction, complaints, communication, employee values and behaviour and brand awareness.

The results indicate we are delivering on the fundamental reason Local Land Services was established to provide better and more integrated customer services. The survey also identified opportunities and areas of improvement, particularly around customer complaint handling. We are working on strategies that will be put in place to address this area of our business.

Further information: Customer satisfaction survey

Lambex 2016

LambEx attracts more than 900 delegates and 70 exhibitors from all sectors of the lamb industry, who come together to showcase the Australian sheep and lamb industry.

More information: Lambex 2016

Autumn fox baiting completed in Yass

South East Local Land Services Yass staff have been busy implementing coordinated group fox control programs throughout autumn and conducting 1080/Pindone training courses to support fox baiting.

This year more than 170 land holdings participated in the Yass/Gunning group fox control program as part of South East Local Land Services Feral Fighters autumn campaign. In excess of 5,500 fox baits were issued over a period of four days from 10 to 14 May, which is an outstanding achievement.

More information: Autumn fox baiting - it's a wrap

Improving the output of your beef herd

John O’Connor
Senior Land Services Officer, Livestock

During May South East Local Land Services ran for beef information days across the region in conjunction with Jeff House Livestock. 

The sessions were run near Goulburn, Nowra, Cooma and Bega and attracted well over 130 producers. They highlighted the importance of herd fertility and examined management needed to get close to the ideal production target of 'every cow having a calf every year'.

Overall the days provided a great opportunity to check how your management stacked up, and challenged producers to select for fertile, easy care, well muscled offspring.

Read the full article: Improving the output of your beef herd

The long history of TSRs

Ken Davies
Senior Land Services Officer - Aboriginal Communities

South East Local Land Services recently came together with TAFE NSW (Nowra Campus) to assess cultural heritage on a Traveling Stock Reserve (TSR) in the Shoalhaven area.

This partnership project is the first stage in raising awareness of Aboriginal cultural heritage on TSRs of the South East Local Land Services region. These cultural assessments will strengthen ties with the local Aboriginal community and highlight the need to protect them for their cultural significance. Cultural sites that are found on TSRs will be recorded and registered with the Office of Environment and Heritage.

TSR's were established over 100 years ago to enable the movement of livestock, from farms to markets or rail-heads. Some TSRs clearly follow routes which were used traditionally by Aboriginal people to travel across country.

These song-lines, paths or passages enabled movement of Aboriginal people throughout the land for collection of food and fibre, access to water, ceremonial sites and other cultural practices. TSRs remain important areas to Aboriginal people and can contain Aboriginal Cultural Heritage which needs to be protected and preserved.

Read the full article: The long history of TSRs

Joint approach to erosion control

Adam Hook
Senior Land Services Officer
‘Sunnyvale’ at Barrengarry has been in the Lidbetter family for over 100 years.

Originally a dairy, the 110ha property has recently turned to grazing cattle. In 2015 Geoff Lidbetter approached South East Local Land Services regarding severe bed and bank erosion occurring within the property along a tributary of Barrengarry Creek.

These gully headcuts were progressively moving upstream and had already removed one crossing and were actively moving upwards toward Barrengarry Road (the major road joining Moss Vale and Kangaroo Valley).

South East Local Land Services were able to assist Geoff with technical advice and design, as well as construction of the erosion control works.

The works involved the construction of three concrete flumes, one rock ramp and 400 metres of new fencing to manage stock movement around the new structures. Still to be completed is the planting of native species along the watercourse, which will assist in stabilising the banks.

Read the full article: Joint approach to erosion control
Senior Land Services Officer Adam Hook observing one of the headcuts
Senior Land Services Officer Shane Laverty standing atop one of the flumes

Yowaka River works completed

Shannon Brennan
Senior Land Services Officer - Rivers

Significant bank stabilisation works to reduce erosion and improve river health have recently been completed on the Yowaka River along Nethercote Road, south of Pambula. The works have included 30 metres of bank protection works located at the popular fishing spot just off the Princes Highway.

The bank along this stretch of the river was being undercut from erosion processes, limited riverbank vegetation cover and high pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

There was a risk that large remnant eucalypt trees would fall into the water taking a section of bank with them if nothing was done to stabilise the riverbank and resolve the erosion.

Further information: Yowaka River works completed

Snowy River revegetation day at Dalgety

Leon Miners 
Senior Land Services Officer - Snowy River Biodiversity Project
Dalgety and the banks of the Snowy River were the destination for 13 school students and 10 landholders attending a revegetation day in April. The event was coordinated by South East Local Land Services and the Snowy River Shire Council. 

Funded through the Snowy River ‘Weaving the Web’ Biodiversity Fund project the objective was to promote the importance of biodiversity values in the Snowy River catchment and how these may be improved through native plant revegetation.

Attendees had an opportunity to learn about the Snowy River and long-standing Snowy River Rehabilitation Program during a presentation. A practical demonstration was also given on revegetation techniques which have been trialled over a number of years in the often difficult climatic conditions along the Snowy River. This included discussion of appropriate site preparation, species selection and watering techniques. 

Students from Dalgety Primary School, Snowy River Landcare members and local landholders also completed a practical planting exercise, planting native trees and plants along the banks of the Wullwye creek at the confluence with the Snowy River.

Feedback from participants from very positive and rewarding experience with numerous questions asked and enthusiastic participation in revegetation activities during the day.  

For further information on this project contact Leon Miners on (02) 6452 1455.

The next generation hard at work
Students from Dalgety Primary School



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