A Captain Unafraid done and dusted, "now it begins" as I was told
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Ship Shape, Shipping Out

In the rush to get to the finish line I was overly enthusiastic about getting A Captain Unafraid out there in the second half of 2016. Even though the film is wrapped up, done and dusted, tied in a bow a few weeks ago, all opportunities for festival exposure are for next year. So, the plan is to get her out there in 2017-the 100th anniversary of Johnny's death. 

As regards our post production work, everything was done to the max possible standard and I can say with a full heart that I am very happy with the results on film. The costs and diversity of what was to be done was taxing but we "pulled like a dog" and crossed the finish line! Nothing was spared in the making of A Captain Unafraid, and this attitude pervaded through to the last minutes of post production.

As well as being a character study of Johnny, the film tells the story of the 19th century Cuban War of Independence. Given the title "A Captain Unafraid" we explored the emotion of fear with our various interviewees too, hoping to draw closer to the motives of Dynamite John and what made him tick!

The drawings were finished up in the beginning of July and the animations in August. The final sound mix (begun in the end of september) was just wrapped up a couple of days ago in Halflight Studios in Cork-fair play to Conor Barron for that. Colour grading was completed in Galway in the beginning of September by Cork native Tim Creedon. I've also been honing, preening and sprucing "the Captain" up in innumerable different ways in the Kingdom of Kerry the last few months. The airwaves have been silent over the summer as I wanted to have her ship shape before launch. I thought it best to wait 'til the film was completed before I sent out this newest mail. Besides working on the captain, I spent the summer running around gigging and busking-gathering the gold to pay for it all!
From Buenos Aires to New York and from California to Kerry, thirty different festivals have been entered over the last couple of weeks, Le cúnamh de one or two of those fish will start biting soon. I'll endevour as usual to update on the usual channels- the book of faces, the captain's website, and this trusty ol' mailing list. Those of you who supported on indiegogo thanks again for your help and patience, keep watch in the post for the last of the indiegogo perks in the next few months too. We'll be having the first private screening of the film in Cork City in late January, I'll be sending out the invitations before christmas. Check yer phones, e-mails and varied devices. 

beir bua
Carlito OBregón
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