Letter no. 11 — End of 2022
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Editor's Note

Dear reader,

I like beginnings and starting things. The smell and empty pages of a new notebook and a new pencil I just bought. In fact, I like the anticipation even more. I don’t like to think about the end. I hardly ever do. This is probably why I have a hard time finishing what I started.

A friend and colleague of mine, Marc Bolick, recently told me this story. He said: “Arne, I see you walking on the beach, lighting a bonfire, playing some guitar and inviting people to join and slowly more people start joining. Then after a while, someone suddenly notices I’m not there anymore and they see me further down the beach… starting another fire."

This is my life. 

Everything ends if we like it or not and whether we designed it or not. Endings are just as important as beginnings, and maybe even more. A good story needs an ending. As I’m getting older I am confronted with more endings. Last week my parents, my sister and I visited a ‘natural graveyard’ to reserve a spot for my parents. My mother is very ill and selecting and seeing the beautiful place she’ll be buried gives her peace of mind. She said, “I’m almost looking forward to it”. I’m grateful to share these last moments with my mother. 

So needless to say, endings have been on my mind. I think I need to reassess.

What about you? Do you start with the end in mind? 

Hopefully, this newsletter gives you something to ponder over before the new year starts.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Blue Sky Republic. 

Warm regards,


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Morgan DutaKylie HoffmanYvonne Wen and Mimp Jiamton.

"The Story of Satu Miettinen" 

Satu Miettinen is a professor of Service Design and Dean of the University of Lapland. She is one of the most influential people in the world of Service Design. Satu's story is a beautiful balance between being local and global.
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"Saying goodbye to myself" 

Article by Kylie Hoffman
I keep waiting for the right moment to start this article. I am waiting for the sentence to magically come to me on how to begin this story. The story for which there is no end. I left Sunny South Africa three months ago to embark on a new journey. Coming here with no job lined up and no clue what was to come next. I wander through the streets of Amsterdam, waiting for a magical moment when I will experience the divine realisation of who I AMsterdam. The new me who finally belongs here...
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"Down the AI Rabbit Hole" 

Article by Hope Seidman with Casey Cobot
For this year’s final newsletter at Blue Sky Republic, we entertained various themes such as designing with the end in mind, the cyclical nature of endings and new beginnings, sustainability, renewal and creative destruction. Arne introduced the team to its newest Editorial Board Member, "Casey Cobot." I then asked Casey to write a story for us, based on Kylie’s journey and a few keywords related to our monthly theme. 
Discover Hope's experience with Casey Cobot

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"Creative Destruction" 

Article by Richard Alm and W. Michael Cox
Created by Joseph Schumpeter, Creative Destruction has become the centrepiece for modern thinking on how economies evolve. Generations of economists have adopted this ideology acknowledging lost jobs, ruined companies, and vanishing industries are parts of the growth system. The saving grace comes from recognising the good that comes from the turmoil.
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"In 1973, an MIT computer predicted when civilization will end" 

Article by Paul Ratner
In 1973, a computer program was developed at MIT to model global sustainability. Instead, it predicted that by 2040 our civilisation would end. Many in history have made apocalyptic predictions that have so far failed to materialise. But what the computer envisioned in the 1970s has by and large been coming true. Could the machine be right?
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"Is biodegradable fashion as good as it sounds?" 

Text by Sophie Benson
Here’s the uncomfortable truth: most clothes are destined to become trash. Many brands and designers are now turning their attention to this end-point, transforming the unsustainable element of discarded clothes into something more sustainable and dare we say, yummy for the world. Sophie Benson investigates exactly what these designers are doing.
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"When should cookie consent end?

Blog Post by Joe Macleod
Website cookies improve a person's browsing by holding small amounts of data on a person. Obviously, this somewhat invades privacy. So laws, like GDPR in Europe, have been put in place in recent years for people to approve consent for cookies. But how long should that consent last?
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"What is it About Endings?" 

In this episode of Quitted, Emily and Holly discussed ideas of success and failure, purpose and passion, death, rituals for endings, more guidance for creating and less for walking away, and how change makes others uncomfortable. 
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