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The Central West LHIN is pleased to publish the February 2016 edition of  Working Together for Healthy Change, highlighting work, events and resident stories that support the LHIN's Integrated Health Services Plan - IHSP 3.

The Central West LHIN is pleased to release IHSP 2016-2019... Making Healthy Change happen by Putting Patients First. Find out more...
The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care is seeking broad input into the next phase of its plans to place patients first.  Be part of the discussion!  Find out more...
The Central West LHIN continues to work with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) and local health care system partners, as new Syrian Canadians arrive through Pearson International Airport en route to their homes across Canada, including the local Central West LHIN area. Find out more... 

In this issue... 

  In the News
  • Central West LHIN releases Integrated Health Service Plan 2016-2019... Making Healthy Change Happen by Putting Patients First 
  • Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care seeks broad input into next phase of its plans to put patients first
  • Central West LHIN provides ongoing support for the arrival of new Syrian Canadians
  • 5th Annual Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Conference | Registration still open! 
  • Canadian Mental Health Association (Ontario) - Webinar Series | Enhancing Our Sector’s Capacity to Support Refugee Populations
  • Cancer Care Ontario offers free, accredited online cancer courses for healthcare providers
  • Cancer Care Ontario promotes Physician-Linked Correspondence to enhance patient initiated cancer screening
   Healthy Change in Action
  • Building Bridges for Inclusive Care in Peel (Video)...  collaboration between faith communities and mental health service providers to improve recognition of mental health issues and access to support by children and youth.  
   Improve Access to Care

       Mental Health and Addictions Services
  • Ministry of Children and Youth Services (MCYS) announces lead agency for children’s mental health services in Dufferin Wellington  
      Services for Seniors
  • Investment improves access to care for seniors in Central West LHIN Long-Term Care Homes 
   Streamline Transitions & Navigation

        Telemedicine - Telehomecare 
  • UPDATE | Central West LHIN Telemedicine Program
        Enabling Technologies
  • UPDATE - Hospital Report Manager (HRM) 
  • UPDATE - Rapid Electronic Access to Clinical Health Information (REACH) expansion 
   Drive Quality & Value
  • Central West LHIN welcomes new Quality Lead

   In the News

Central West LHIN Releases Integrated HEALTH Service Plan 2016-2019... Making HEALTHY CHANGE happen by putting patients first

The Central West Local Health Integration Network is pleased to release Integrated Health Service Plan (IHSP) 2016-2019, which outlines the next phase of the LHIN’s commitment and actions to transform the local health care system into one that meets the complex health care needs of a rapidly growing, aging and culturally diverse population.

“Ambitious yet actionable, and flexible in its ability to adapt to the changing needs of the health care environment, IHSP 2016-2019 reaffirms the Central West LHIN’s commitment to put people and patients at the centre of their local health care system… to improve their health care outcomes and experiences." Maria Britto, Board Chair, Central West LHIN

IHSP 2016-2019 is the LHIN’s strategic plan, outlining how, in collaboration with Health Service Providers, the LHIN intends to plan, integrate, fund and monitor the local health care system for the period April 1, 2016 through March 31, 2019. 

Focused on quality and outcomes, IHSP 2016-2019 is built upon four Strategic Directions:

  • Build Integrated Networks of Care  
  • Drive Quality and Value
  • Connect and Inform
  • Demonstrate System Leadership

Together with their associated Strategic Initiatives and Actions, these Directions act as the foundation for a bold but realistic roadmap for the local health care community.

“The Central West LHIN has been a significant driver of healthy change since 2006. Significant gains have been made, but much work remains to be done – particularly in achieving a genuinely integrated health system. IHSP 2016-2019 provides the Central West LHIN with the foundation necessary to meet new challenges and to take a leadership role in the advancement of high-quality, patient-centred health care within the Central West LHIN.” Scott McLeod, CEO, Central West LHIN

For complete information or to download a full copy of the plan, please visit the IHSP 206-2019 Website at


Putting Patients First... be part of the discussion!
As outlined in Ontario's Patients First: Action Plan for Health Care, Ontario is committed to giving patients better access to care no matter where they live. 

As part of this plan, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has released 
Patients First: A proposal to strengthen patient-centred health care in Ontario, a discussion document that outlines the ministry’s proposed next steps in the transformation of the health care system. The discussion paper focuses on four interconnected and overarching themes that will inform ministry policy and program decisions moving forward. They include: 
  • More effective integration of services and greater equity
  • Timely access to primary care, and seamless links between primary care and other services
  • More consistent and accessible home and community care
  • Stronger links between population and public health and other health services.
With this paper, the Ministry is seeking to engage providers, patients and caregivers regarding your input and advice about how to integrate other improvements into the health care system.

Be Part of the Conversation!
On behalf of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, the Central West LHIN is hosting a series of public consultation sessions, at which local residents will have an opportunity to learn more about, and offer advice on, the discussion paper. A complete list of dates, times and locations can be obtained off the Central West LHIN Website.

