January 2022

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Information - we look for it when we need to understand something. To know what is right, wrong, true, or false. Information should lead to knowledge and wisdom. It becomes useful, helping us to navigate the world, build relationships and.. well… survive. 

But what if there is too much of it? What if our schools and upbringing didn’t prepare us for a time where memorizing information is a skill with little use? What if we are incapable of making sense and filtering through the never-ending stream of stuff that keeps pouring out our devices? How do we choose the information that helps us, our society, our planet? How do we know if we have created an echo chamber, without realizing it…?

Food for thought? Let us at Blue Sky Republic know what you think!

Arne and Maarten

"Self-persuasion — why flossing one tooth is better

Article and photograph by Maarten Jurriaanse 
Now that we're nearing the end of January, around 40% of you has given up on the resolutions you set for yourself this year. Not because the intentions are bad, but we are unable to live up to those expectations. Our (western) societies’ obsession with self-made success seems to blind us towards understanding the fundamentals of human behaviour...
Read more of Maarten's article about Self-persuasion

"The Story of Alwin Put" 

Creative Leadership Podcast by Arne van Oosterom
Alwin Put is the author of Captains of Leadership, a practical guide and deeply personal book about facilitative leadership. He’s an experienced facilitator and leader. We talk about his life, work, feeling like an outsider and being in the back of the classroom. 
Listen to Alwin's story

"Street Food: Asia - India" 

Recommended by Mimp Jiamton
This Netflix episode covers the history of street food in India, as well as its importance within today's society. Through four chefs in India, we learn the different influences behind their business and cuisine. Whether being the tragic hardships and grief in life, uniting family, friendships and community, or the authentic flavours they wish to preserve through generations. From Dalchand's nostalgic memories with the dish Chaat through his late father to Asif holding the original Seekh Kebab recipe passed on from their ancestor who was a royal cook of the Mughal Empire, all of their stories are reflected within their craft. 
Watch and learn about life stories through street food

"Data Privacy - Who Cares?" 

Created, Directed and Written by Amelia Dimoldenberg
Data is now the world’s most valuable asset, Amelia investigates whether we should be worried about tech companies selling our data and what data the public thinks is acceptable to share.

"What Was the Robbers Cave Experiment in Psychology?

Article by Elizabeth Hopper

The Robbers Cave experiment was part of a series of studies conducted by social psychologist Muzafer Sherif and his colleagues in the 1940s and 1950s. In these studies, Sherif looked at how groups of boys at summer camps interacted with a rival group, and how conflict is developed and reduced amongst them...
Read more about Robbers Cave Experiment in Psychology
"How to spot the psychological manipulation behind Dark Design online"
Article by Daniel Fitton

Dark design has proven to be an incredibly effective way of encouraging web users to part with their time, money, and privacy. They’re difficult to spot, but they’re increasingly prevalent in the websites and apps we use every day, creating products that are manipulative by design...

Deep dive and discover Dark Design online

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