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Video: Wearable Technologies at TEDx Ireland. Niamh O'Mahony.
Video: Wearable Tech Intel’s Vision. The future is bright and exciting.  
Boots to Business is a three-step training program developed to introduce and train transitioning service members to business ownership. Boots to Business helps ensure that every transitioning service member has access to a standardized entrepreneurship training track and small business resources in their local communities.  
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Money Trends: Physicians Realty Trust IPO enters the $3 trillion health care segment.  Where is your Money? Focusing expertise on a market segment that is easily defined, rapidly growing, and responsive to unique forces is the basis of successful investing. REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust) have been a way to have a stake in the real estate market. Today’s REITs have become more focused, bringing in leadership and talent from segments including travel, retail, home and apartment ownership and more. One that focuses on the medical segment is Physicians Realty Trust.
Digital Health Event Powers Future Insight.  The recent Digital Health Summit, on June 19 and 20th, produced by Living in Digital Times and CEO Jill Gilbert was a resounding success.  The focus was to bring companies and industry experts to connect and transform the fast evolving space of digital health. The location for the event was at the Terra Gallery in San Francisco which provided an very nice atmosphere with high ceilings, visually appealing decor, wifi access and power outlets for our laptops. I was impressed with the quality of the content and speakers for this event and was immersed in the vision of the future.
What Healthcare Organizations Can Learn About Innovation from Startups, Part 2.  One concept that builds on stronger connections with customers throughout the process is the “MVP”, which stands for Minimum Viable Product*.  Until the Lean Startup movement took hold, most organizations (healthcare and many other industries too) would develop products or services that were polished to perfection before they were released publicly – and any defects, bugs or imperfections were to be avoided at all costs.  The tradeoff of producing “perfection” is that not only does it take a long time (leaving an opening for competitors to beat you to the marketplace), it might not even be what customers want – and missteps like this, with so much time and money invested, can make it hard to bounce back.
Bridging the Innovation Gap, Uniting Doctor Driven Ideas and Medical Device Manufacturers. I recently attended a physician society dinner and was seated at a table enjoying a glass of wine with the usual chatter over all of the healthcare changes.  As the discussion settled down, the doctor next to me leaned my way and quietly began a conversation.  He described in general terms an idea he had for a device that he was developing.  He proceeded to ask if I would be interested in helping him get connected with a manufacturer that may want to bring his idea to market.  
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Philips & SalesForce: Combining Technologies for Patient Care.  "How can we make an 80 year old person with multiple chronic diseases actually use this technology?"

Trending now: Digital Health Summer Summit – makes an impact in San Francisco.  Highlights from the event which was a success.  



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