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Standing, walking, running - all the same

Ian Deavin teachingIt is interesting that as we work with Tai Chi movement we start to find more and more similarities, so, for example, when I am doing Chi Kung I find quiet continuous movement. In walking I find calmness and in my daily jogging I find calmness also.

Then in working on my posture in standing I sit into my glutes and allow my spine to incline just ever so slightly forward with head floating up so that I get a relaxed elastic connection in my calves, hamstrings, glutes and back, all the way up to the base of my skull. When I do the same in walking and running I can be more relaxed and fluid in my movements, softer in my muscles and joints. So the same approach is working in all these areas – they are essentially the same.

If you watch quadrupeds at their fastest speed they basically bound or gallop with both rear legs working together – we are unusual – even unique – in that we walk and run in the same way – one hind leg after the other.
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