Leaflet 38    26 November 2021
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Class 3 Play on the Oval


Two short videos from Thursday's performance for the primary school
Shepherds' Play:  Note change of venue to the Big Hall

This last Thursday’s three Eurythmy performances from the 2021 Class 11s were another shining example of the multifaceted and productive role of Eurythmy at Michael Oak, this time through the medium of Eurythmy as an expressive performance art. These Class 11 Eurythmy performances currently mark the culmination of Eurythmy movement and music education at Michael Oak.

The Class 11s inspired us with their uplifting inspiring creative flow, their suppleness, levity and dexterity of movement — they embodied their required tasks with such vivacious aplomb, self-confidence, composure, magnificent team work and joy!

This year’s Class 11s resiliently endured and overcame many challenges to complete the required tasks so masterfully, with a lack of a consistent designated indoor movement space being the primary difficulty to overcome. In their rising to the excellence of their potential and imbuing their unique expressive qualities through their Eurythmy performances, let us briefly highlight some of the manifold lessons we’ve learnt from this year.

The Class 11s, Tim Hyslop and myself wish to thank everyone in Michael Oak’s threefold kindergarten, primary and high school who have allowed us the use of their neighbouring outdoor spaces during this year, whether the astro-turf or the basketball courts. We have been acutely aware that even the reduction to half of the full volume of the music on Tim’s electronic keyboard has added an extra “distracting noise” factor for Michael Oak’s learners and teachers accommodating us.

Even though Eurythmy lessons were officially scheduled to be indoors in the big hall in 2021, the reality on the ground was that we frequently and voluntarily vacated the big hall to teach Eurythmy outside in all weathers due to the multiple important demands on the big hall space due to the loss of the Movement Room and Small Hall as Eurythmy movement venues since Covid. From Eurythmy’s outdoor classroom experiences in 2020, we intimately learnt the power of the Cape’s nature elements. And when it poured with rain, we shared the big hall space with gym when Andrew September asked us, and many others. We are all in this together and fighting to give our learners the best possibilities for development in spite of the added challenges of Covid.

Compared to Michael Oak’s other Eurythmy classes this spacing challenge has acutely impacted the Class 11 eurythmy project year because of the increased concentration and embodiment requirements the learners face in striving to qualitatively integrate and express their own thinking, feeling and actions in harmony with the music in gestural movement.

The learner’s effectiveness in learning certain Eurythmy tasks such as listening proactively to music outdoors (or indoors with another shared subject) and then translating that heard music into Eurythmy movement and flowing gestures on a choreographed form drops significantly as much more time is required to learn a Eurythmy task outdoors.

The most essential lesson from our Covid induced class-homelessness in 2020 and 2021 is the return in 2022 of a consistent designated indoor movement class room space for Eurythmy movement and music education at Michael Oak so that learners healthy movement and music development can be returned as a priority.

Some Further Words of Thanks go to ...

Michael Oak College, Primary and High School Faculties, and our gifted pianist Tim Hyslop who accompanies us so masterfully on the musical part of our journey and assists us to adapt the music to meet the musical movement needs and skills of Class 11.

Both of the Class 11 Class guardians, Diane Scannell and Takalani Mulidzi, and our invaluable but departing Michael Oak art teacher, Gillian Matthew; and to our gifted Michael Oak eurythmy teachers and parents, Adele van Breda and Laura Engelke.

Special supportive thanks to the innumerable people who help us in all sorts of ways: the Class 11 parents, teachers and support and maintenance staff, and specifically Diane Scannell and Tami Randles for the great deed of sewing the magnificent large hanging blue curtains for the stage. We thank our Class 8 lighting assistants Yelena Message and Halo Verwey (trained by Sam Bell);

and Cassandra Giannikos for the beautiful Class 11 Eurythmy poster painting artwork, etc….

And lastly, our most special thanks goes to the Class 11s for all their resilient and valuable efforts in bringing all this together in such inspiringly uplifting performances that culminate their Eurythmy movement and music education at Michael Oak!

Perry Havranek -- High School Eurythmy Teacher


Thursday 2 December
Classes 1,2,3 at 12:30.
Classes  4,5,6,7 at 12:45

Friday 3 December
Classes 1,2,3 at 11:am.
Classes 4,5,6,7 at 11:15.


Dear Parents,
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Please note that the Admin office will be closed from 15 December to 10 January 2022.

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Class 11 Fundraising


Derek Gripper Concert
Left: A few photos from the very successful fundraising concert given by Derek Gripper at the Nigiro Tea Cafe, Saturday 13 November


Raffle Winners!

Prize 1:  Rob McLeod
Prize 2:  James Veitch

Class 11 Art Exhibition

Class 11s worked from Impressionist paintings using a limited palette of yellow, red, blue and white, so learning about colour mixing and observing just how these artists laid down their brush strokes, giving them a true appreciation of these beautiful paintings.
Sebastian Carnegie                                                 Micah Terlien

More artworks next week
Poet and Michael Oak parent Len Verwey visited Class 10 during our Poetry Main Lesson. The students loved asking him about his experience of writing poetry and discussing some of his poems with him.


In the High School, we have developed a new Poetry Main Lesson for Class 10. Students learnt about Poetry Genres (narrative, dramatic and lyric) and Praise Poetry, and encountered a range of poems from around the world. We challenged ourselves to write our own poem from each genre, and were impressed by the attempts of our classmates. We were honoured to be visited by poet and Michael Oak parent Len Verwey, who shared his insight and experience of poetry and allowed us to ask him about a million questions.