If you are unable to attend any of these consultation sessions, you are invited to submit feedback on the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Website

Feedback would be appreciated before 5 p.m. on February 29, 2016.


Providing SUPPORT to New Syrian Canadians
The Federal Government’s commitment to bringing in 25,000 new Syrian Canadians by the end of February 2016 remains unchanged, and the Central West LHIN continues to work with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) and local health care system partners, supporting the arrival of new Syrian Canadians to both Canada and the Central West LHIN area. 

Upon arrival at Toronto's Pearson International Airport, which is located in the Central West LHIN, new Canadians are making their way to their final destinations in communities across Canada, Central West LHIN communities among them. 
To date, over 12, 000 have arrived in Canada, over 8,000 of which have arrived in Ontario, and over 5,500 of which are now calling Ontario home. The provincial Emergency Management Assistance Team (EMAT) clinic remains on site at the Toronto Pearson Infield Terminal to provide on-site medical assistance for charter flights which, are arriving at Pearson almost daily, usually bringing 300-1000 refugees with them per day.

For a complete breakdown of numbers, and of the communities across the country that are now home to some of our newest Canadian please
click here.  Additional resources include: 

Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
­    Public Information: Click Here
­    Ontario’s Health Action Plan: Click Here
­    Emergency Management: Click Here

Government of Canada
­   Map and list of destination communities for privately sponsored Syrian New Canadians:
Click Here
­   By the Numbers: Click Here
­   Volunteer in your area: Click Here


   Events & Professional Development

Mark your calendars - REGISTRATION NOW OPEN!... 5th Annual Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Conference
Registration remains OPEN for the 5th Annual Chronic Disease Prevention and Management conference. Mark you calendars for this increasingly popular event, which will take place on Friday, February 19, 2016

Placing patients first, topics on the agenda include: 
  • the care and management of clients living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • collaborative care planning to improve patient care
  • tips and tools for the care of gestational diabetes.
To learn more and to register please click here.



WEBINAR SERIES | Enhancing Our Sector’s Capacity to Support Refugee Populations
The Canadian Mental Health Association, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, and Hincks-Dellcrest Centre are pleased to present a series of free webinars designed to enhance the capacity of those working in the community mental health sector to respond to the needs of Syrian and other refugee populations in their local communities.

For more information and to register please click here

Free, accredited ONLINE CANCER COURSES now available for healthcare providers
Cancer Care Ontario is now offering accredited courses online to better serve the health care community – all free of charge and accessible anytime, from anywhere. The main website currently offers Mainpro-M1 credits for cancer screening and Aboriginal relationship and cultural competency courses. There are two subject areas offered in the e-learning platform – cancer screening and Aboriginal courses: 
  • Cancer screening courses: Four cancer screening courses help primary care providers better understand Ontario’s guidelines for breast, cervical and colorectal screening, including limitations and benefits. Each course takes about 30 minutes and is accredited for 0.5 Mainpro-M1 credits.
  • Aboriginal relationship and cultural competency courses: Nine courses are designed to enhance knowledge of First Nations, Inuit and Métis history, culture and the health landscape to improve patient experience. The courses are geared to health care providers, professionals, administrators and others working with Aboriginal communities. Eight of the courses take about 60 minutes to complete and are accredited for 1.0 Mainpro-M1 credits, and one course takes about 30 minutes to complete and is accredited for 0.5 Mainpro-M1 credits.
Visit today to register or login.

Cancer Care Ontario Promotes
Physician-Linked Correspondence to Enhance Patient Initiated Cancer Screening
Cancer Care Ontario is inviting all patient enrolment model (PEM) physicians across Ontario to enrol in an important initiative that can motivate more Ontarians to get screened for cancer.

Physician-linked correspondence includes physicians’ names in their rostered patients’ cancer screening letters. Currently, it is only available for colorectal cancer screening, but will expand to breast cancer and cervical cancer screening in the future.
Research has shown that individuals who receive a personal recommendation from their family physician are more motivated to be screened for cancer than those who do not. The results of a two-phase pilot study conducted by the ColonCancerCheck (CCC) program demonstrated that physician-linked correspondence is an effective way to motivate eligible Ontarians to get screened for cancer. For more details on the study, please refer to the questions and answers available at:

Physician-linked correspondence offers many advantages:
  • It is a proven way to get more people screened;
  • Screening maximizes the chances of early cancer detection and reduced mortality;
  • It supports better patient care; and
  • It can reduce administrative burden and help achieve preventive care bonuses.   
PEM physicians can enrol by completing the following consent form. Consent will apply to all three cancer screening programs, which means physicians will not need to re-enrol when physician-linked correspondence expands to breast and cervical cancer screening in the future. Upon enrolment, screen-eligible patients will receive CCC letters (invitations, recalls and reminders) that include their physician’s name, starting in February 2016.
For more information and to enroll in the program
click here.


