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The Central West LHIN is pleased to publish the November 2015 edition of  Working Together for Healthy Change, highlighting work, events and resident stories that support the LHIN's Integrated Health Services Plan - IHSP 3.
Happy Holiday's!
The Flu and Holiday Seasons are Upon Us ... are you prepared? Read more...  
UPDATE - Health care services in Dufferin County and Caledon | Read more...
Great progress continues for Headwaters and Osler redevelopment projects | Read more...
Special caregivers recognized as Heroes in the Home | Central West CCAC's Annual Caregiver Recognition Awards.  Read more... 
Central West Palliative Care Network Annual Conference 2015 | The Pledge ... Making it personal! Read more... 
 In this issue ... 

  In the News
  • UPDATE | Health care services in Dufferin County and Caledon
  • Great progress continues for Headwaters and Osler redevelopment projects
  • The Flu and Holiday Seasons are Upon Us | Are you prepared?
  • Central West Palliative Care Network Annual Conference 2015 | The Pledge... Making it personal.
  • 5th Annual Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Conference | Registration now open! 
   Healthy Change in Action
  • The Central West CCAC Annual Caregiver Recognition Awards | Special caregivers recognized as Heroes in the Home
  • Tell Us Your Story!
   Improve Access to Care

       Chronic Disease Prevention and Management
  • UPDATE | Central West LHIN Adult Diabetes Education  Programs
       Mental Health and Addictions Services
  • Reducing wait times for supportive housing and supports
   Streamline Transitions & Navigation

       Telemedicine - Telehomecare 
  • UPDATE | Telehomecare
       Enabling Technologies
  • UPDATE - eHealth 2.0
  • UPDATE - ConnectingGTA (cGTA)
   Drive Quality & Value
  • "Measuring Up" - Health Quality Ontario (HQO) releases yearly report on the health of Ontarians and how the health system is performing
  • Health Quality Ontario (HQO) releases "Quality Matters: Realizing excellent care for all... A foundation for health system improvement" 
   Build on the Momentum

       Community Engagement 
  • The Central West LHIN Community Consultation Study 2015 | Central West LHIN residents are satisfied with delivery of health care services
   In the News

UPDATE: Health care services in Dufferin County and Caledon As published in the Caledon Enterprise, Orangeville Banner and Shelburne Free Press 

Over the past several weeks, the Board of Directors at the Central West Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) has been closely following local media activity that suggests the possibility of a merger between the Central West Community Care Access Centre (CCAC), Headwaters Health Care Centre (Headwaters), and William Osler Health System (Osler). I am writing, on behalf of the LHIN Board of Directors to clarify the LHIN’s role when Health Service Providers (HSPs) submit an integration proposal for consideration.  

The Central West LHIN is mandated under the Local Health System Integration Act (LHSIA) to plan, fund and integrate the local health care system for communities within its geographic area including Brampton, Caledon, Dufferin, north Etobicoke, Malton and west Woodbridge. Within LHSIA, there is an obligation for the LHIN and LHIN-funded HSPs to explore ways by which the local health care system can improve the delivery of care through integration opportunities. Accordingly, the Central West LHIN welcomes and encourages opportunities which could result in improved efficiencies, better value for money and, most importantly, improved quality of care for LHIN residents.

To date, the Central West LHIN has not received a formal proposal to consider a voluntary integration between the Central West CCAC, Headwaters, and Osler. Nor has the LHIN received any request to provide direction in discussions related to such a proposal. However, if the LHIN were to receive a proposal, it is incumbent upon the LHIN to conduct a comprehensive and objective review of the proposal, including community and provider engagement, prior to making a decision on whether or not to support the integration.

Our silence, to date, on the discussion about a possible integration between the Central West CCAC, Headwaters and Osler has been to ensure we maintain an independent perspective in the event a voluntary integration proposal is received.

Finally, it was with some surprise that we have read and heard of concerns regarding the long term viability of Headwaters including suggestions it could be closed. We want to assure all residents, physicians, employees, volunteers, and donors of Headwaters that this is not the case. The LHIN Board would not have supported the recently approved expansion of Headwaters if there were any question about the long-term role that Headwaters plays in Central West. Under the leadership of the Headwaters Board of Directors and the President and CEO, Headwaters is a very high performing hospital, recognized for providing very high-quality, patient-centred care to the residents it serves. Headwaters is a valued and respected HSP within the Central West LHIN, and the only plans at this time are to continue to support this hospital’s role in delivering exceptional care to the local and surrounding communities.

The LHIN values its strong relationships with the Central West CCAC, Headwaters and Osler, and looks forward to ongoing collaborative efforts that advance a shared commitment to place patients first.

