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Leaflet 28 | Term 4  | 26 November 2022
"If there is something more powerful than destiny,
this must be the human being who bears destiny unshaken."

- Rudolf Steiner
Upcoming Calendar
Class 6 Play - Sat 26 Nov, 2pm - 3pm
Class 7 Play - Sat 26 Nov, 7pm - 8:30pm
Volleyball Match (@ Constantia) - Tue 29 Nov, 2:30pm
Lost Property Sale - Wed 30 Nov, 12:30pm - 1pm
Class 11 Eurythmy Performance - Thu 1 Dec, 7pm - 8:30pm
Class 9 EMS Product Sale (Market) - Fri 2 Dec, 12.30pm - 1pm
HS Ultimate Frisbee Match - Fri 2 Dec, 12.30pm - 2.30pm
Soccer Match (@ Meadowridge) - Fri 2 Dec, 2.30pm - 3.30pm
Class 7 Farewell - Sat 3 Dec, 9.30am - 12.30pm
KG Advent Spiral - Sun 4 Dec, 3pm - 7.30pm

Please note these times/changes for the last week of school
No extramurals 
- Mon 5 Dec to Fri 9 Dec
HS - ends early - Wed 7 Dec, 1:30pm
PG - last day of term - Thu 8 Dec, 12:15pm
PS - ends early - Thu 8 Dec, 12:30pm
PS - Star Tree Festival - Thu 8 Dec, 6:45pm (in classrooms) / 7:00pm (start)
KG, PS & HS - end of term - Fri 8 Dec, 11:30am

For the latest updates to the school calendar please click HERE

Holiday Club Programme

We will be expanding our offering to 4 different activities during the upcoming school holidays. The  activities will all be facilitated by teachers from Michael Oak. Please note that activities will only be confirmed if we have the minimum number of participants, so please register as soon as possible. For details, click on this link to open the Registration Letter and this link for the Registration Form.


Week 1: Monday 12 December - Thursday 15 December 2022 (Friday is a public holiday)

  • Holiday Club
  • Basketball Clinic
  • Daily Outdoor Adventures (off-campus)
  • Fitness and Soccer Bootcamp

Week 2: Monday 19 December - Friday 23 December 2022

  • Basketball Clinic
  • Daily Outdoor Adventures (off-campus) (Not on on 19 Dec)

Week 3: Monday 9 January - Friday 13 January 2023

  • Basketball Clinic
  • Daily Outdoor Adventures (off-campus)
Library Books
Please return any outstanding library books by Friday 2 December.
Primary School: Star Tree Festival

The Primary School teachers warmly invite all Primary School parents, guardians and children to come together in community in the Big Hall on Thursday 8 December to close our year in reverence at our Star Tree Festival.

  • Children to classes at 6.45pm

  • Parents to hall 6.45pm so we can start at 7.00pm


  1. We ask that all parents and children wear all white, or a white top and dark pants.

  2. Children in their last year of Kindergarten are welcome, but alternative arrangements need to be made for younger children.

  3. NO CELLPHONES OR CAMERAS will be permitted.

In honour of Michael Oak's 60 years

This poem was created in honour of Michael Oak’s 60th anniversary, and read at the AGM last week: 

Where the four elements meet, stands the Michael Oak Tree
Nurtured by many, from tender seed

It reached deep below and up to the light
It grew to stand proud and tall upright

Grown to bring shelter, sustenance and song
A place to belong

Great storms have come and shaken its crown
No raging wind could tear it down

Seasons are welcome as they come and go
The tree sheds the old for the new to grow

The roots grow deep, with a will of might
Strong is this Oak, with Michael’s light

Deep within the tree grows seeds
Sleeping, dreaming of future deeds

Prepared for the day that they can fall
Knowing that they will too grow tall

Trusting that wherever they land
They can use their mind, heart and hand.


By Kristal Willemse
College chair and Class 2 teacher

Featured Article: Reflections of a Class Teacher

As I come to the end of seven years with my class, I find myself in a time of deep reflection, even at this most busy time of the year and reinforces my decision that this education, and therefore the path of teaching that I chose, is the best one for any child.

I wanted to share a simple little fable with you, which I read, many years ago, in a book that Rudolf Steiner wrote called “Discussions with Teachers” and in a way, led me to the decision that teaching in a Waldorf School was the most important and most meaningful work that I could ever do.

The Oak 

One stormy night the raging north wind pitted its strength against a magnificent oak, which now lay on the ground. A number of low bushes lay shattered beneath it. A fox, whose lair was not far away, saw it next morning. “What a tree!” he cried, “I never would have thought it had been so big!” (A fable written by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing.) [From Rudolf Steiner Discussions with Teachers, Fifteen discussions with the teachers of the Stuttgart Waldorf School, August 21 - September 6, 1919

In this fable, the fox, the most cunning of the animals, never thought to look up at the tree. He had always just run around the bottom of the trunk and had only noticed that part of the tree, which had taken up a very small space in comparison to what he now saw. Despite his clever mind, he had only seen what is visible around the foot of the tree and nothing beyond that.

