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Autumn 2018
16th International Congress Special
Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Greetings from the President
  3. A letter from the Executive Director
  4. 16th International HETI Congress
  5. Meet our Members
  6. HETI Member News
  7. Research Corner
  8. Mary Selway Swift Development Fund
  9. Executive Commitee News
  10. HETI Head office News
  11. Dates for the Diary
  12. Welcome new HETI Members
  13. Thank you from HETI


Welcome to HETI's Autumn newsletter.This season we bring you some of the highlights from HETI's 16th International Congress. We welcome new Institute Member Equuvation and we also hear from HETI member Hannah Burgon talking about the current challenges at Sirona Therapeutic Horsemanship. As well as our research corner we have included Executive Committee news so you can stay informed about what goes on behind the scenes. Don't forget to check out our listing of  international events for the coming months, but first a welcome from HETI's President Sanna Mattilla Rautianen.

Greetings from the President

Dear Members and Readers,
I am happy and honoured to continue as President of HETI federation for the next three years, until HETI Seoul 2021 congress.Before the actual congress our outgoing and incoming Executive Committee had an opportunity to work together and meet face to face to conclude three years’ work and brainstorm future strategies.
At the congress, the round table in education and several other gatherings made it clear that participants, members or not, wanted to work together towards similar goals and help the industry grow and this is also the mission of HETI.
‘Striking the Balance’ was the theme for the congress, one main concern was the welfare of the therapy horse, it´s schooling and education while working in the industry of Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies (EAA/Ts). William Micklem, in his opening speech spoke about the reality and possibilities; how possibilities without reality disappear and concentrating only on reality, possibilities and new opportunities are left behind.
The field of EAA/T is growing throughout the world. This can be seen for example with the increase of various methods and trends in relation to the practice of EAA/Ts. This has also rapidly increased the amount of terminology. My wish is that the practices used have a solid base in science.There is still work for us to do together to gain a common understanding.
At the congress I had the honour of accompanying Her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal, Anne. Afterwards I heard a lot of praise for her speech, the knowledge of the field and the warmth with which she spoke.
I wish you all an active fall, or spring depending on what corner of the world you are. Please keep our office updated with your activities, spread the newsletter in your country and like us on Social media!
Sanna Mattila-Rautiainen
President of HETI Federation
A Letter from the Executive Director/Secretary
Dear HETI Members and Friends,

It has been a busy office here this summer with plenty of momentum and ideas generated from HETI's 16th International Congress. It was a great honour for me to meet with so many wonderful people at the Congress and it was encouraging to hear about the array of innovative and exciting projects that are taking place around the world.
The Executive Committee has been working on a number of ideas and developments and I look forward to sharing these with you over the coming months.We hope to start developing HETI in several areas in the future however, the main thing before proceeding is to check in with our members. We carried out a members' survey last month which provided us with invaluable feedback, highlighting areas where members would like to see improvements made and also confirming many of the benefits of HETI Membership. Feedback provides a fantastic opportunity for development and growth and this is both encouraging and positive for us moving forward.I would like our members to know that we have listened to what you have to say and to remind you that the door is always open to feedback and suggestions so please don't hesitate to contact the office with these.

There are a lot of fantastic international events being held by our members so don't forget to check in with our international events page and please let us know if you have an event you would like included, lets share the news about whats happening around the world!

Roisin Brennan
HETI Executive Director/Secretary

16th International HETI Congress

RDS, Dublin, Ireland June 25th -29th
The sun shone brightly every day on Dublin for HETI's 16th International Congress making it almost as warm as the welcome delegates received when they arrived to register at the Royal Dublin Society(RDS). The RDS is a venue steeped in equestrian history dating as far back as 1870 which made it an apt setting for delegates from all over the world to share and listen to research and education in the field of Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies (EAAT's).The theme of this years congress was  'Striking the Balance' and it explored many aspects in relation to this including the current challenge of providing high quality EAAT's in an environment of competing resources: where demand is greater than supply, the challenge of producing rigorously robust studies versus evaluative or anecdotal studies or the provision of EAAT's and horse welfare and management considerations.

Pre-Congress Workshops were held on the first day at Festina Lente Foundation, Co.Wicklow and here 50 delegates were provided with an opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of Equine Assisted Learning, Psycho-educational and Recreational Vaulting and Equine Back Care through three parallel workshops. This allowed each participant to experience each session in a hands on experiential learning environment.


