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The Central West LHIN is pleased to publish the December edition of Working Together for Healthy Change, highlighting work, events and resident stories that support the LHIN's Integrated Health Services Plan - IHSP 3.

In this issue...

  Happy Holidays
  Healthy Change in Action
         - Heroes in the Home
         - French Language Services

  In the Spotlight
         - Headwaters Health Care Centre
         - William Osler Health System

  Access to Care
         - Mental Health and Addictions
         - Services for Seniors

  Streamlining Transitions & Navigation
         - Telehomecare

  Drive Quality and Value
         - Home and Community Care Reform
  Build on the Momentum
         - Healthy Change Initiative


A message from the Board Chair and CEO

With the holiday season fast upon us, it is somewhat hard to imagine where the time has gone this past year.  And so, as we take time to pause and spend time with families and friends... 


                    Maria Britto                                                                         Scott McLeod
                    Chair, Central West LHIN Board of Directors                  CEO, Central West LHIN



Local Caregivers Recognized through Central West CCAC                   "Heroes in the Home" Program

Caregivers from Closing the Gap - Dufferin Branch including recipients (L to R) Heather Weatherbee, Lisa Camera, Josephine Chua and Christina Maquiling.

The Central West LHIN is pleased to recognize the extraordinary efforts of local caregivers, recently honoured by the Central West Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) as Heroes in the Home for improving the lives of those who are limited by age, illness or disability.

"The Heroes in the Home program gives us an opportunity to recognize the immeasurable role that caregivers play," said Cathy Hecimovich, CEO, Central West CCAC. "Whether they are family members, friends, volunteers, or health care professionals, each of our heroes has greatly impacted the lives of those they serve. It is an honour for us to acknowledge their efforts." 

Nominees and guests gathered in both Brampton and Caledon to acknowledge caregivers from across the LHIN, both formal and informal, for their efforts to help others maintain their health, independence and safety at home. 

“The LHIN continues to invest in and build upon the types of programs and services that enable residents to stay active and healthy, live independently and remain in their homes longer,  said Maria Britto, Chair, Central West LHIN Board of Directors. “Caregivers are the ones whose efforts make such a tangible impact on the day-to-day lives of so many. The CCACs Heroes in the Home program is a wonderful way to recognize the invaluable impact that caregivers make in their local communities."

This is the third year the CCAC has offered the recognition program. This year 125 residents were nominated from across the LHIN, bringing the number of caregivers acknowledged to date to 365.

Improving Access to French Language Services in the                      Central West LHIN (Published in Bonjour Ontario, December 2014)

Pictured (L to R), members of the SHIP team... Antonella Repole, Kendall Adlam, Shereen Rampersad, Farah Quadri, Nicole Selvaggi, Virginia Trzeciakowski, Angela Dupuis.

