Stuart Moxham in the Straight World is a compilation dedicated to the genius of Stuart Moxham (Young Marble Giants, the G!st, himself...). Includes exclusive new Stuart Moxham tracks, "Coarse Fishing" and "Being True II."
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"Stuart Moxham In the Straight World" Pays Tribute to Songwriter Stuart Moxham of Young Marble Giants, The G!st, and more...

Monday, December 17th, 2016 sees the digital release and pre-order (physical) of a brand-new compilation of tracks in tribute to the various compositions of Stuart Moxham (Young Marble Giants, The G!st, solo work and with Louis Philippe and The Original Artists, Moxham & Halliday). Titled, “Stuart Moxham in the Straight World,” the new LP also includes an exclusive track from a forthcoming album to be released by Moxham, as well as a new version of the G!st’s track, “Being True,” reimagined in the aptly titled, “Being True II.” 

All sixteen tracks were compiled via musician and curator Michael Korchia (of Bordeaux, France’s wondrous pop groups Watoo Watoo, Photon, and Melicoton). With works stemming from personal relationships Korchia has built up with artists and friends from across Europe, South America, Asia, and North America over the years, he was able to bring a varied cast of international friends together for this very special compilation to honor Moxham while also including him in celebration of his works. 

Featuring a new painting donated for album artwork by the band’s longtime friend and visual artist collaborator Wendy Smith, and layout by Photon’s Yannick Rault, the result is a compilation that is in visual and tonal sync with Moxham’s vast discography; past, present, and future.
“Stuart Moxham In the Straight World” Tracklisting: 
Release Date:
12/12/16 on Les Disques Maladroits

1. Photon - “Sporting Life” (Testcard E.P., YMG, 1981)
2. The Pippinger Flur - “Fool For A Valentine” (Fool For A Valentine, The G!st, 1982)
3. Entre-Knobs (feat. Rob Boyd) - “Small Wood” (A Known About Thing, Moxham & Halliday, 2015)
4. The Sunbathers - “Yanks” (This Is Love single, The G!st, 1980)
5. Purple Submarine Orchestra - “Golden Childhood” (Random Rules, Stuart Moxham, 1993)
6. Manson’s Child - “Cars In The Grass” (Cars In The Grass, Stuart Moxham and the Original Artists, 1995)
7. Watoo Watoo - “Searching For Mr. Right” (Colossal Youth, YMG, 1980/2007)
8. Heavenly Bodies - “Choci Loni” (Colossal Youth, YMG, 1980/2007)
9. Bureau of Public Secrets - “Salad Days” (Colossal Youth, YMG, 1980/2007)
10. Melicoton - “Public Girl” (Embrace The Herd, G!st, 1982)
11. Professor Falken - “Brand - New - Life” (Colossal Youth, YMG, 1980/2007)
12. Marc Elston - “Love At First Sight” (Embrace The Herd, The G!st, 1982)
13. Speed The Plough - “Final Day” (Fine Tuning, Stuart Moxham, 1996)
14. Stuart Moxham - “Coarse Fishing” (unreleased, forthcoming LP, 2017)
15. The G!st - “Being True II” (unreleased - original version appears on Retread Your Head, The G!st, 2012)
16. Bonus Track (Online Only)
A Brief History of Stuart Moxham & the Music of Young Marble Giants

1978 - Cardiff, Wales - minimalist new wave group Young Marble Giants is formed. Featuring two brothers - Stuart and Philip Moxham, and along with Alison Statton, the band writes, performs, and eventually records tracks to what will become their final focus full-length LP together in 1980, titled, “Colossal Youth.” 

“Play any six seconds of any YMG song and you’ll know exactly who you’re listening to, and probably be thunderstruck by its unsentimental beauty of tone.” - Douglas Wolk, Pitchfork

“Comparable to little else from its time or since, this is rock music at its most austere.” - Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide

“It [Colossal Youth] exists in a world of its own.” - Alexis Petridis, The Guardian

Released on U.K. label Rough Trade (and charting significantly to No. 3 in the U.K. Indie charts, while also becoming one of the second best-selling albums for the label), the album, and music of Stuart Moxham, continues to capture the hearts of, and inspire major fans in music: from such varied sources as legendary BBC’s Radio 1 DJ and producer John Peel, to musicians such as Kurt Cobain (Nirvana), all the way to experimental and gifted artists like Galaxie 500, Lush, R.E.M., Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel/Elephant 6 Collective, and Belle & Sebastian. 

After releasing a few singles and an EP, YMGs splintered; but members would go on to form other projects, occasionally calling on each other to perform with in the process, including; Weekend (Alison and Philip Moxham), Devine & Statton (Alison), and The G!st (Stuart). A special appreciation for Young Marble Giants would continue to bubble to the surface culminating in the special re-issue of Young Marble Giants’ initial album “Colossal Youth” (listed as one of the “Top 100 Albums of the 1980s” by Pitchfork) for the second time, on Domino Records in 2007. 

Stuart Moxham (above)

All of this has led to a veritable treasure trove of collaborative works (the Original Artists, Louis Philippe, Derek Halliday) and solo material for Stuart Moxham. We are excited to offer this tribute and new work, and in so doing; the celebration of Stuart Moxham’s music, solo and otherwise, perseveres. We hope the sounds that his current and early works are now so vividly evocative of, continue to inspire. All benefits from the compilation will go to Stuart.


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