Opening Ceremony
The opening ceremony was held in Simmonscourt with an invigorating speech by William Micklem, International Equestrian coach and author. This was followed by a fantastic display of Irish horse breeds. The opening ceremony gave delegates a chance to catch up with old friends and to network late into the evening.
Main Congress Proceedings

Wednesday morning began with an introduction by Irish Government Minister Jim Daly followed by a presentation given by Dr.Tore Godal who spoke to the delegates about his late wife Ann Kern-Godal. In Ann's memory Tore has set up Ann Kern-Godal's memorial fund for Horse Assisted Therapy. The fund’s purpose is to promote research and to build evidence within horse-assisted therapy (HAT) for different patient groups. Ann was a member of HETI and contributed greatly in relation to HETI's peer-reviewed Scientific and Educational Journal of Therapeutic Horse Riding. HETI will continue to support and promote Ann's memorial fund in whatever way they can.
Pictures( L-R) Dr.Tore Godal addressing the delegates, William Micklem presenting 'Going over the EDGE: An empowering approach to coaching'. Delegates listening to the welcome address, Networking at the HETI 2021 Exhibitors booth.
Wednesdays highlights included over 37 international presentations from a range of disciplines. Orla Doherty hosted a practical workshop focusing on learning theory application in training the therapy horse as well as a fantastic presentation by keynote speaker Patricia Pendry who explored current research on Equine Assisted Activities as well as providing some implications for practice and directions for the future.During lunch time a well attended round table session on education was held to provide a forum for discussion, this was facilitated by Anne Rokka, Education Designer in Equine College Hevosopisto and Sanna Mattila-Rautiainen President of HETI .This provided a great space to compare and collaborate and to generate ideas. Information from this session is available on the members area of the website.

Thursday had over 40 international presentations beginning with an informative presentation by Martine Hausberger who 
highlighted some of the challenges and solutions to maintaining equine welfare and well being within the field of EAAT's.There was a nice surprise in store for Congress Delegates when Her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal Anne arrived after tea break to address the Congress.Her address to the delegates was both invigorating and honest and showed great understanding of the field of EAAT's.
Pictures (L-R) The Princess Royal addressing HETI 2018 Delegates, John Greene (Festina Lente Board of Directors) and HRH listening to presentations, The Princess Royal meets HETI president Sanna Mattila Rautianen
Although Friday was the closing day of the Congress the first part of the day held over 25 presentations. Highlights included Chief Executive of RDA UK Ed Bracher who spoke about 'meeting the challenges of supporting riders with support needs in a modern and efficient manner'. Lynne Munroe facilitated a practical demonstration highlighting some things to consider when selecting an equine for a participant with additional needs.The poster presentations gave a further glimpse into the incredible work and research that is being carried out worldwide in the field of Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies.
Photos: (L-R) Lynne Munroe -practical Workshop, RDA Victoria,  CATR instructors, Anja Cain and Amanda Gerald presenting “The Circular Classroom, Anna Naber -'Because they feel your heartbeat'
Overall it was an incredible five days packed with research, practical demonstrations, opportunities to network and share,not to mention enjoying a bit of Ceili dancing! HETI's next Triennial Congress will be held in Seoul, Korea in June 2021 and we look forward to seeing you there!
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Every three years HETI relies on the kindness and generoisity of it's members and supporters to provide prizes for the HETI Raffle. The triennial raffle has always been a great support and financial contributor to HETI and this year was no different. We would like to express our huge gratitude to all of those who donated gifts for this fun event. This years first prize included Two nights in the beautiful 5 star "Vienna Le Meridien“ hotel.
Picture left: Winner Inka Tonteri“ from Finland with Gundula Hauser (Former FRDI/HETI President)
This also included tickets to a performance at the "Spanischen Hofreitschule“ -the white horses from the emperor , both organised by past president of FRDI/HETI Gundula Hauser and a visit to the famous zoo of Schönbrunn  in Vienna, orgnaised by HETI board member Roswitha Zink.
Picture:(L-R) HETI Vice Preseident Gisela Hemsaith Rhodes, Inka Tonteri and Roswitha Zink
This season we welcome new Institute member Equuvation who offer a variety of services and opportunities including equine-facilitated psychotherapy {EFP}, equine-assisted learning {EAL}, continuing education, youth leadership programs, and signature fundraising concepts.
Eqquvation is located at Rocky Creek Ranch in Statesville, North Carolina. It features 524 acres of grasslands and natural woods, the property has deep historical roots for the Carolina region.
Cared for as a nature preserve, the ranch is home to a domestic herd of horses, donkeys, goats, chickens and ducks; as well as many wildlife species, unusual birds {owls, snow goose, osprey, heron}, reptiles, insects, and many honeybee hives.