   Healthy Change in Action

Building Bridges for Inclusive Care in Peel 

The Region of Peel was proud to have been selected as one of 18 Provincial Service Collaboratives, a key source of input for years one to three of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) ten-year Mental Health and Addictions Strategy. The video Building Bridges for Inclusive Care Care in Peel highlights the coming together of various faith communities and mental health service providers, to improve recognition of mental health issues and access to supports by children and youth. And, while the Mental Health and Additions Strategy continues to move forward beyond year three, it is under the leadership of Punjabi Community Health Services that the work of this collaborative has continue to make an impact beyond its original mandate.


   Improving Access to Care
Mental Health and Addictions
Lead Agency Announced | The Ministry of Children and Youth Services (MCYS) has announced the appointment of the Canadian Mental Health Association (CNHA) Waterloo Wellington Dufferin as Lead Agency for children’s mental health services in Dufferin Wellington. The Central West LHIN has been invited to participate in early planning activities which will see the development of a community plan for children’s services, including transition to adult health care services. The appointment of Lead Agencies supports MCYS’s plan “Moving on Mental Health”, helping all children and youth with mental health problems in Ontario and their families to understand what mental health services are available in their communities, and how to access services and supports that meet their needs.
Services for Seniors

Improving Services for Seniors in Long-Term Care | The Central West LHIN has received $245,706 which will result in the placement of two Nurse Practitioners in four Long-Term Care (LTC) Homes. One Nurse Practitioner will enace services for seniors residing in both Shelburne Residence and Dufferin Oaks, while the other, will provide improved access to care for those residing in Grace Manor and Faith Manor, both operated by Holland Christian Homes.

The two new positions will be evaluated to determine if they should be embedded in the LTC Homes and realigned with the Nurse-Led Out-Reach (NLOT) program. Once these positions have been filled every LTC Home in the Central West LHIN will have access to a Nurse Practitioner either through the NLOT program or through this new initiative.  

  Streamlining Transitions & Navigation
Telehomecare / Telemedicine
UPDATE - Telemedicine | The Central West LHIN’s Telemedicine program is currently being launched in palliative care to bring care closer to home and improve access to acute palliative care support. Specifically, the Central West CCAC is working with Dr. Naheed Dosani at William Osler Health System (Osler) to provide care to palliative care patients in their homes through the use of Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN).  The Central West LHIN is also meeting with Osler to explore the viability of launching a Tele-Mental Health Program similar to the one running at Trillium Health Partners, whereby patients are remotely accessing and talking to mental health nurses through the use of OTN. 

Enabling Technologies
UPDATE - Hospital Report Manager (HRM) | HRM is an application that enables primary care providers and specialists, with eligible Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, to receive patient reports electronically from participating hospitals. HRM electronically delivers Medical Record reports (e.g. Discharge Summary) and transcribed Diagnostic Imaging (excluding image) reports from hospitals directly into the patients’ charts in the clinicians’ EMR. There are currently 252 physicians in the Central West LHIN geography receiving hospital reports electronically into their EMRs and an additional 130 physicians completing activities required to go–live with HRM.

UPDATE - Rapid Electronic Access to Clinical Health Information (REACH) Expansion | REACH is a Clinician portal that enables the sharing of patient acute care and CCAC encounter information, across organizations in the Central West and Mississauga Halton LHINs. The Central West and Mississauga Halton LHINs Regional IT Integration Steering Committee identified a valuable opportunity to expand access to REACH to community based HSP clinicians this fiscal year. Access to REACH by Community provider clinicians will:
  • Provide information to support collaboration and coordination of patient care
  • Facilitate better decision making by the providers
  • Increase efficiency in provider operations by providing patient information available 24/7
  • Leverages existing investments. 

  Drive Quality & Value

Central West LHIN Pleased to WELCOME New Quality Lead

The Central West LHIN is pleased to welcome Nancy LeBelle as Quality Lead. Nancy is passionate about the provision of quality care to patients, clients and families – it is one of the driving reasons she became involved in the quality agenda over 20 years ago. It allows her to bring together her clinical experience as a registered nurse, with a focus on best outcomes through process redesign and improvement.

Nancy joins the LHIN from Joseph Brant Hospital, where she led two successful surveys with Accreditation Canada. The most recent survey, completed in 2014, resulted in Accreditation with Exemplary Standing for the hospital. She also provided support to the Quality Committee of the Board, and led the development of the annual Quality Improvement Plans and critical incident reporting as per the Excellent Care for All Act.

Nancy will apply this operational experience to her role as the Quality Lead with a focus on quality planning and integration across the LHIN. Nancy holds a Master of Continuing Education from the University of Calgary where she majored in workplace learning.
Together, making healthy change happen!
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