Maria Britto
Chair, Central West Local Health Integration Network Board of Directors


Great progress continues for Headwaters and Osler redevelopment projects

William Osler Health System’s (Osler) Etobicoke General Hospital has reached another important milestone in its redevelopment journey. On Thursday, November 19, Osler and Infrastructure Ontario (IO) announced that the Request for Proposals (RFP) phase of the project has been closed after a six-month period. The three short-listed teams - EllisDon Infrastructure Healthcare, Etobicoke Healthcare Partnership, and Plenary Health - have submitted bids to design, build, finance and maintain the hospital’s planned four-storey wing. Over the next few months, the proposals will be evaluated and once a preferred team has been selected, construction on the new facility is expected to begin – anticipated for summer 2016. 

Osler is also in process of planning for the construction of a new Ancillary Services Building on the Etobicoke General site. This building will house a number of outpatient programs/services and also allow Osler to foster new partnerships with other complementary organizations for innovation and education. Construction is anticipated to begin in spring 2016.
Construction on the new Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness is progressing steadily. There is plenty going on outside of the building as brickworks are nearing completion, and the majority of the windows are now in place.  As the winter months approach, construction workers will finish all the jobs needed to make the structure weather-tight. Then, they will move inside where they’ll focus on the building’s mechanical and electrical systems, wall boarding, and priming and painting. Construction on the new Peel Memorial is on track to be completed by fall of 2016.
For more information about Osler's exciting redevelopment projects , please visit the Osler


The Flu and Holiday Seasons are Upon Us... Are you prepared? 

The Flu Shot | As the flu season is upon us Central West LHIN residents are reminded to get their flu shots, the best form of protection against the influenza virus. 

The free flu vaccine is available for all LHIN residents at their health care providers' offices, participating public health units and at community and workplace flu immunization clinics.  It is also available from trained pharmacists at approximately 2,500 pharmacies across Ontario for anyone five years of age and older.


Central West LHIN CEO Scott McLeod, receives flu vaccine from Dr. Naveed Mohammad, Central West Emergency Department LHIN Lead
Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, Dr. Eric Hoskins, administers the nasal spray flu vaccine.
Children and youth aged two to 17 years will also be able to get the flu vaccine in the form of a nasal spray instead of an injection. The nasal spray flu vaccine will help offer broader protection against four flu viruses instead of three. The added protection is against an additional strain of type-B influenza which affects children and youth more frequently than adults. Parents will still have the option to vaccinate their children using an injection. The new injection for children and youth aged six months to 17 years will also protect against the same four viruses as the new nasal spray.
For more information about influenza and the flu vaccine please visit: 
Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Headwaters Health Care Centre
Region of Peel – Health Services
William Osler Health System

The Holiday Surge | At this time of year, when local health care providers are often not available, the volume of patients visiting local Emergency Departments can increase substantially. This affects emergency and acute care services at both William Osler Health System and Headwaters Health Care Centre, as well as support services of the Central West Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) and other community service providers.
Local health care providers have been encouraged to develop plans for access and coverage of their individual practices, and of those Family Health Groups, Organizations and/or Teams they may be part of, during the holiday period.
Speak with your local health care provider today about what plans they have in place for you to access services during the holidays.


Central West Palliative Care Network Annual Conference | The Pledge... Making it personal

Central West LHIN CEO Scott McLeod was pleased to deliver opening remarks at the Central West Palliative Care Network Annual Conference, introducing The Pledge for palliative care to over 300 health care professionals in attendance. 
Inspired by a quote taken from the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association’s Living Lessons report, the Pledge reflects a commitment to coordinating care in such a way as to support Health Service Providers (HSPs) from across the Central West LHIN to do so much more collectively than as separate individual organizations. Recognizing a sense of collective responsibility, conference participants were asked to share their "personal pledge" toward the delivery of outstanding palliative care across the Central West LHIN, posting their commitments on "pledge cards" that were posted outside of the main conference hall for public viewing.   
This important conference successfully advanced the palliative care conversation and, in so doing, provided those in attendance with an opportunity to gain further understanding of the joint Pledge for palliative care. 
Mark your calendars - REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! | 5th Annual Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Conference
Planning for the 5th Annual Chronic Disease Prevention and Management conference is now underway and registration is now OPEN!

Mark you calendars for this increasingly popular event, which will take place on February 19, 2016
Placing patients first, topics on the agenda include: 
  • the care and management of clients living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • collaborative care planning to improve patient care
  • tips and tools for the care of gestational diabetes.
To learn more and, to register please visit...

