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How are you doing? I’m sending you this letter to tell you I am doing fine. However, lately, I’ve been experiencing moments of feeling stuck. It is something like a writers-block.
So, to get myself unstuck, I (and my friends at the Blue Sky Republic) started browsing and absorbing things we didn’t know about or had forgotten. We keep finding all these gems, windows and rabbit holes to tumble into and we thought you would appreciate them. They might seem random, but everything is connected (duh) and it’s the connection that creates and contains the spark of insight, inspiration and joy.

Enjoy the little treasures we found on our journey and thank you for joining me and the residence of Blue Sky Republic in our search.

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"The Overview Effect" 

Article by Maarten Jurriaanse
The impact of seeing the earth in the context of immense black emptiness — this beautiful but fightingly vulnerable little blue pill, appears to affect all astronauts as a transformative experience; They seem to venture out as engineers and return to earth as activist philosophers: suddenly they realise how we are stuck in our daily, petty and irrelevant needs and differences: us versus them, nation against nation — you can’t even see borders from space.
So how can we find ways to experience the magic of zooming out; seeing the big — small and relearning what we actually belong to?
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"It’s time to embrace not just the lifelong but the life-wide dimension of learning" 

Article by Katja Römer

Humankind has always engaged in lifelong learning, but it has meant different things at different points in time. This will always be the case. In this period of rapid transformation, contemporary society obliges people to learn and to keep on learning throughout their lives. The world is complex, hyper-connected and increasingly turbulent. It is also fragile, and cannot be sustained if we carry on using it in the way we have.
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"Scalable learning vs. scalable efficiency in the automation age"
Article by George Lawton

For better or worse, automation is on a course to reshape all modern institutions, including enterprises, governments and non-governmental organizations, said John Hagel, founder and co-chairman of the Center for the Edge at Deloitte. Speaking at the Work Rebooted conference in San Francisco last month, Hagel said the success or failure of automation in our institutions will depend, in large part, on the mindset adopted by the leaders at their helms. The right way to treat employees in the automation age is not by deploying scalable efficiency, but by offering scalable learning. The first requirement: enlightened leaders. 
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The pursuit of ignorance 

TED Talk by Stuart Firestein
In this witty talk, Firestein gets to the heart of science as it is really practiced and suggests that we should value what we don't know - or "high-quality ignorance" - just as much as what we know.

Tinkering With Intent

Video by Green Renaissance
Blair Somerville lives in the remote town of Papatowai, on the South Island of New Zealand. He uses found materials and other curious objects which he re-purposes into magical moving artworks. Blair realized early on that money and material possessions were not important and have chosen to value happiness, creativity, and well-being.
"Psychological Safety Is Not a Hygiene Factor"
Article by Amy C. Edmondson Ph.D. 

Psychological safety is not a hygiene factor—defined as something that must be present for a work environment to qualify as adequate, such as a paycheck, benefits, employee physical safety, freedom from harassment, and so forth. A psychologically safe company culture is more challenging to build than most people realize. 

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