This, for me, epitomises what Waldorf Education is. In the moment, we often only see the bottom of the tree, the ‘every day’ situations that we are faced with in the school. The moments of learning and playing and laughing and sometimes crying, which make up our day, yet, without us even realising it, our tree is creating seeds which are growing bigger, stronger and wiser, all the while steadily developing the capacity to think creatively, responsibly and able to work with the challenges of not only today, but also of tomorrow and the future. 

Right now, although I feel like I’m running around the tree in a crazy way, trying to avoid the moment of impending closure as my precious group’s class teacher, sometimes even forgetting what day it is, as we create our class play together, I hold fast onto the picture in my mind of the unique saplings that Waldorf Education waters. Observing the children in my class, I know that Waldorf education has equipped them with a strong foundation and has aided them in their development as conscious, creative, caring human beings. What a blessing this journey has been.

Jeannine Twine
Class 7 teacher

From Kindergarten

The Biggies School Camp

Despite me assuring him that I would be fine if I never spent a night in a tent on the school field, Charlie was adamant that I was to be the parent to go to the biggies school camp. He was very concerned that I would never get a chance to sleep at school if I didn’t go, as dad would get to go to dads and kids camp.

How lucky I am that I couldn’t convince him otherwise!

It was a really special experience, I loved it, as did Charlie. Amazing to watch our little people so excited, running and running, torch games, rat catching (!!), in and out of everybody’s tent (what do they find so interesting in everyone’s tent?)  The energy was uncontainable at the beginning! To connect with more of the parents from the other classes makes us really excited for our journey ahead together. I so enjoyed how the teachers expressly asked for parents to connect round the fire, it’s such a special quality of this school.

Fireside storytime and songs and breakfast pancakes were the highlights and I’m continuously grateful to be part of this MO community when I witness the simplicity, calm and grace with which things are done, the openness of others, the smiling faces and sparkly eyes and of course, the joy in the children.

Thank you, Kindergarten.

Marian Park-Ross
Parent in KG

Kindergarten Camp Out - Right of Passage

There are a few young trees along the wooden fence that enclose the Kindergarten in its safe harbour. Up in the branches one will often spot a Biggie/Sunbeam staring into their future, across a seemingly immense oval. The mysterious and daunting Primary School lies just beyond…

The transition from Kindergarten to Primary is enormous, for child and parent alike! Who and what are we becoming as we reach the final stretch of this formative first seven years? 

As with all transitions, Michael Oak has beautifully crafted a container for this journey, one that significantly takes place on the oval itself: the KG camp-out! Herein lies the chance for the Biggie/Sunbeam to make their footprint; on the very earth that is the bridge between the KG and Primary.

The 2022 KG camp out was a much anticipated event, excitement building amongst the children over weeks. The experience did not let down: from helping one another pitch tents, to communal braai and marshmallow sticks, Kathy’s enchanting story, morning hot chocolate and pancakes… it was every Biggie/Sunbeams dream! It was also the beginning of the formation of a new class community: Class One of 2023 here we come!

Lesley Palmer
Parent in KG & Class 3

Stillness at Advent

As the end of the year draws near, life is very full! The School term is in full swing, there are plays, farewells, celebrations of significant milestones and a natural ending of one cycle. Some of us are already planning holidays and family-time and despite our best efforts to keep ahead life is somewhat busy.

In great contrast the approaching season of Advent asks us for quite the opposite. Advent calls on us to be still, quiet, even to practice silence. But why? What is it about silence that is golden?

More and more society is realising the value of silence. People go on silent-walks, silent-retreats; architects design with acoustics in mind, creating quiet spaces in offices, and it is a quality that our teachers work towards daily in the classroom, bringing about stillness and quiet. Quiet allows us to create a space where we can listen, reflect, learn and think.

It is in this created inner space that something may emerge that was not there before.

Perhaps the most recognisable picture of Advent is that of the expectant mother Mary, a universal archetype that stands as the central motif of this festival. She awaits the coming Child, in her womb she bears new life. And despite the many unknowns and the unknowables, her inner soul response to the child is one of interest and enthusiasm for that which is to come.

We may ask, what is my orientation to the future, what is my inner response to the questions of life?

This quality in the world is something we can all practice. We are faced with many complex life questions, destiny moments and difficulties.

As we look back on the great leaping steps our children have made this last year, we may also in a mood of stillness, look ahead to what their unfolding path will bring. With great enthusiasm and interest we may begin to imagine what wishes to emerge, what needs to unfold in their lives and ours.

Wishing you all a wonderful time these last weeks of term and hopefully moments of calm also, to reflect and to look ahead to what is to come.

Andreas van Breda
Parent in PG, Class 3 & 5

Community Notices

Class 11 Fundraiser - Lost Property Sale

Class 9 EMS Product Sale (Market)

Fundraising for Michael Oak
Raise funds for the school every time you use your MySchool card.