Since its inception in 2006, the Central West Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) has been working to ensure better access to health services in French. Progress is being made. 
Ontario’s LHINs were established under legislation to plan, fund, integrate and enable local communities to make decisions about their local health care system. They operate from a fundamental belief that the health care system should be guided by a commitment to equity and respect for diversity. Working with dedicated local health care providers and community partners, the Central West LHIN is building cultural competency that meets the needs of one of the most culturally diverse populations in the province. This includes respect for the requirements of the French Language Services Act, as it relates to serving Ontario’s Francophone community. 
“To meet the needs of the Francophone community, Providers need staff who are fluent in the French language,” said Scott McLeod, CEO, Central West LHIN.  “So, when partners from across the LHIN identified a need to increase the number of French speaking staff, we worked with them and Reflet Salvéo to begin addressing the need.”
As an example, Supportive Housing in Peel (SHIP) provides safe affordable housing, programs and services for those with mental illness in Peel Region, Dufferin County, Etobicoke and York. It is imperative that staff be able to communicate with clients both clearly and effectively. LHIN funding has enabled SHIP to recruit new French speaking staff while providing French language training to existing staff through Collège Boréal. As a result, SHIP can now provide French speaking clients with improved access to its programs through the availability of French speaking staff including a community mental health counselor, case manager, addictions specialist, trustee and administrative personnel.
“This is a win-win,” said Laurie Ridler, CEO, SHIP. “First and foremost, as an organization, we are now able to provide the Francophone community with access to care in French. We have addressed an immediate need that we can now build upon as the demand for service delivery grows. And, in addition to recruiting French speaking staff, SHIP has empowered staff to grow personally and professionally, improving their French language service capacity so they can communicate more effectively with clients both now and in the future.”
Another example is the Coalition des Aînés francophones de Peel, a collaborative care project between Reflet Salvéo and the Central West LHIN. The Coalition brings together the collective efforts of le Club du Bel Âge, la Retraite Active et le Cercle des Aînés Noirs Francopone de l’Ontario to help address both current and future service demands for Seniors from a Francophone perspective. Working together as a collaborative makes it easier for Francophone seniors to become better informed about activities and services offered to them in the community. It also helps to improve overall service delivery. The work of the coalition is supported by the Central West and Mississauga Halton LHINs, Reflet Salvéo and Le Cercle de l’amitié, Bramalea Community Health Services, Oasis Centre des Femmes, l’Équipe de Santé familiale Credit Valley and le Réseau franco-santé sud de l’Ontario. 
“The Central West LHIN operates from a simple but important premise,” continued Scott McLeod. “The health needs of local communities are best understood by those who live and work in them. SHIP and the Coalition are great examples of how, in collaboration with Health Service Providers, community partners and Reflet Salvéo the LHIN continues to bring about healthy change for the local Francophone community.” 

For more information on the Central West LHIN, please visit:


Redevelopment projects full steam ahead at Headwaters Health Care Centre and William Osler Health System

Headwaters Health Care Centre
Headwaters Health Care Centre, Orangeville, ON

Exciting things are taking shape at Headwaters Health Care Centre, where redevelopment and expansion efforts are maintaining momentum.

The existing Ambulatory Care area will be redeveloped to add a fourth operating room, an expanded post-operative recovery area and improved reception and waiting areas. The Ambulatory Care expansion, which will add an 8,200 square foot wing, is on track for ground-breaking in late 2015 and will include: multi-use clinic space to provide urgent medical care; orthopaedics and plastics; an expanded oncology and chemotherapy program; an additional minor procedures room; an expanded Telemedicine program to further increase access to specialists including dermatology; mental health and telehomecare; and areas for education and teaching.

Headwaters has not added any additional space since 1997 and since that time, has seen significant increases in its patient population and a focus on care in the community. The development and expansion project is all about putting patients first by providing greater access to the services needed most by the growing community.  

For more information on Headwaters Health Care Centre  please visit


William Osler Health System

Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness (rendering)

Winter is almost here, but redevelopment activities at William Osler Health System (Osler) show no sign of cooling down.
Etobicoke General Hospital’s expansion project has reached its biggest milestone to date – moving to the Request for Qualifications stage, where Osler identifies the companies with the experience and capacity to design, build, finance and maintain the new four-storey wing. The qualifying teams will be invited to respond to a Request for Proposals, slated for spring 2015.
Construction on the new Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness in downtown Brampton continues to make steady progress. Three cranes are on-site, the foundation has been poured and the parking garage has taken shape. In the short time ahead, it is expected that the ground floor will be poured. The new facility is on schedule to open in 2015 and will provide specialized outpatient-based care including urgent care, day surgery, mental health & addictions services, women's & children's wellness, seniors' wellness, diagnostic services and clinics that help individuals better manage chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes and kidney disease.

At Brampton Civic Hospital, work has begun to expand the Cardiac Procedures Unit (CPU). The project will reconfigure the unit to allow for more recovery space for patients following treatment. The work is expected to be complete by June, 2015. 

For more information on Osler’s redevelopment projects, please visit


Mental Health and Addictions - Ontario is helping more people access co-ordinated mental health services, when and where they need them, by moving forward on the next phase of its mental health strategy, establishing a Mental Health and Addictions Leadership Advisory Council and increasing support to community mental health service partners.