   Healthy Change in Action

Special caregivers recognized as Heores in the Home | The Central West CCAC Annual Caregiver Recognition Awards

The Central West LHIN would like to congratulate local caregivers recognized as part of the Central West CCAC's Heroes in the Home Annual Caregiver Recognition Awards. This year, 106 caregivers were nominated as Heroes and 70 were able to attend the gala event; many of them, able to bring their families, nominators or co-workers along.

Heroes in the Home awards recognize caregivers, both unpaid and paid. As each Hero was announced and asked to come to the stage to receive their award, their nominator's descriptions of what makes them special - the sacrifices, compassion, dedication and professionalism - were shared with the audience.

It was truly touching to hear the many wonderful stories from grateful family members, patients or clients who benefit from the heroic efforts of others: husbands and wives caring for spouses suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's, nurses or personal support workers going above and beyond to meet their patients' needs, a girl caring for her sister with cerebral palsy.

The common thread in all the amazing Hero stories is the impact their skill and kindness has in allowing others to live fulfilling lives despite the limitations of age, illness and disability.

Congratulations to all of this year's Heroes in the Home!


Share Your Story! | Are you and/or your organization making healthy change happen doing something exceptional to place the needs of people and patients first? 

Share your story today (
click here), and look for it to appear in an upcoming edition of Working Together for Healthy Change.


   Improving Access to Care
Chronic Disease Prevention and Management
UPDATE - Central West LHIN Adult Diabetes Education Programs | The central West LHIN has one of the highest prevalence rates of diabetes in the province and accordingly, considerable effort has been made to provide local LHIN residents with the information they need to make informed decisions about their health.  To date in 2015/16, Central West LHIN Adult Diabetes Education Programs have serviced over 6,000 clients. Representing over half of the LHIN's annual target, this positive result suggests that the LHIN has been able to hold and build upon the the gains made by these programs last year. 

Mental Health and Addictions

Reducing Wait Times for Supporting Housing and Supports | The LHIN has approved funding to Supportive Housing in Peel’s (SHIP) phased plan to increase service to 100 clients, and expand supportive housing into fiscal year 2016/17. Funding for support services includes over $215,000 from Central West LHIN 2015/16 community funding, and dedicated funds of $546,000 anticipated from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) for the Central West LHIN portion of 1,000 units provincially.  

Mental Health and Addiction Leads from each of Ontario's 14 LHINs are working with the Provincial Programs Branch of the MOHLTC to help guide the development of an evaluation framework for 1,000 provincial supportive housing units, to the end the framework places clients first, is actionable by Health Service Providers (HSPs), and aligns to effective reporting processes currently in place. 

While SHIP clients will receive support services by the end of March 2016, the plan takes into account SHIP’s capacity and usual business processes to secure and onboard new housing units through to December 2016. 

  Streamlining Transitions & Navigation
Telehomecare / Telemedicine

UPDATE - Telehomecare | The Central West LHIN’s Regional Telehomecare program has currently enrolled a total of 1,527 patients. The Telehomecare  program enables patients with Chronic Heart Failure (CHF) and/or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), and  who have visited the hospital multiple times to self-manage their chronic conditions from the comfort of their own homes or local communities. 

The LHIN has reassessed the annual target for this program based on new information, shared by the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN), about more realistic and best practice nurse-to-patient ratios.  New enrollment targets of 500 patients this fiscal year and 550 patients for fiscal year 2016/17 have been set.

Over half of the LHIN's performance target has been reached for this fiscal year, and the LHIN is working on engagement with system and program partners to establish strong referrals into the program. Meanwhile, ways in which Telehomecare can be integrated with other regional programs in the Central West LHIN is being expanded including the possibility of referrals to and from the Regional Exercise and Falls Prevention classes being implemented through Physiotherapy Reform.  


Enabling Technologies

UPDATE - eHealth 2.0 | Information technology and information management are key elements that enable the empowerment of patients and connect their continuum of care.  They eliminate the need to capture the same information from Central West LHIN residents multiple times and support patients, their caregivers, and their health service providers, to share information and coordinate services quickly and efficiently as they transition from one care provider to another. A significant undertaking by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC), eHealth 2.0 is comprised of multiple components including:   
  • eHealth Strategy 2.0 – ensuring that eHealth advances health system transformation in a sustainable, measurable way, while maximizing the value of existing assets
  • eHealth Governance 2.0 – creating the conditions to develop and advance eHealth strategy through MOHLTC leadership and collaboration with key partners.
  • eHealth Privacy and Information Management 2.0 – building on the passage and implementation of the privacy framework first outlined in the former Bill 78 (HIPA).
The MOHLTC is using a staged approach toward the implementation of eHealth 2.0, starting with eHealth Governance 2.0. The newly created Investment and Sustainment Board will be focal point for engaging the health care system in renewing the provincial strategy for eHealth. Chaired by Deputy Minister Bob Bell, this new Board is composed of MOHLTC senior executives, LHIN representatives - including Central West LHIN CEO Scott McLeod - the CEO of eHealth Ontario, and a cross-section of special advisors.

