Memorial Day: "When we are no longer ready to die for the freedom of others, we no longer merit freedom ourselves".    John Montgomery
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17.6 kW Hillside Ground Mount SolarWorld PV System

Your Role in U.S. Energy Independence

Today's generation of military personnel volunteer to fight terrorism. During WW II,  the "Greatest Generation" volunteered to fight fascism. Later, many were drafted or volunteered to deter the threat of Soviet world domination and communism. There is indeed a home front in the fight on terrorism, and it starts with American energy independence. No American citizen has ever signed up expressly to protect Middle East oil supplies. By reducing our reliance on foreign oil and becoming a world energy provider, we become a stronger and more independent nation.
Happy Memorial Day!
Mark Becker, President, GoSimpleSolar, by Semper Fidelis Construction Inc CSLB 948715
Read Mark's Monthly Newspaper Article, Energy Matters:
 Energy Matters: Memorial Day -  As seen in Alamo Today Monthly Newspaper

Water savings, PGE:
PGE provides energy efficient rebates for equipment that saves energy and saves water. Oftentimes the two go hand in hand. Surprisingly, many homes primary water consumption is the washing machine; especially in homes with children. Highly efficient water heaters also use less energy, AND less water. Please find the list of available energy and water savings rebates from PGE here. An interesting FYI is that tankless water heaters do not qualify: They tend to encourage higher water use by providing endless hot water. New storage water heaters are extremely efficient and less expensive. 

You’ve probably heard of the new product offering by Tesla, called the Powerwall. It's an attractive wall mounted 7-10kW lithium ion battery pack. Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, has announced that the Powerwall is already sold out until mid- 2016. Back up power adds "peace of mind" to a home or businesses power supply in the case of a power outage or earthquake. Batteries stabilize fluctuating power in a utility grid, allowing for greater solar PV penetration, integration and power feed onto the grid. Improved battery technology will help propel the concept of energy storage and solar PV into widespread private and public acceptance.

The Green Tea Party is a new coalition party of the Tea and Green political parties. They're willing to listen to ideas from the other side of the political spectrum, with a focus concerning energy related matters. The two parties came together initially with the same goal in mind: Energy Independence from the utility. The Tea Party does not have a single uniform agenda, part of its agenda is the belief Americans should be provided choices in the selection of their energy provider. The Green Party's main agenda is to improve the quality of our environment.
Solar and alternative energy make strange bedfellows indeed.

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