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Les dernières nouvelles du bureau
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15 juillet 2016

Chères toutes et tous,

voici les dernières bribes d'information, appels à projets, formations, dates et délais pour vos agendas, ainsi qu'une liste des films soutenus par MEDIA à découvrir sur nos écrans.

Le bureau Europe Créative MEDIA Luxembourg vous souhaite bonne lecture! 



Europe Créative - MEDIA
Derniers résultats



12.4 millions d'Euros attribués aux sociétés de productions européennes
Un slate luxembourgeois retenu 

Les résultats de l'appel (EACEA 19/2015) pour le soutien au développement de catalogues de projets ('slate') européens viennent d'être publiés. 74 slates bénéficieront d'un soutien total de plus de 12.4 millions d'Euros. 124 slates avaient été déposées.

Les statistiques complètes de l'appel sont disponibles sur la page 'Résultats' du site de l'EACEA.

Télécharger la liste des projets sélectionnés. 

Félicitations à la société luxembourgeoise IRIS Productions! Leur slate composé de cinq projets bénéficiera d'un soutien de 200'000 Euros. 


1,5 million d'Euros attribués à 5 fonds de coproduction

Les résultats de l'appel (EACEA 11/2015) pour le soutien aux fonds de coproduction internationale viennent d'être publiés. Cinq fonds bénéficieront d'un soutien total de 1.5 million d'Euros:

HBF+ Europe
TFL Production Fund & TFL Audience Design Fund
IDFA Bertha Fund Europe
Berlinale World Cinema Fund Europe
ACM Distribution

Les statistiques complètes de l'appel dont disponible sur la page Résultats du site de l'EACEA. 


2.26 millions d'Euros attribués aux initiatives européennes pour
l'éducation à l'image et le développement des publics 

Les résultats de l'appel (EACEA 22/2015) pour le soutien initiatives européennes pour
l'éducation à l'image et le développement des publics viennent d'être publiés. 16 initiatives et programmes pan-européens (minimum trois partenaires provenant de plusieurs pays) bénéficieront d'un soutien total de 2.26 millions d'Euro.

Les statistiques complètes de l'appel dont disponible sur la page Résultats du site de l'EACEA. 

Télécharger la liste des initiatives sélectionnées



  • Lisbon Docs - New Gateways to your Audience

Documentary filmmakers with an international project in development can now apply to the 2016 edition of Lisbon Docs (17-22/10), which will focus on strategies to create high-quality documentary projects and on how to deliver them to new and existing audiences. 

It consists of two stages: the first is a workshop during which the participants are accompanied by a team of experienced tutors in the development of their projects. The second consists of two pitching sessions where the projects are presented to a panel of production and distribution professionals, potential co-producers and financiers. 

! Deadline for applications: 30 July

Further information is available on the EDN website

  • IDFA DocLab - programme for interactive projects

IDFA DocLab is open to all sorts of works that use new media to represent reality, ranging from digital non-fiction storytelling and art to physical installations, virtual reality experiences, live performance and multimedia projects.

Submitted projects will be considered for a range of outlets: DocLab Competition, as a dedicated exhibition installation, for a live cinema event and/or the IDFA online platform. The programmme and competition are open to unreleased projects, as well as projects that have been made publicly available on the internet after August 2015. 

Consult chapter 2.5 of the 2016 rules and regulations or the DocLab website

! Deadline for submissions: 1 August 

! Please note that the call for applications to DocLab Academy, the training component of DocLab, will open on the 1 September.

  • Archidoc - Documentaires & Archives

Archiduc est un atelier de développement de films documentaires à base d’archives en trois modules résidentiels et en onsultations en ligne. Cette formation s'adresse aux réalisateurs/-trices européens qui développent un documentaire sur base de matériel d'archive. 
Les résidences se dérouleront à Paris, Lisbonne et Nyon. 

Détails dans la brochure Archidoc

Formulaire d'inscription

A noter: La langue de travail est l'anglais. 

! Délai de candidature: 2 septembre


  • EAVE Producers Workshop 2017

EAVE is aimed at producers, both fiction and documentary, who are already working in the film and television industries who wish to begin to operate on a European wide basis by increasing their knowledge of producing and co-producing in Europe and by building up a pan European professional network. The workshop also welcomes applications from associated branches of the industry – e.g. commissioning, funding, legal and finance, festivals & markets, media administration.

Each year fifty participants are selected from most EU member states and beyond, and take part in three one-week long workshops that take place in Luxembourg, Poland and Denmark.

