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Totemism - using symbols to access our own (similar) power

Image courtesy of Keerati at FreeDigitalPhotos.netPerhaps we look outside ourselves for power because we do not have a clear idea of what it is or can be to be human – after all there is little in the way of good guidance – so we seek external representations of ways of being from powerful animals (real totems) and from gods (made up totems).

Mind and Body
By focusing on such totems we find that the mind affects the body in many ways eg. by directing actions such as to pick up a cup or do some training, but also more powerfully by triggering mental/emotional (physical-electro chemical) responses in our bodies.
The body is of course our connection to the real physical world and the feedback we receive from it then informs the mind so that the mind and body can work together in our interactions.
By understanding our mind and our body and especially the interaction between them, we can work towards an understanding of what it means to be human and access that power directly without the need for external totems.
Image of totem pole courtesy of Keerati at
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