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The Martial Arts Path of Personal and Social Development Mind Map

Ian Deavin - The Martial Arts PathA piece containing thought provoking ideas and observations linking martial arts and life with a view to learning what goes on in life and why – and how we can develop to deal with it. For example:

Conflict and co-operation in social groups – social rules limiting combat and aiding working together. A superior survival strategy was found.

As intellect developed humans began seeking models, explanations and better ways of doing things – better traps, better tools etc. to survive better.

Natural events were considered to be animated – "aboriginal dreamtime".

Paganism – Shinto, Wyker

Seeking to manipulate events – natural and other people – magic, ritual, spells and para-psychology.

Anthropomorphism – ascribing what we know (from ourselves and our family structures) onto outside events and beings – linking animals and humans – animism, totems – seeking to take on the power of others. Hinduism, Greek/Norse mythology, Druids, American Indian beliefs etc. etc,

Religion – development of fantasy "what if?" models – seeking explanations using intellectual creativity based on developments of previous beliefs. E.g. now one god rather than many. Fantasy based social structures creating power based opportunities – believe my fantasy or I’ll kill you, believe my fantasy and you must do as I say – “we play my game ‘cos it’s my ball"
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