For more information, please head to the
 EAVE Producers Workshop website.

Download the application form

! Deadline for applications: 17 September



  • EURODOC 2017

Independent producers and commissioning executives of creative documentaries can now apply to the 2017 edition of EURODOC, a training programme and think tank on co-producing documentaries at international level. A total of 30 participants are selected to take part each year. The course consists of three one week-sessions over the course of 8 months. 

Further details and the application form can be found on the EURODOC website

! Deadline for applications: 14 October

  • NISIMASA European Short Pitch

European Short Pitch is an initiative aimed at promoting the European co-production of short films. It combines a scriptwriting workshop in residency and a co-production forum bringing together scriptwriters, directors and industry professionals from all over Europe.
ESP selects 16 European talents who gather to discuss, rewrite, and learn to promote their stories on a European level with the support of 4 tutors. They then pitch their projects in front to a panel of over 55 producers, financiers, buyers, and distributors.

European Short Pitch is open to creative teams developing international short film projects. It is therefore open to writers, directors, and producers. However, the author(s) of the script must be aged 18 to 35 on the closing date of the call for projects.

Further information available on the ESP website

Download the application form

! Deadline for submissions: 30 September

  • European Co-Production - Legal & Financial Aspects

This course by the Erich Pommer Institute gives producers exclusive insight into the making of European co-productions and an opportunity to learn all there is to know about the legal and financial aspects of co-producing and distribution. Topics covered include recent case studies, treaties and conventions, tax incentive programmes in Europe and beyond, marketing and distribution, revenue sharing and waterfall scenarios.

More information available on the
EPI website. 


Pour rappel

Une brochure reprenant l'intégralité des formations et marchés soutenus par MEDIA est disponible auprès du bureau Europe Créative MEDIA Luxembourg ainsi qu'auprès du Film Fund Luxembourg.

Vous pouvez également consulter l'intégralité des formations soutenues par le sous-programme MEDIA dans la brochure en ligne publiée par l'EACEA sur le site:


Appels à films ou projets
  • MIA Rome Co-production Market

Taking place from 21-23 October, MIA co-production market is currently looking for submissions. The submitted projects can be in different stages of development, must have at least 25% of the budget in place, and must not have started shooting before the 2016 edition of MIA. Submissions must be international projects of outstanding artistic value for a feature film with theatrical potential (minimum length of 70 minutes), fiction or documentary, and be accompanied by a provisional budget, a full treatment (documentary) or full script (feature). 

! Deadline for submissions: 25 July

Download the rules and regulations here


  • connecting cottbus East-West co-production market

Producers can now apply to the 2016 edition of connecting cottbus with their feature film project. Selected producers will attend with their screenwriter or director to present their project to an audience of experienced producers, buyers and financiers. The event is also an opportunity to get to know the production landscape of Central and Eastern Europe through round tables and case studies. 

! Deadline for submissions with a project: 30 July

Download the rules and regulations here

Download the application form


  • MediMed Documentary Market - extended deadline

MediMed is calling for new creative and issue-driven doc projects in development having in place 25% of their finance and/or a broadcast guarantee or co-production agreement. The market is dedicated to the promotion and development of new European and Mediterranean independent documentaries. Selected projects will be pitched at the central Pitching Forum or at the newly designed 'ANTI-pitch program' dedicated to projects in final stage of production. 

MediMed is also looking for finished European documentary productions of any genre produced in 2015 or 2016. 

MediMed will take place in Sitges on the 13-16 October.

New deadline for submissions: 31 July

Download the entry forms here and here

For further information please consult the MediMed website. 


  • Film Fest Gent 2016
You can now submit your films to the 2016 edition of Film Fest Gent.

The festival accepts short and feature-length fiction, animation and documentary films. 

! Deadline for submission: 1 August

Submit your film online


  •  DOK Leipzig 2016 Co-production market

Each year, the market selects 35 projects looking for international co-production partners to be presented to around 70 potential co-financiers in an intimate setting: other producers, funds, broadcasters, sales agents and distributors and organisations who support the production of author-driven creative documentaries over two days of individual meetings.

For more information, please consult the market website.

2016: mini focus on France

! Deadline: 1 August

  •  IDFA - Forum, Festival & Docs for Sale
A range of calls for films and documentary projects for IDFA are currently open:
  • Festival
Documentaries and interactive works
! Final deadline for film entry: 1 August

Consult the rules and regulation and FAQs

  • IDFA Forum
IDFA Forum is one of the largest and most influential meeting place for documentary filmmakers, producers, commissioning editors, funds, private financiers and other documentary stakeholders in Europe. During the three days of IDFA Forum approximately 50 independent producer/director teams pitch their projects (selected in advance by Forum doc experts) within different pitch set-ups determined by subject matter, stage of financing and stage of development.