The Comprehensive Mental Health and Addictions Strategy, launched in 2011 with a focus on children and youth, has provided more than 50,000 additional children and youth with access to mental health and addiction services.  The strategy is now expanding to support the transition between youth and adult services, and to improve the quality of services for Ontarians of all ages. This includes an investment of $16 million to create 1,000 more supportive housing spaces over the next three years, as part of the Poverty Reduction Strategy.

Mental Health and Addictions Leads from GTA LHINs are planning a cross-boundary coordinated approach in partnership with local municipalities.  As a result, the Central West LHIN has engaged municipal service managers whose role it is to implement their respective 10-year housing and homelessness plans for all occupancy types (subsidized rentals, rent supplements, transitional housing and social housing), including residents with mental health and addictions issues.  

The new Mental Health and Addictions Leadership Advisory Council, chaired by Susan Pigott, a leading expert in the field of mental health and community development, will advise government on implementing the next phase of the strategy. The council will provide advice on the strategy's investments, promote collaboration across sectors and report annually on the strategy's progress.

Services for Seniors - Earlier this fall, the Associate Minister of Health and Long-Term Care announced the government’s plans to modernize and improve long-term care facilities. This multi-year Enhanced Long-Term Care Home Renewal Strategy outlines the modernization of 300 homes or 30,000 beds including funding subsidies, design standards and scheduling.
The Central West LHIN has 8 Long-Term Care homes, representing 1,018 beds (29% of the LHIN’s total Long-Term Care complement) that are eligible for redevelopment. The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has formed a Stakeholder Advisory Committee to work with all stakeholders. In support, the Central West LHIN is tasked with engaging their homes regarding plans and local schedules. All eligible Long-Term Care homes are asked to declare their redevelopment intentions by the fall of 2015.


Telehomecare empowers Central West LHIN residents to self-manage conditions from their homes and local communities.

Laurie Poole, RN, Vice-President, Telemedicine Solutions talks Telemedicine in the Central West LHIN on Rogers Cable 10 Live | Watch Here

Ahead of schedule, the Central West LHIN’s Regional Telehomecare program has enrolled a total of 1,080 patients, surpassing the program’s two year target of 1,000 patients which was expected to have been reached by the end of December 2014. 

The Telehomecare program enables patients with Chronic Heart Failure (CHF) and/or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), and  who have visited the hospital multiple times to self-manage their chronic conditions from the comfort of their own homes or local communities. 

The program continues to yield sustained results with respect to reduced emergency department visits of 40% and reduced inpatient admissions by 49% for this patient group. 

William Osler Health System, host organization, Osler is exploring further technology that can be used to ensure long-term affordable support for these patients once they have been discharged from the program.

Home and Community Care Reform - The Central West LHIN is pleased to be supporting the work of the Home and Community Care Review Expert Group

Earlier this year, the Minister of Health and Long Term Care appointed the Home and Community Care Review Expert Group (the Expert Group) to develop recommendations for improving the home and community care sector. The Expert Group recently reached out to all 14 LHINs asking them to assist with obtaining local feedback and input from patients and/or family members who have received and/or used home and community care services during the past year.

To support this request and with the assistance of Health Service Providers and community partners, the Central West LHIN recently conducted both web and telephone-based surveys, the information of which will be summarized and sent to the Expert Group to inform its recommendations to the Minister.  

Healthy Change Initiative - With the Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness acting as a catalyst for change, there exists an opportunity to support a collaborative healthy change initiative in the Central West LHIN. Together with William Osler Health System as Co-Chair, the Central West LHIN has established the Healthy Change Initiative with participation from the Region of Peel, Peel Children and Youth Initiative, the LHIN’s Primary Care Lead Dr. Frank Martino, local school boards and the Ministry of Community and Social Services.  

At 12% of the total population, the Central West LHIN has the third highest prevalence rate of diabetes in Ontario. Since 2010, the prevalence of diabetes has risen by 20% percent and, both incidence and prevalence rates are substantially higher than provincial averages. Seen as a common area of opportunity, the Healthy Change Imitative has begun to explore the ability of collaboratively reducing the effects of diabetes across the Central West LHIN.

Together, making healthy change happen!

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