The deeper work of this Main Lesson is an invitation to move from simply expressing ourselves to encountering ourselves through the vehicle of language. This two week experience may be extended into a standard three week Main Lesson next year. 

Below are 4 poems from our Class 10s: a narrative poem by Cara Harris, a dramatic poem by Yameen Jaffer, a lyric poem by Qaylah Richards, and a praise poem by Lua Bopape.      (More poems will be featured next week)

Nicola Elliott

A "Thank You" to Gillian Mathew
Gilly’s nuggets of gold often come back to me when I’m walking in nature or — on regrettably rare occasions — drawing a picture. I loved the way she taught us to trust that what we wanted to create would arise by putting to page exactly what we saw — its shades of dark and light and the intersections between the two — rather than drawing what we thought we saw in outlines. It required me to look at something in a way that kept my mind still. Her excitement at how many colours there are in something as simple as a cloud was also infectious and helped me to take delight in the smallest of things. For me, art classes were more about observation than the artistic product.

Thank you for this and much more, dear Gilly.

Melissa Goodall

For the latest updates to the school calendar please check the website regularly HERE


We are moving overseas and due to circumstances are not able to take our pets with us  :-(   We have 2 lovely easy going middle sized dogs; Candy and Milo and 2 sweet cats, Shadow and Shine. They are all such wonderful house trained animals and will brighten up any home! They don’t have to go together although dogs do need company. If you would like any more information or would like to meet them; please contact Yael on 072 040 7301. And please share if you know of others that may be interested. Thanks so much!


Rob Howe (our maintenance and facilities manager) is wanting to plant orange and/or apple trees in our school gardens. He's happy to come and dig out even quite big ones if you have any to spare. If you have any trees contact him on 082 871 7443.   Thanks to those parents who have donated trees (apple, orange, avocado) -- much appreciated!  


My name is Thandokazi Mathimba. I am looking for a position as an Au Pair, Nanny or Babysitter. I have lots of experience with children as I have assisted the teachers at the Michael Oak Waldorf Playgroup, Kindergarten and Aftercare classes. My husband, Ivan, is employed at Michael Oak Waldorf school as a Facilities Gardener. I was also previously employed as an Assistant Teacher at the Stellenbosch Waldorf school and have undertaken some courses at the Centre for Creative Education. Please contact me on 078 288 7539.

Are you perhaps planning to sell your car in the next month or two?  We're looking for something like a Caddy or Sportage, Forester or similar MPV.  Contact Charles at  cabbott@michaeloak.org.za or  072 324 4935.
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We are looking for vendors selling crafts, gifts and clothes for a fair in Three Anchor Bay (near the Greenpark) on the 18th and 19th December 2021.   For details contact Lulu 073 252 9912 or 021 200 2338   or  Thefoodboxcpt@gmail.com


Looking for someone to look after your house while you're away in the holidays? Chatama Maliro can help you. Contact him on 078 928 7025


Blessing Chatama (in Grade 11) is looking for holiday work, looking after children. She can be reached via 078 928 7025.


We are looking for one more child to join our lovely lift club from Observatory. It would be from the 1st term next year. We are 3 families sharing the rides to - and from school. We have two children who are in class 6 and 1 child who is in class 8 (this year).  Please contact Claudia at 082 459 5348 or at claudia@zanzibar-retreats.com


Beautiful renovated heritage home with 3 bedrooms, playroom, big office, sunny open plan kitchen dining lounge area leading onto large pool area and beautiful park-like garden. Electric fencing, alarm and neighbourhood security patrol. Walking distance from Michael Oak School in Kenilworth (above railway line) for rent from January 2022. For more information contact Alex 073 654 6546 or  Ushma 082 773 1440.

If you are selling your car, please give me a call.  I am looking for a small vehicle (Honda Brio, Hyundai i10 or i20, or something in a similar class), a 2013 model or younger, preferably with less than 100,000 kms on the clock (but a bit more is fine too), and a good service history with no major accidents. Please contact Hannah on 082 464 9645 or hannahvdw.za@gmail.com



We are very excited to announce that we will be performing a "Baroque Christmas" concert on Saturday 11th December 2021 at the Lutheran Church in Strand Street at 7pm.
The concert will include Monteverdi's Cantate Domino, Vivaldi Magnificat RV610, and the famous
Gloria in D RV 589, and the Bach Är'gre dich, O Seele, nicht BWV186.
Conductor: Levi Alexander
Soloists: Soprano: Elsabe Richter, Alto: Vasti Zeeman-Knoesen, Tenor: Arthur Swan, Bass: Keaton Manwaring

The choir and orchestra will be socially distanced and masked, as will the audience which will be restricted in numbers to adhere to Covid protocols.   Limited tickets are available at R200 each, seating is unreserved and audience members are requested to adhere to the designated seating laid out in the church to ensure social distancing.  Tickets must be pre-booked and this can be done via WhatsApp on 083 650 3064. Payment must be done via EFT before the concert and tickets will be available for collection at the door. There will be no ticket sales or handling of cash at the door.  Should anyone wish to pay more than the R200 per ticket as a donation to the choir to help cover the running costs of the concert, this would be greatly appreciated.  Please arrive early enough to give us time to complete the required Covid sign in formalities. The doors will open at 6:15pm.

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