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Planning for SMSC and PSHE for Autumn 2022? 
This term we continue to bring you a wide range of FREE resources to support SMSC education with many important dates and holidays celebrated in the Autumn 2022 term. In this edition, we explore the ideas of change and appreciation – focusing on teaching others to be sustainable in their everyday life whilst also appreciating the world we share with others. We start off this earth themed edition… in space. World Space Week, commencing on the 4th October, encourages students to look into space to learn and appreciate more about our world. Recycling week, commencing on the 20th September, aims to promote positive changes within children to teach them how to better protect our planet by recycling. UK Parliament Week begins November 14th, aiming to spread the word of what parliament does. This provides an opportunity for children to host elections, giving them the platform to put forward the change they want to see in the world to their peers. Finally, One World Day occurs on the 28th October this year, a day to celebrate how we all live together on our one world – and how important it is to all our lives. This provides a time for students to explore the cultures of their peers and others around the world. There is also space to think about the issues that others we share our world with are currently dealing with. 
Spiritual:  World Space Week 4th - 10th October

“A sense of enjoyment and fascination in learning about themselves, others and the world around them” – Ofsted

The theme of World Space Week 2022 is “Space and Sustainability”!

World Space Week is celebrated annually from 4th - 10th October in schools around the world. It is a week-long festival that will inspire children about the wonderful world of space. From learning about the planets in our solar system to building a rocket set for the moon! Why not use this week to engage your class in space by watching short films, learning some space themed songs or planning and running your own school space week.

Learning more about our world will provide a chance to appreciate and wonder at the awe-inspiring phenomena of the universe!
Moral: Recycling Week 20th - 26th September 

“Interest in investigating and offering reasoned views about moral and ethical issues”
“Understanding of the consequences of our behaviour and actions”-Ofsted

Recycle Week is an annual event designed to celebrate and promote the benefits of recycling. The 2022 theme is ‘Let's Get Real'. As a school or class, you could try to create opportunities to look at ways to make positive changes to protect our planet by recycling. You could get your class thinking about the environment and look at the 4 main ways that your school could recycle; food, plastics, paper, and electronics.

Could you introduce reusable water bottles and cutlery and try to become a single-use plastic free canteen? Or maybe you ensure that each classroom has a paper recycling bin or perhaps even consider becoming a battery recycling centre and join the ‘Big Battery Hunt’ campaign.
Social:  UK Parliament Week 14th - 20th November

"Acceptance and engagement with the fundamental 'British values' of democracy, the rule of law, liberty, respect and tolerance" - Ofsted

UK Parliament Week is an annual event that spreads the word about what parliament is and what it does. It would be a fantastic opportunity to hold a themed assembly or host school council elections during this week. By signing up for the UK parliament resources here - you will receive many ideas about how your school or class could get involved including  issues to debate, how to contact your local MP , baking ideas and even a free ballot box!
Cultural: One World Week 18th October
“Appreciate cultural influences; participate in cultural opportunities; understand, accept, respect and celebrate diversity”- Ofsted
One World Week, 17th October, is a chance to celebrate how we all live together in one shared world. This is an opportunity to learn more about some of the problems we all face, especially the changing climate, and explore ideas about how we can make the world better
During the week you could -Enjoy art, music, dance, drama or food from other countries; learn the One World song.
Or maybe learn how people live and dress around the world; explore how various faiths engage with climate change; create artworks, poems or pictures and videos about how you would like to make the world better. Take a look at the 'One World Week' Resource Library here

More dates and links to help with SMSC this term...

We have identified what we think will be some great dates, together with links to helpful resources for the classroom from a variety of providers.

6th September   Zero Waste Day
[resource 1] [resource 2]

11th September   World First Aid Day
[resource 1] [resource 2
13th September   Roald Dahl Day
[resource 1] [resource 2[resource 3

19th-25th September   National Coding Week
[resource 1] [resource 2]

20th-26th September   Recycling Week
resource 1] [resource 2[resource 3[resource 4] [resource 5]

21st September   UN International Day of Peace
[resource 1] [resource 2] [resource 3] [resource 4]

25th-27th September   Rosh Hashanah (Jewish)
[resource 1] [resource 2] [resource 3

26th September   Navratri (9 Days - Hindu)
[resource 1] [resource 2]

27th-30th September   Bike to School Week

[resource 1] [resource 2

1st-31st October   Black History Month 
[resource 1] [resource 2] [resource 3
[resource 4]

4th-10th October   World Space Week
[resource 1] [resource 2] [resource 3] [resource 4] [resource 5] [resource 6]

9th-16th October   Sukkot
[resource 1] [resource 2

18th October   One World Week 
[resource 1[resource 2] [resource 3[resource 4[resource 5]

24th October   Diwali 
[resource 1] [resource 2[resource 3[resource 4]

1st November   All Saints Day 
[resource 1]

14th-20th November   UK Parliament Week 
[resource 1] [resource 2
11th November   Remembrance Sunday 
[resource 1] [resource 2] [resource 3]

14th-18th November   Anti-Bullying Week 
[resource 1] [resource 2] [resource 3
[resource 4]

14th-18th   Road Safety Week - Safe Roads for All Theme 
[resource 1]

27th November   First Sunday of Advent 
[resource 1] [resource 2

30th November   St Andrew's Day
[resource 1] [resource 2

9th December   Christmas Jumper Day - Save the Children
[resource 1] [resource 2

18th-26th December   Hanukkah (Jewish)
[resource 1

25th December   Christmas Day
[resource 1] [resource 2] [resource 3]

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