Equine Assisted Programmes

Equuvation provides a variety of equine assisted programmes, including:
Intern and Volunteer

Equuvation offer a limited number of internships to students interested in learning more about the world of equine and animal assisted therapies, sensory education development and ranch management.
If you are a HETI Member and wish to feature in our next
'meet our members' section please contact us at

HETI Member News

Sirona Therapeutic Horsemanship
United Kingdom, Europe
Sirona Therapeutic Horsemanship, a registered charity, is losing their current yard due to housing development. Fortunately, they have been offered a new home on the beautiful Dartington Hall Estate, nr Totnes in Devon.
This will be a secure long term base on which to continue to build on their success with providing equine-based activities to disadvantaged young people and adults with disabilities and those with additional support needs.
Josie Arscott, counsellor at Sirona says ‘Our current site at Hannah’s at Seale Hayne, nr Newton Abbot is shortly to be developed for housing and so Sirona will be without a home. Sirona need to raise around £150,000 to build the new centre, including stable block and arena, and put in the infrastructure needed such as improving the access track and other works’.
The Dartington Estate is a wonderful fit for Sirona, with both the Elmhirsts' original ethos of openness, creativity and 'learning by doing' and the estates current vision for Dartington as a 'laboratory for living and learning with the purpose of pioneering deep personal and societal change', sitting comfortably with Sirona’s own ethos.
Planning permission has been granted and initial groundworks completed. Sirona are now busy raising the final funds towards the new stables, barns and arena. Which will allow them to have a purpose built bespoke centre and secure base in which to develop and grow their much in demand service, and be able to offer it to more young people and adults to bring about improvements in well-being and more positive lives.
Learn more about Sirona

Research Corner

Journal Article Spotlight:
The Effects if Hippotherapy on Static and Dynamic Balance and Reaction Time in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Sara Mirzabeigi Fini, Islamshahr Branch, Yaser Kazemzadeh&Yahya Sokhanguei
This paper discusses the effect of 14 weeks of hippotherapy on static balance, dynamic balance and reaction time of individuals with autism spectrum disorder. The participants consisted of 24 males between 7-18 years old, diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and randomly placed in experimental and control groups (N=12 for each group). The experimental group participated in 14 weeks of hippotherapy sessions. The control group did not engage in any hippotherapy or any physical activity outside of their ordinary life during the research period. The statistical analysis shows significance in the scores of the static and dynamic balance of the experimental group versus the control group as compared with the time before the exercises. In contrast, no significant change was seen in the reaction time scores of the participants as compared with the time before hippotherapy intervention. The result shows that 14 sessions of hippotherapy had a positive effect on static and dynamic balance of people diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, with improvement in balance systems and physical statue, especially flexibility and strength, but shows no specific changes in the score of reaction time.
Read More
The peer-reviewed SEJThR is seeking original submissions for the purpose of advancing knowledge in the fields of therapeutic riding and equine-assisted activities and therapies.
Guidelines for Authors

Attention Researchers!

Ann Kern-Godal’s memorial fund for Horse Assisted Therapy was created by Tore Godal in memory of his wife Ann Kern-Godal.

The Fund’s purpose is to promote research and to build evidence within horse-assisted therapy (HAT) for different patient groups.

Since horse assisted therapy is an emerging field of research, the areas the fund supports should be relatively open-ended and include at least three categories:

  1. Stipend for a PhD candidate’s research on HAT, as a full or partial focus for the dissertation.
  2. Stipend for a Postdoc dedicated fully or partially to HAT. Exploration of new methodological procedures is considered particularly valuable.
  3. Prize given to the best center with regard to promoting HAT research.

Especially promising research projects can receive support for up to 3 years.

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Mary Selway-Swift Development Fund

This fund was set up by the Riding for the Disabled Association(RDA) in Hong Kong with a bequest to HETI from the estate of the late Mary Selway-Swift. Mary was involved in the field of therapeutic riding over many years – in the United Kingdom and in South-East Asia.