Meanwhile, work has also begun on eHealth Strategy 2.0, which will answer the questions: 
  • How can we do more with what we have?
  • How can we ensure wise investments?
  • How can we equip our partners for success

UPDATE - ConnectingGTA (cGTA) | As the first of three regional integration hubs being created in Ontario, ConnectingGTA supports eHealth Ontario’s clinical priorities, and accelerates the delivery of electronic health records by integrating electronic patient data from across six LHINs including Central, Central East, Central West, Mississauga Halton, Toronto Central, and North Simcoe Muskoka. The cGTA solution houses hospital reports for the following: 
  • Visit information
  • ED reports
  • Discharge Summaries
  • Medication Profiles
  • Allergy Information
  • Consult reports along with CCAC information including visit info, referral info, service info, assessments, diagnostic imaging reports and lab results.  
Thirty six Early Adopter sites are now live with over 32,000 enrolled users, including William Osler Health System (Osler) with over 4,700 users. The number of users who actively engage with cGTA is increasing each week. part of the expansion phase, Headwaters Health Care Centre (HHCC) is on target and expected to go live with cGTA during the first half of fiscal year 2016/17. Ten additional Central West LHIN Health Service Providers (HSPs) are also included in the cGTA expansion phase representing the Primary Care, Long-Term Care Home, Mental Health and Addictions and, Community Support Services sectors. 
  Drive Quality & Value

"Measuring Up" - Health Quality Ontario (HQO) releases yearly report on the health of Ontarians and how the health system is performing | Many Ontarians are finding it challenging in certain parts of the health system to access care when they need it, according to Measuring Up, the yearly report from Health Quality Ontario (HQO), the provincial advisor on health care quality. The report, based on a set of indicators developed with experts across the province called the Common Quality Agenda, uses measurements to see how the quality of care is changing in Ontario — how each region is performing, and how our province compares with the rest of Canada and other countries. 

Among it's key findings, this year's report reveals that overall Ontarians are healthier than they have ever been before, and are healthier than people in nearly every other province and most countries with comparable data. The report also shows that in many areas Ontario’s health system is performing better than it was five and 10 years ago.

To find out more,
please visit...

Health Quality Ontario (HQO) releases "Quality Matters: Realizing excellent care for all... a foundation for health system improvement" | Every provider, patient and policy maker wants to ensure excellent care for all – but how exactly do we put quality into action... how do we turn rhetoric into reality? Enter Quality Matters.

This newly launched initiative is part of Health Quality Ontario’s ongoing effort to unite everyone in the health system through a common language of quality and to reach a shared commitment to take action on common goals. To bolster these efforts, Health Quality Ontario has released 
Realizing Excellent Care For All, a report that articulates a vision for improving quality in health care. It offers six domains of quality, a set of principles to guide us, and key factors we need to consider in order to instill quality at the core of our health system.

To find out more, please visit...

  Build on the Momentum

Community Engagement

The Central West LHIN Community Consultation Study 2015... Central West LHIN residents are satisfied with delivery of health care services |  Central West LHIN residents are satisfied with the delivery of their health care services, a continued trend revealed in the LHIN’s 2015 Community Consultation Study.

Conducted by an independent social research firm, over 600 randomly selected local residents were surveyed to understand attitudes and opinions about the local health care system, and of the Central West LHIN.

The fourth such poll in seven years, this is an indication of the importance placed by the LHIN on the ongoing assessment of local resident satisfaction with their health services, their confidence in the health care system and their views of local health priorities.

Over the years, LHIN decisions regarding the planning, funding and integration of local health care services have been informed by the voices of patients, family caregivers, residents, local health service providers and those organizations not funded by the LHIN but who play an important role in the design and integration of their local health care system. Ongoing community engagement will continue to be a LHIN priority, ensuring the needs of LHIN residents remain at the centre of their local health care system.

A detailed copy of the 2015 survey results (click here) can be found on the Central West LHIN Website, where you will also find results for previous surveys. 

Together, making healthy change happen!
The Central West Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) plans, funds, integrates and monitors local health care services for the communities of Brampton, Caledon, Dufferin County, Malton, north Etobicoke and west Woodbridge. For more information on your Central West LHIN please contact Tom Miller, Director Communications and Community Engagement – - or visit Our email address is:

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