For a comprehensive overview of the various components of the Forum please consult the official website

Download the rules and regulations

! Deadline for submissions: 1 September

  • Docs for Sale - Market for documentaries

Dates: 18-24/11/2016

Find out more

! Deadline for submissions: 15 September

  •  Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2016
Filmmakers can now submit their films to this year's edition of Black Nights via Eventival:

  •  CPH:DOX 2017
Filmmakers can now submit their documentaries to next year's edition (new dates! March 16-26) of CPH:DOX:

! Deadline for submissions: 15 September

(2nd deadline for films finished after 15/9: 15 December)



MEDIA dans nos salles ou sur nos écrans



La Pazza Gioia






La Tortue Rouge


El Olivo


A Man Called Ove




Evénements & actualités

  • 25e anniversaire de MEDIA - 'We All Love Stories'

Après le lancement des festivités  pour le 25e anniversaire du programme MEDIA à Cannes en mai, l'EACEA et les bureaux Europe Créative MEDIA vous invitent à participer aux festivités en suivant la campagne #MEDIA25 sur les réseaux sociaux.

Chaque semaine, pendant 25 semaines, découvrez le paysage audiovisuel des différent pays membres du programme MEDIA et faites connaissance avec les projets et initiatives soutenus par le programme MEDIA à travers toute l'Europe. 

A découvrir également: 30 factsheets sur les pays membres du programme MEDIA sur le site de la Commission européenne. 

MEDIA sur Twitter:



  • Brexit et le programme MEDIA
Suite au vote par reférendum au Royaume-Uni en faveur d'une sortie du pays de l'Union européenne, la Commission européenne a publié un mémo sur le Brexit et les suites concernant la participation du Royaume-Uni au programme Europe Créative. 

Veuillez également consulter le site des collègues du bureau Europe Créative au Royaume-Uni pour des informations à ce sujet. 

  • Méchanisme de garanties européen pour les secteurs de la culture et de la création

Le 30 juin, la Commission européenne et le Fonds européen d’investissement (FEI) ont présenté  une initiative dotée de 121 millions d'Euros visant à fournir des garanties aux PME dans les secteurs de la culture et de la création par l'intermédiaire d'établissements financiers. Il est prévu que ce mécanisme suscite des prêts bancaires pour un montant dépassant 600 millions d'Euros au cours des six prochaines années.

Pour de plus amples informations, veuillez consulter le communiqué de presse officiel ainsi que les FAQs et un dépliant publiés sur le site de la Commission européenne. 
  • Rapport : 'Mapping the Animation Industry in Europe'

L'étude 'Mapping the Animation Insutry in Europe' réalisée par l'Observatoire européen de l'ausiovisuel pour la Commission européenne présentée à Annecy à l'occasion du European Film Forum le 15 juin est désormais disponible gratuitement en PDF sur le site suivant. 

Cette étude s’appuie sur des recherches documentaires, des rapports d’expertise dans tous les pays européens, des entretiens approfondis avec des experts du secteur et des informations précieuses recueillies par l’intermédiaire d’instituts nationaux, des bureaux Europe créative et d’associations du secteur de l’animation de toute l’Europe. Elle a en outre bénéficié du soutien de CARTOON et de la Cité de l’image en mouvement d’Annecy – CITIA.
  • 2016 LUX Prize nominations

The official selection of this year's European Parliament LUX Prize was presented at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival last week.

10 European films will be competing for the 2016 prize:


6 of the 10 films received MEDIA funding: La Pazza Gioia, L'Avenir, A War, Ma vie de courgette, Sieranevada and Toni Erdmann.

Of the official selection, a shortlist 3 entries will be selected and announced at the Venice Days press conference in Rome at the end of July 2016; the LUX Film Prize Competition. These films will compete to be the winner of the 2016 LUX Film Prize, and will become the core of the 2016 LUX Film Days. For the first time, this years’ LUX Film Days will be marked by the cooperation between the Parliament Information offices and the Creative Europe MEDIA Desks, to strengthen visibility and enlarge the audience. 
The 2016 LUX Film Prize winner will be awarded on November 23rd in Strasbourg. The winning film will also be made available for the visually and hearing-impaired and promoted by the European Parliament.

Official LUX Prize website:

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