Leaflet 26   20 August 2021
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Invitation to the Annual General Meeting 
Thursday 26 August  18h00 - 20h00

Dear Parents and Michael Oak Community,
We warmly invite you to our 59th Annual General Meeting which will take place on Thursday the 26th of August 2021 from 18h00 to 20h00. The meeting will be held via Zoom.
The Agenda and Board Reports will be sent to all parents by Saturday 21 August, together with the Zoom link invitation. You will need to register your attendance via the link.
In order to facilitate the best possible flow of our meeting, we invite you to submit any questions by Tuesday 24th August to info@michaeloak.org.za.  Please put “AGM questions" in the subject line. Also mention your affiliation to the school (such as Parent in Class 4) in the body of the message. We will also take questions on the night via the Zoom chat facilities.
The Audited Financial Statements will be available for inspection from Friday 20 August. Should you like a copy of these, please email Pam at pschneider@michaeloak.org.za.

Top 3 reasons why you should attend?
    --  Vote on the 8 Parent Trustees who will help guide the School in the coming year.
    --  Learn more about how the school operates, our structures and decision-making processes.
    --  Ask your burning questions and hear about our plans.
… All from the comfort of your own home.
We hope to "see you" there.

Kind regards,
The Board of Trustees

Working Therapeutically with Clay

Clay is one of the mediums that Bridging Polarities through Art uses to help children process, integrate and find balance within themselves.
This earth medium can be touched, kneaded, formed or joined. The children can mold and transform it while working, providing a sense of empowerment, as they reshape their work — both hands engaged forming their piece — smoothing, pounding and building.
Working with clay engages their muscles, fine motor skills, vision, and imaginations. We are simultaneously allowing unprocessed feelings to become visible.
It is a powerful nonverbal therapeutic medium — sensory and tactile — which allows the children to explore the archetypes of open, closed, convex, concave, heavy and light ( to name a few) in imaginative and lively ways:  a bird nesting, a tortoise peeping out from under its shell, an enclosed shelter, or creating a safe space, provide opportunities to explore the archetypes of form, while internally reshaping their world.
In exercises led by a therapist, sometimes with eyes open, sometimes closed, the hands create forms, and what is happening internally becomes visible.
Even a light touch on a lump of clay leaves an imprint. Our ability to make an impact — to transform something — is unmistakable while working with clay.
In cases of trauma, clay can be used to help children to rebuild their lives in guided landscape exercises, where this earth medium helps to steady their shaken souls.
These words by Jose Saramago express something of the mystery of working with clay:

“There is a relationship between sight and touch — something about eyes being able to see through the fingers touching the clay, about fingers being able to feel what the eyes can see — which brings us home to ourselves"

Ilana Rudolph

Bridging Polarities through Art is one of the Therapies offered at Michael Oak.  Ilana has worked for over 30 years with children facing challenges, specializing in Therapeutic Art in the last 15 years. Her background as a Waldorf educator and Remedial therapist, informs her work with the children in this Therapeutic Art modality, which is aligned to the Waldorf child development model.  For more information see  www.bridgingpolarities.co.za

Parents who wish to apply for fee assistance for 2022 are invited to apply for an electronic fee assistance form by emailing Pam Schneider, Bursar, at pschneider@michaeloak.org.za.
These forms need to be completed in full and returned with the supporting documentation by close of business on Monday 23 August 2021. It is our intention to We are hoping to have this the selection process completed by the end of Term 3. Please note that it is the expectation of the Board of Trustees that parents who receive this assistance “give back” to the school by actively participating in the various working groups and activities at Michael Oak. Participation in and around the school is taken very seriously when considering applications.

Pam Schneider, Bursar (on behalf of the Fee Assistance Committee)
MATRICULATION CLASS 2021 --  Next Thursday our Matrics will start writing
their prelim exams, which will run until 16 September.  We wish them
everything of the best!
 PEP  Talk:
Feedback (Part 1)

The Parents' Enrichment Programme (PEP) Talk on Assessment in the Primary School was hosted via Zoom on Wednesday night this week.
In her introductory remarks, Tine Bohm pointed out that the word 'assessment' arose out of the Latin word 'assidere', meaning 'to sit beside'. 'Assess' first appeared in the English language about 550 years ago and originally referred only to taxation.  More recently (1930s) 'assessment' took on a broader meaning of assessing opportunities, situations, and also human beings.  In an educational context ‘assessment’ now refers to the process of observing learning — describing, collecting, recording, scoring and interpreting information about a student’s learning.
Our primary school teachers then offered brief summaries of how children in each class are assessed as they progress through Classes 1 to 7, before the meeting was opened to questions from parents.  Time prevented us from answering all the questions but they will be answered in next week's Leaflet.
Primary Teachers' Faculty
Helping to Spread the New Load of Bark Chips

Kindergarten and Playgroup children helped to spread the pine bark this week.

Weaving in the Kindergarten
Older children in the kindergarten are weaving bags using colourful Karoo wool.
For the latest updates to the school calendar please check the website regularly HERE

Georgia in class 3 lost her brand new black horseriding helmet which she left at the school entrance on Friday 30 July. It has the initials GS written on the outside. If found please contact Tamar on 079 338 8103, or hand it in to the school office.

Nomvuyo- energetic, creative, lively - is looking for work as a nanny.  Nomvuyo has completed our Bridging Polarities Art Training and comes highly recommended.  Contact Nomvuyo 063 637 6634  or  Ilana Rudolph 076 396 7977


Donations for Display Adverts and Community Notices  

Please note that all advertisers are expected to offer a contribution to our Bursary Fund. 
Minimum donation R30.
Please use these bank details for EFT transfers:  
Standard Bank,
Branch: 02510900,
Acc. No.: 071885382
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Michael Oak School Fundraising.
Ref: ‘Leaflet-Ad’
Adverts will only be published a maximum of 3 times per school term.

DEADLINE for all adverts is Thursday 12 noon
Vulumasango Waldorf-based children’s home would be grateful for donations of good quality books and Waldorf toys which your children may have outgrown. We offer a place of safety to children aged 3 to 18 years who would love to offer your toys a new life in their vibrant homes and classrooms.
Please contact Jen 082 796 2202 to arrange  collection.

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