Leaflet 32   15 October 2021
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Class 11 Fundraiser
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Class 11s went to Carol and Tony Yang's house and made hundreds of dumplings as a fundraising effort towards their Orange River trip.

A Movement towards Simplicity Parenting

A manifesto for protecting the grace of childhood, Simplicity Parenting is an eloquent guide to bringing new rhythms to bear on the lifelong art of raising children, offering inspiration, ideas, and a blueprint for change.

Parents are facing unprecedented challenges in these times. Many of us are stressed-out and overwhelmed by the busy-ness of life, the demands of city living, and the work/family balancing act. All of this has been compounded by the last two years of lockdown, working from home and increased anxiety levels, putting incredible strain onto families. Conversations amongst parents are so often about how we do not have enough time to do anything well enough, and are sad that we are not being the parents we had hoped to be. How to manage our lives and feel like we are coming closer to succeeding in our parenting task, is a question that many of us are asking.

I was introduced to the work of Kim John Payne’s Simplicity Parenting by our Playgroup Teacher when we first joined the Michael Oak community. What his work offers is a new perspective on our children and our family life. He offers that within the chaos of our modern busy lives we risk losing connection with our children. In essence his work focuses on regulating the family system, starting with ourselves as parents. He offers the key importance of modelling for children the kind of behaviour we are seeking in them. If we are strung out, we are unable to support our children in finding calm and re-orienting. When we find our own centre and ground, a little bit of magic happens and we create a more balanced environment in which we can connect more deeply with our children.

Kim John Payne speaks to how modern day families have become deluged with an onslaught of “more” and how they can discover a shift towards less. It is evident that children in these times are becoming more anxious, struggling with emotional and social issues, and many are being diagnosed with behavioural problems. Simplifying the environment of the child in all aspects, helps us make a turnaround in our family life that can spare our children from this trajectory into psychosocial challenges, a culture of entitlement and in many cases diagnosable disorders and endless treatment cycles. My work as a Creative Arts and Play therapist sees my practice full of children disoriented by the disconnection brought about by the relentlessness of overscheduling, the neurological and behavioural impact of screen addiction, and overwhelmed parents at their wits end not knowing how to cope. 

This is what has brought me to the work of Simplicity Parenting, to join a movement that can serve to address what has fast become the norm in our society with over-reliance on screens, overscheduling and materialism.

I hope you will join me next month to learn, as a community, how we may simplify our parenting task, and support each other to create a healthy environment in which to raise our children. Parent groups are the most impactful and cost-effective way to learn the Simplicity Parenting approach. The course involves video teaching from Kim John Payne, and facilitated exercises and discussion.

The next course starts at Michael Oak on 11 November 2021.

Visit  www.presenceinaction.co.za/simplicity-parenting  to find out more.

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We're seeking silkworms, please!  084 605 2022

I'm looking for an old-fashioned cassette tape recorder in working condition, preferably with some cassettes too. If you're willing to part with yours please contact Jeannine Twine on 083 993 2439.

  to Paarden Eiland   
Our Maintenance Manager Rob Howe is looking for a lift for his son from school to Paarden Eiland, Monday to Friday.  Do you perhaps head off to Paarden Eiland after dropping your own child at school?  If so please contact Rob on 082 871 7443.

KNIGHT UPRIGHT PIANO FOR SALE  -- R9500.  Please contact Annette van Zyl for more details 072 455 8842.

Looking for an au pair with own car to fetch and ferry a 6 year old and 10 year to and from various activities 2-3 afternoons a week. Please contact me via whatsapp 084 605 2022. Must have first aid training, valid driver's license. Background check part of the hiring process.
  from Woodstock to School   

Lift sharing from Woodstock to school. Is there a family in Woodstock/University Estate area who would be interesting in sharing lifts to and from school in the 4th term? I have 2 children in high school. I have a 7 seater car so could lift at least 2 -4 more children. Contact Clare 076 306 2831

Hi, I am looking for someone to share the premises with me where I work from at the moment. It is a beautiful room in a professional practice in the heart of Plumstead. I do healing work through massage and a form of body work called B3 (Brain Body Balance). The practice has parking behind gates for staff and clients, waiting area and a reeceptionist who takes care of the people coming in and out and does the routine COVID screening. The room will be available from the end of October, although there is some flexibility.  If interested please Whatsapp Laura on 072 342 0233 or e-mail:  fernanlaura76@yahoo.es



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