It was Mary’s wish that this fund be used “to promote and improve the educational opportunities, training and quality of riding therapy through the development of therapeutic riding programmes internationally”. She was particularly concerned for those in developing countries, those in poor economic circumstances, or in places which have limited access to training opportunities. The EC are currently working on developing the application process for this further to start utilising the funds potential. Watch this space!
Find Out More

Executive Committee News

Taskforce News:
9 International HETI members have joined up to form the Best Practice/Ethics/Standards task force. The first meeting will take place in the coming months to discuss further action.
Psychotherapy Taskforce
Information from the Psychotherapy lunchtime session is now available on the HETI members area of the website. Marilyn Sokolof and Vera Horne are currently utilizing the feedback they received from members to work with the office in the development of a  forum for members to have a platform to communicate, collaborate and share information.
HETI Members Survey
Results from our members survey are now in. We got a huge response and are grateful to our members for taking the time to think about the future of HETI and for your honest, motivating and insightful feedback. We will be utilsing this for HETI's future strategic planning. Thank you!


HETI has moved its office location from the USA to Europe and as a result our Paypal accounts have changed. Our USA paypal account is now closed so any member with automatic payments will have to pay through the Irish PayPal account as they are different accounts. The office will contact each of you individually also.Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.Prices will change from dollars to euros from January 1st  2019.

Dates for the Diary

September 2018

Russian Open Equestrian National Championships for Persons with Intellectual Impairment
11th to 15th September, 2018, Kostroma, Russia
Please contact Andrey Sukhov paramon66@mailru

October 2018

2nd INAS PE Video Competition for Riders with Intellectual Impairment
October 7th, 2018
Please go to: or contact Uta Rindfleisch-Wu (

Budapest Scientific Conference
21-22 October 2018, 
Equine Assisted Therapy and Educational Center of the International Children's Safety Service ( address: Fót, H-2151, Vörösmarty tér 2.) For more information please contact:Gabriella Bozori, e-mail address:

IAHAIO Amsterdam Symposium
24-26 October
IAHAIO and its member organization AAIZOO will be hosting a 3-day symposium One Health in AAI: Current trends and future collaborations in research and practice

2018 PATH Intl. Conference and Annual Meeting  

October 25-27 2018

Rosen Centre, 9840 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819

More International Events

New HETI Members

HETI Welcomes 40 new International Members!

Matoula Lazou
Dima Vasiliki
Michail Melissaris
Kornelia  Molt
Eleni Tziakou
Aikaterini  Dima
Anna Tsiaousi
Andreas Doukas
Leda Exarchos
Dorothy Debuse
Mary Berkery
Collette Collins
Aisling Cullen
Rita Dunne
Carlos Ganzabal Cuena
United Kingdom
Kelsey Thacher
Sophie Anderson
Rachel Shaw
Mervi-Marja Mero
Marja-Leena Yrjola


Marit Sorensen
Rideterapeut Skolen - Academy for Human and Horse Therapy
Helen Moeller     
Bente Nellemose

Riding for the Disabled -Hills Group
Cathy Binz
Jennifer Garland

Equuvation Inc.
Michele Pickel
Kristen K. Murray 
Amanda  Gerald   

Roberto Perez  
Verdia de la Tome
Graziela Salvagni
Jeanette Rossas 
Yin Xiao Hong  
South Africa
Lee Valentine 

Whether it was donations of money or giving us fantastic prizes for our raffle, helping out at the HETI booth or selling raffle tickets, we want to thank you! This month we would like to thank the following for their kind support of HETI.

Cara Partners
Proactive Management
Finbarr Galvin Ltd
Pendulum Events and Training LTD
Arnold Industries
McCarthy Investment Services Ltd
Richard and Mary Foskin
Mick O'Connor
Tony O' Connor - Equine Artist
Gundula Hauser
Roswitha Zink
Jill Carey
Sanna Mattila Rautiainen
Heta Rautiainen
Gisela Hemisath Rhodes
Vera Horne
Irene Kapari
George Jones
Marie-Therese Kuypers
Jeong Yi Kwon
Gustavo Dos Santos
Marilyn Sokolof
Anton Saratov
Vera Saratov
Rachael Hegarty
Maeve O' Brien
David McElroy
Mairead Higgins
Renate Deimel
Hang Tough Fine Art Printing
Festina Lente Foundation
Clodagh Carey
Siofra Hayes Moriarty
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If you order flowers through the Petals network, they will make a donation to HETI. HETI appreciates Petals’ support.

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