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We are partly culpable for many of the ills in society

Trump is an exacerbating catalyst for many of the White Nationalists and with that for many of the mass shootings. The reality though is much of that was in process before he came to power. Our problems are deeper than mass killings.

We have allowed the normalization of killing by some, the normalization of a racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, misogynist, criminal for a president, the normalization of theft of the masses by the corporate class which gives them most of our income and wealth, the normalization of a religious class that indoctrinates hate, and the acquiescence to a false impotence. These did not occur in a vacuum. I have written many blogs that illustrate the effectiveness of the Powell Memo whose techniques infiltrated schools, the media, government, and clergy with one objective, to dummy-fy a society that was rapidly becoming Progressive and educated. That presented a clear and present danger to the corporate structure as Americans began asking the real questions of how corporate gains are distributed and much more.

The chaos in society today, if not by specific acts, by design are intent on keeping Americans off balance, afraid to act, afraid to demand what is theirs. The absolute objective of our blogs, articles, newsletters, and programs like Politics Done Right is to make sure we do not continue to fall for the con.

The only way, to get back our rights and what's due us as Americans, is to first acknowledge that we succumbed to indoctrination for some time. It told us we were the best even as a large number of us were devalued, misinformed, and provided a substandard education. We continued to fall behind.

We must come together, and empower new progressive leaders that are looking out for our real interests. Look in the mirror. That is where all the changes we know are needed begin.

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Muchísimas gracias a todos / Thank you all,

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