Apply for your card online at or come to the office.
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Work Wanted
My name is Blessing Chatama and I'm in class 12 at Michael Oak. I am 19 years old. I'm very keen to babysit, house-sit and pet-sit this festive season. I'm a responsible, sporty and energetic person.
Reference Maurita Weissenberg: 0834426967 or email: 
Contact me on: 0662944484 or email:
Part-time Gardener
Michael Oak’s long-standing gardener, Chatama Maliro, is going into retirement in 2023, after 18 years of service to the school. Chatama is looking for part-time work from Monday to Friday. He has years of experience and extensive knowledge about plants. Please call Chatama on 078 928 7025 if you would like him to transform your garden.
Holiday House Offer
Do you have friends/family visiting Cape Town over Christmas/New Year? Our 4-bedroom house in Plumstead will be available to rent between 27 December and 14 January. If you are interested, contact Helen on 083 941 9323.
Holiday Accommodation

We have a yoga studio in lower Kenilworth with an ensuite bathroom and kitchenette available for holiday rental. It opens onto a garden patio with a plunge pool and includes off street parking. This would be suitable for a couple looking for affordable rustic accommodation over the holiday period. Available to friends and family in our community. Different options are negotiable from R800 to R2 200 for the 3-bedroomed house. Contact Philippa 084 269 9884.

Xmas Organic Body Product Workshops

Body Sense studio will be hosting personal workshops in early December. Gather a group of besties and book an evening of delight learning to make your own organic skin products body butter, face cream, make up, deodorant , toothpaste, candles and cards. BubbleS and Beauty!  From R500p/p  from 6-9pm 6-10 people. Contact Philippa to make a booking 084 269 9884

Job Openings at Waldorf Schools


The McGregor Fountain Waldorf Kindergarten is looking to employ a suitably qualified Kindergarten/Pre-school teacher from 17 January 2023.

The successful applicant must meet the following criteria:
  • Have appropriate academic qualifications with SACE registration
  • Interest in and identification with the Waldorf ethos of the school
  • Experience in multi-cultural education
  • Ability to work constructively within the school team
  • Willing to undergo further training
  • Be creative, dynamic, innovative, compassionate and able to nurture and develop the Kindergarten and playgroup further.
The McGregor Fountain Waldorf Kindergarten, which forms part of the McGregor Fountain Waldorf Primary school, has been an integral part of the village for more than twenty five years. Our children come from the local community and surrounding towns, and represent a wonderful cross-section of South African culture. We strive to create a holistic, supportive environment and to cater for the needs of each individual.

There is a growing anthroposophical community in the village with regular creative workshops, inner development, teacher development and anthroposophical meetings on offer, providing a perfect opportunity for further personal and societal growth.

CLOSING DATE: Friday, 2 December 2022 @ 12:00. Applications (CV, Certified Qualifications, testimonial(s) and ID) with covering letter must be submitted to: 
The College of Teachers; McGregor Fountain Waldorf School at abovementioned
Email: or hand delivered.
If applicants do not receive a response within 14 days of close of application understand that the application has not been successful. 


The McGregor Fountain Waldorf seeks an experience, committed qualified Waldorf Teacher to join from 17 January 2023.

We are a small multi-culture school with small classes, offering individual attention, and an intimate, caring environment.

The following criteria are recommended:
  • Have appropriate academic qualifications with SACE registration
  • Interest in and identification with the Waldorf ethos of the school
  • A spirit of acceptance and diversity
  • Be creative, innovative and enthusiastic
  • Have a real interest in children and their development
Kindly send your letter of application with a Curriculum Vitae to:
The College of Teachers
McGregor Waldorf School
14 Kantoor Street
McGregor 6708

CLOSING DATE: Friday, 2 December 2022 @ 12:00. Applications (CV, Certified Qualifications, testimonial(s) and ID) with covering letter must be submitted to: 
The College of Teachers; McGregor Fountain Waldorf School at abovementioned
Email: or hand delivered.
If applicants do not receive a response within 14 days of close of application understand that the application has not been successful. 
Extramurals and Courses at Michael Oak
Courses, Events & Services in the Community

Children's Advent Spiral Festival
at the Christian Community

Please join us in celebrating Advent
with craft, singing and a story.

Saturday the 26th November at 15:00
39 Timour Hall Road, Plumstead
The cost per child is R60. All are welcome.
Please RSVP to Tanya on 072 139 2403.
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Term Dates 2023

The 2023 dates will be as follows:

PS & HS: Tuesday, 17 January - Friday, 24 March 
PG & KG: Wednesday, 18 January/Thursday, 19 January - Thursday, 23 March
Note 1: KG staggered start: younger children start on Wednesday and older children on Thursday
Note 2: PG also has staggered start from Wednesday, 18 January

PS & HS: Wednesday, 12 April - Friday, 23 June
PG & KG: Wednesday, 12 April - Wednesday, 21 June

PS & HS: Tuesday, 18 July - Friday, 22 September
PG & KG: Tuesday, 18 July - Thursday, 21 September

KG, PS & HS: Tuesday, 10 October - Friday, 8 December
PG: Tuesday, 10 October - Thursday, 7 December

School Ending Times 2022
Term Dates 2022

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