February / March 2022

From the Blue Sky Republic team, here are the treasures we created and curated for this month. 

"Special: The Imposter Syndrome" 

Creative Leadership Podcast by Arne van Oosterom
In this special episode, Arne is joined by 4 guests discussing what Imposter Syndrome means to them. Listen to Afreen Siddiqui, Pak Chiu, Mimp Jiamton, Maarten Jurriaanse and Arne share some very awkward moments.
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Fake it till you make it
Article by Maarten Jurriaanse, for Blue Sky Republic Publication 
It must have been somewhere in September 2000. We had just launched our creative design agency PingPong design in Rotterdam — in the midst of an economic downturn, starting without any clients, portfolio, and any serious cash to burn. We decided to invent our design track record for the LAUS exhibition within the 4 weeks before their submission deadline. With the help of photoshop, lot’s of coffee and plenty of time on our unemployed hands, we invented an imaginary art-gallery called “Bunk” - an imaginary cool white-cube building to the Bunk Gallery, featuring our imaginary new graphic and design work, for these imaginary cool clients at this imaginary opening party. The organisers at LAUS knew it was a scam, and it was why they selected us....
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"Suits and Heels" 

Article by Susan E. Jean
Recommended by Pak Chiu

Related to the group discussion in the podcast episode, Pak thought this will be a fun read for us. The article mentions the way we work has traditionally made women feel unaccepted, that they have to be 'someone else' in order to succeed. Though Pak might not have the answer on how to solve imposter syndrome right away, he thought it is best to openly talk with everyone on this topic at the podcast. 
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"End Imposter Syndrome in Your Workplace"
Article by Ruchika Tulshyan and Jodi-Ann Burey

How can workplace leaders step up to create an environment where imposter syndrome doesn’t exist? The Authors offer actionable steps managers can take in their organisations and call on managers to stop calling natural, human tendencies of self-doubt, hesitation, and lack of confidence “imposter syndrome.” 
Learn how to end Imposter syndrome in your workplace
"Why does nobody understand Quantum Physics?"
Talk by Simon Friederich for Universiteit van Nederland
Don't have a clue what quantum physics is about? Don't worry, you are not alone. Philosopher of science Simon Friederich (University of Groningen) covers the basics in his lecture, and explains why nobody really gets quantum physics in the end.
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"The Strange Case of Jeff Baxter"
From DJ Tees Blog

You'd think playing in a band with Jimi Hendrix would be the pinnacle of most careers. Or maybe 8 Platinum Records and two Grammys. Or being in the Doobie Brothers. Or touring with Elton John, and performing with Barbra Streisand. That should be enough for one lifetime, right? Jeff "Skunk" Baxter was all of those things... then self-developed his expertise in the field of missile technology, and became a defence consultant to the USA Government and NASA.
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