May 2022

Editor's Note

Dear reader,

It struck me that there is so much more we don’t know, as opposed to what we do know. We can’t even imagine. 

Even the amount of things I could potentially know makes me feel overwhelmed. Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, AI, NFTs, Quantum Computing, New Economics, Donut Economy… to name just a few. However, I feel the need to know enough about these topics, to have an educated opinion. To be able to cut through the mist of nonsense… to spot what all this really means for people.

Fortunately, we live in a time where information is freely available, but the learning curves can be steep and exhausting. And every door leads to another door. So I hope you are blessed with unlimited resources of curiosity and you join us, via this newsletter, in opening some new doors.

Warm regards from Blue Sky Republic,

Arne and Maarten

The Story of Shinta Oosterwaal 

Creative Leadership Podcast with Arne Van Oosterom

In this episode from July 2020, Arne talks to Shinta Oosterwaal. Shinta is an Economist, Author and Leadership Coach. Arne and Shinta talked about being broken, growing up now compared to the 70s and early 80s in the Waldorf School concept, and spent time talking about her vision on Leadership - specifically on New Economics, Regenerative Economy, Kate Raworth’s Donut Economy, Charles Eisenstein and the Gift Economy and her life-changing moments.

Listen to the podcast

Sticky Doughnuts 

Hovering modellers, dogged Don Quixotes and a room filled with white privilege
Article by Maarten Jurriaanse
On 22nd April, Arne van Oosterom and I visited a session at Pakhuis De Zwijger, a cultural meeting venue in Amsterdam with Kate Raworth - the author of the Doughnut Economy and Marleen Stikker from Waag society amongst others. “Revisiting Ownership” was the topic for the evening joined by Economists, social activists, digital thinkers, architects, designers and other predominantly (white) leftish, elitist, well-educated, privileged intellectuals. To be honest, I mainly was interested in attending because Arne van Oosterom asked me to come and because Kate Raworth would be one of the panellists...
Read the original article now

Talking dinosaur invades UN to give climate change speech in bizarre, yet brilliant, new video

"Don't choose extinction", warns the CGI creature.

Article by Harry Baker

A talking CGI dinosaur gave an impassioned speech about climate change to world leaders in a UN video. The dinosaur, named Frankie according to its Twitter page, bears a strong resemblance to the velociraptors from the film "Jurassic World" and is voiced by multiple celebrities in different languages, including film star and musician Jack Black in English and other stars like Game of Thrones' Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in Danish. The key message is that government fossil fuel subsidies must be cut in order to reduce greenhouse emissions and save our planet, which will be a key topic at the upcoming COP26 conference on climate change being held in the United Kingdom.
Watch the video here
Sustainable development won't solve environmental crises, say these experts. It's simpler than that.
Sustainable development is a priority for anyone genuinely concerned about the environment.
Article by Anthony Funnell
Unless we as a society rethink our use of global resources, life, as we know it, will one day cease to exist. The United Nations has made this an international imperative, setting out a series of 17 broad sustainability goals which it hopes can be met by 2030. The corporate world has also come on board, with an ever-growing number of companies developing their own green reporting standards and committing to a sustainable future. Meeting those objectives is now a trillion-dollar industry. The problem is, there's no consensus about what "sustainable development" actually means and how it should be measured. Some researchers believe it's little more than corporate "greenwashing." While others see it as a misplaced ideal that could exacerbate — rather than avert — social and environmental destruction.
Learn what these experts said
But What Are NFTs Actually?
Video by Steve Mould
Have you ever heard of NFTs - Non-Fungible Tokens? Wonder how ownership and value work with them, what they are used for and who benefits from them? Are they another unsustainable temporary trend that could disappear, or a good investment in this current digital world? Steve Mould is joined by Devin Stone (aka Legal Eagle) in this video, to clarify these questions.
Watch the video here
"Creative Destruction"
Article by Carol M. Kopp

Creative destruction is the dismantling of long-standing practices in order to make way for innovation and is seen as a driving force of capitalism. The term creative destruction was first coined by Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter in 1942. Schumpeter characterized creative destruction as innovations in the manufacturing process that increase productivity, describing it as the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
Read more on Creative Destruction

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